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Share your novel suggestions!

Feb 21, 2023

Hey folks,

Well, I see that you want to have all kinds of novels on our website, whether they are behind paywall or not. I try my best to find the best ones and add them, but it can be quite tiring and boring.

Please share the novels you would like to see on the website under this topic. Do not post the same novel as a new comment, you can like that comment and indicate that you want the same thing. Note that I will prioritize the ones with the most likes.

Please make sure that the novels you suggest are from accessible sources (wn, nu), that they are translated properly (i.e. not MTL), and most importantly that they are as good and popular as possible so as not to turn the website into a dump.

It may not be possible to add every novel requested, but you can be sure that I will do my best.

PS: I would like to develop a page module where you can suggest novels and see them as a list, but I don't have enough energy and time :/

Thank you in advance for your support.

Edit: Please do not mention any website name or group name when making a suggestion.

Karma Level System Update

Jan 06, 2023

Hello dear readers,

The updates applied to the karma level system are as follows;

Levels are updated with a formula applied with the obtained Karma points. The KP requirement rises fast at the beginning, but slows down towards higher levels. So a logarithmic function is implemented. The target max level for now is 50. It can be updated in the future if necessary.

Updated the pfp design that appears in the comments. The frame effect around the pfp will change every 5 levels.

Additional updates have been implemented for karma point gains.
Comment likes +1, dislikes -2, replies +1.
In order to give a little more importance to the reviews;
Review likes +2, dislikes -4,
Approved review posts +25 (Accounts will be banned without warning for misuse, copy-paste, review duplication, etc.)

Footnote: It may take some time to calculate your current level with the new formula. The system will calculate your level periodically while you are offline.

If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions regarding this update, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

System Update December 16, 2022 (Updated)

Dec 17, 2022

Hello dear readers,

Users who have been manipulating Like/Dislike actions for a while have started to increase. I identify and ban the accounts of users who unnecessarily dislike all the comments of other users and like their own comments with multiple accounts. Having a high karma score will not give you anything on this website. The purpose of the KP rate is a reputation indicator that shows how much that user contributes to the platform and other readers with their comments. Cheating simply means admitting that you have a lame personality. It doesn't prove anything to us or other users...

Well, with this update, there is a limit to Like/Dislike actions. You have the right to send only 3 likes and 3 dislikes per day for the same user. There is no total limitation, only per user.

The limit to write comments is 5 times in 1 hour.
Comment rate limit has been updated. You will be able to make 5 comments in 30 minutes. It will reset every 30 minutes.

In addition, the comments and likes functions have been disabled for newly registered users. Functions will be activated when you spend at least 3 days on the website and start reading novel chapters.

The rate limitations above are of course my own determination and can be developed and updated with your help. Please indicate your suggestions and complaints about the subject in the comments section.

Meanwhile, the subscription service is active. For now, only cryptocurrencies are accepted for payment. You can learn the details from the descriptions on your own profile page.

27 December Update:

Like and comment rate limits have been updated. You will only be able to make 1 comment and like per minute.

Another update is that your Karma Points will not appear in the comment, instead it will appear as a karma level. As you can know from the games, the level has been adjusted to increase as your Karma points increases. Of course, the points you need to collect for the next level will be higher. The reason for the development of this system is that the Karma Points reaches high numeric digits and disrupts the general interface. On your profile page, you can see the progress bar where you can track your Karma level and the Karma points required for the next level. Also, Karma level indicator has been added under your profile picture. The borders around your profile picture will become more pronounced as the level increases. I wanted to make different border designs according to the level, but I got pretty tired and didn't have much time. :/

Edit: Level 0 can be seen in some user profiles. Over time, the levels of all users will be calculated and updated automatically. The karma points you get may not affect your profile immediately, calculation and update processes are done automatically by the system at certain intervals.

Supporters Subscription service is disabled.

Oct 03, 2022

Hello dear readers,

Service providers such as Buymeacoffe and Patreon have stopped serving our website and suspended our accounts. For this reason, the subscription service has been disabled. Users with active subscriptions will be able to continue to use their subscriptions until it expires.

Although Buymeacoffee suspended our account and blocked us, it still continues to charge users. If you hadn't reported the issue to me, I would never have known and that company would have continued to charge users by deceiving them. I will expose that ugly trick of Buymeacoffe on Reddit.

If you have an ongoing subscription on Buymeacoffe, cancel it immediately and remove all your credit card information from their system.

Also, if you were charged a subscription fee on or after September 27, file a complaint immediately. Because at that time, our accounts were closed and all our access was blocked. The fees you pay do not reach us in any way and you are charged without our knowledge.

System Update August 19, 2022

Aug 20, 2022

Hello dear readers,

I would like to present you some changes and new features added with the August 19 update.

♦ Dislike feature has been added to comments and reviews.

♦ The comment feature is also defined in the chapter pages.

♦ The Karma Point feature has been added to user profiles. Like (+1), dislike (-1) and reply (+1) actions of other users to your comments will be reflected as Karma Points. Similar to Reddit forums but simpler.
You can think of the Karma Point as a sign of respectability. The more likes and replies to your comments, the higher the KP will be. If your comments are disliked, the point will decrease.

♦ Ranking page has been added. There are many sorting methods such as the number of reads, rating points, number of comments and number of reviews.

♦ The [spoiler] tag used in the comment has been removed. A "Contains spoilers" switch has been added instead. This feature makes the entire comment field unreadable and adds a "Reveal Spoiler" button on it. There is no option to mark only the part of the text you selected as spoiler.
Footnote: We spent a lot of time editing hundreds of comments every day and adding the tag correctly because too many users were using that tag incorrectly (or not...). With the new version, writing comments with spoilers has been made much simpler and the possibility of making mistakes has been eliminated.

♦ You will be able to edit your reviews at any time. After updating your review, it will enter the moderation process again.

Apart from the new features above, minor interface updates and software performance improvements have been implemented.

Please feel free to share if you encounter any problems after this update.

I wish you pleasant reading...

Important Notice: When I researched on feedback from users, ad-blocking plugins have made many functions of the website unusable and broken. Functions such as adding comments, liking, etc. do not work. If you are experiencing such problems, I would like to point out that it has nothing to do with us, and that all functions work properly when blocking plugins are not activated.

System Update June 3, 2022 (Advanced TTS)

Jun 03, 2022

Hello dear readers,

I would like to share with you the changes made with a small update released today.

In the advanced search and filtering page, a field is defined for you to enter the tags you want to exclude. In this way, you will filter the novels that you do not want to see in the results.

Since the browser-based TTS voice function does not work properly in every browser, I have been working on the development for a while to provide a permanent solution and finally I completed it.

This new version will work like you play an audio file on a player. Since it is browser independent, it will work in any browser that runs javascript.
Since the content of the novel chapters is quite long, processing the content and converting it into a single audio data would take time and consume resources. As a solution, the content will be divided into parts and the parts will be played sequentially on the player. As an advantage, you will be able to follow the paragraphs of the current track with autofocus on the screen while the audio track of the chapter is playing.

It has been defined to a novel section so that you can try and observe the feature.
Go to the episode page to experience it. (Limited time, will be removed later)

This new feature will only be available to subscribed supporters. Unfortunately I don't have enough server resources and extra effort power to activate it for all users.

If you have different suggestions or bug fixes apart from these issues, please share them in the comments section.


System Update May 9, 2022

May 10, 2022

Hello dear readers,

After the update launched last week, a lot of feedback was sent. After reviewing your feedback, I decided to post another update.

The changes made with the update are as follows;

♦ Added functions where you can change the background color of the dark mode and the colors of the accent elements (buttons, links, tags, etc.). You can see this feature on your profile page.

♦ When you select TTS voice type and rate, your settings are saved. You don't need to set it again at every page transition.

♦ The subscription service has been activated. We created an account on the Buymecoffee service. The integration process will be done manually. In the form you used while subscribing, please make sure to write your username and e-mail address that you used on the website (Do not share your information in the "Say something nice..." section, fill in the email and name fields at the top). You can see the subscription link and details on your profile page.

Some users have reported that the Text-to-speech feature is not working. I should point out that this feature is provided by the browser and I do not contribute any coding on this feature. It will work if your browser includes SpeechSynsthesis and supports all its functions, otherwise it will not work. In addition, since this feature is designed to voice short texts, it can never voice over long texts on chaptar pages. At this point, what I do is divide the chapter content into dozens of small parts and pass it to the TTS feature in a loop. Depending on your device's performance, browser permissions (does the device have access to audio hardware?), it will start reading texts by queuing this process. Otherwise it won't work again...
There are thousands of different devices and browsers on the market. I will never get a chance to test each one individually. I've already tested it on many iphone (11,12,13) and android (8~12) devices and browsers as far as I can get. It seems like the TTS feature not working is pure luck... Please try to understand this issue...

Thank you for your support!

System Update May 1, 2022

May 01, 2022

Hello dear readers,

I've been collecting feedback from you for a while and I've finally been able to release an update that fixes some minor issues.

♦ Updated dark mode colors and applied some interface improvements. Some interface updates were also made in Light mode.

♦ The dark mode lag issue when navigating between pages has been fixed.

♦ The text-to-speech function has been improved and made more stable. This feature works as much as your browser supports.

♦ More language options have been added to the feature that allows the content to be translated according to the language you choose on the novel section page.

♦ The user profile page has also been updated. You can see some statistics about your account on this page (the number of comments, the number of likes you receive, etc.)

♦ Fixed some minor server-based issues.

If you notice any other issues, please let us know below.

Additionally, we will be relaunching the premium subscription service soon. When development is complete, notification will be provided under this topic.

Additional information; Login with Facebook has been disabled because Facebook no longer accepts login requests made through this domain. Users logging in with Facebook, please create a new account via email or gmail and send me your username in your facebook account. I will migrate all your data to your new account. You can forward your information to [email protected] email.

Maintenance and New Server Transfer Process

Dec 26, 2021

Dear readers,

The problems in accessing the website in recent days are caused by internet disconnections in the data center where our servers are hosted. As of today, we have provided more stable servers and a new data center. Since the database is currently in the process of transfer, functions such as comments, adding to the library, new membership transactions have been disabled. All user functions will be reactivated when the transfer process is complete.

No data loss has occurred in user accounts, data has been backed up and is safely stored.

This process will take approximately one more day. During this time, the main functions of the website will remain active and you will be able to continue reading.

This process is necessary to make the platform sustainable.

Thank you for your patience.

December 29 Edit:
The transfer process has been completed and all user functions have been activated.

Important Update; Patreon account of the platform has been closed due to copyright complaints. Premium member functions on the website of users who have donated as subscribers will remain active.

Edit: During this time, the website has not been updated as new chapters of the novels cannot be added during the server migration. I'm starting the update process right away. I want you to be sure that I am doing my best to keep this platform alive...

New system update (October 23, 2021)

Oct 24, 2021

The changes applied with the last system update are listed below;

♦ Some UI improvements have been applied and minor system issues have been fixed.

♦ Editing of comments can be done within 24 hours. It cannot be edited after this period has passed.

♦ The novel review can only be edited while waiting for the approval process.

♦ You can see a "Read More" button in some novel chapters. This button will appear after a few paragraphs of the section. There is no situation that affects the user experience. This change has been made for some security measures only. It will only be applied to some novel chapters.

♦ Also, only registered users will be able to access some novel chapters (not yet activated for any novels). Please note that membership is free. This feature has been developed for security purposes.

♦ User notifications page has been improved. It will now be listed under the name "Inbox". Some features developed for the Notifications page;

  • The approval status of the review written for the novel. (Reason for rejection or notification of approval)
  • Notification if your comment is edited or deleted by the admin.
  • Inbox/Notification page interface improvements.

In addition, I will inform you very soon to test a new text-to-speech feature. It will work with browser-independent audio file and will be supported on every device and browser.

Please indicate the problems you have identified in the comments section.
You can also share your novel suggestions in the comments.

Latest Website Updates (July 17, 2021)

Jul 17, 2021

Some changes made for the website with this update;

  • Every chapter that users have read in the past will no longer be stored in the database. Only the last read chapter of the relevant novel will be kept.
    For example; If you go directly and read chapter 35, it will show up as 35/350 in the progression in the history tab. If you go to chapter 2 of the same novel later, it will appear as 2/350.
    With this update, a huge amount of server resources will be saved. Also, the purpose of the Library and History pages will be properly implemented.
  • Fixed the issue where users like their own comments.
  • Maximum length limit for comment writing.
  • The function of changing the current language (translating text) on the Chapter page has been redesigned and made more functional. Added support for all languages as possible.
  • The required dimensions (92X92) when uploading the profile picture on the user page have been removed. Dimensions of the image will not be checked, but the file size of the image is limited to 300kb. Large-scale images are reduced to fit the profile image box.
  • In addition, minor server-based bugs were fixed.

If you have identified problems that we are not aware of or have not encountered yet, please write a comment under this topic.

Thank you very much for your support.

Latest Website Updates (Apr 4, 2021)

Apr 04, 2021

Some features developed with the update;

Normally, the purpose of the library was intended to follow the books you are reading. However, many users seem to have added all the books on the website to their library. I do not understand that all the books that you can easily search and find on the website are added to the user library again :)

You will be able to bookmark your favorite books from your library to avoid this confusion. You can mark up to 10 books as favorites. We designed this to make it easier to keep track of the novels you are currently reading or expecting to update. The reason for the limitation of the number of favorites is because we think it would be unreasonable to mark all the books that are already in your library as favorites. You will also see the notification bell only for books you have marked as favorites.

Even if Tag selection is made on the advanced search page, this selection is not remembered and does not work properly in the following pages. The problem was resolved with this update.

The creation of the novel episode list is now dynamically handled. In this way, the server load has been further reduced. In addition, with a shortcut in the chapter list, you will be able to instantly access the chapter you entered.

The History page has been removed. Instead, you will see the "Progress" field on the books you have added to your library.

Important Edit: Do not assume that all your books are lost when you first enter the library page. By default, the "Favorites" tab is active, so the page will appear blank. You can view all the books in your library by clicking the "All" tab.

If you have a problem with the functions mentioned after this update, please share your request below.

Supporters Patreon Integration System

Mar 22, 2021

We have created an integration system between Patreon and the LNP platform to create a more stable process regarding premium subscription. Existing subscribers and will be subscribers later, please complete the patreon integration process from your profile page. In this way, your subscription will be activated automatically and you will be able to benefit from premium opportunities.

In addition, different avatar style and supporter emblems have been added on the comment and review pages for premium accounts. In this way, premium members are more prominent.

New text-to-speech voice feature (postponed)

Mar 17, 2021

New text-to-speech voice feature (postponed indefinitely).

I was very excited while giving you this news and testing the system.

I want you to test the new version of this feature and learn your opinions. I have recorded in several audio formats (gender and voice type) and there will be voting for each. For now, I am only offering you one example, I will add the other samples here as the test is completed.

I must say beforehand that the type and gender of the voice cannot be changed after the system is activated. Think of it as a kind of audio recording, which cannot be changed later. So listen carefully and make a joint decision.


Important Update:

I regret that the implementation of this feature has been postponed indefinitely for now as a result of a dispute between us and the company that will provide the text-to-speech service. The conditions in our first conversation with this company were not met and the agreement was broken because the prices were increased significantly. I have done a lot of work in the background to bring these services to you for a week and now they are all wasted.

Of course, I will continue my research at full speed to provide this service. If necessary, I will set up my own neural speech network and synthesize it with my own means.

For now, I have only enabled the browser-supported speech feature. It is not very successful, but I made it active on the chapter page in case anyone wants to use it.

Users who subscribe through Patreon to use this service can cancel their subscription if they wish. You can cancel before the money is charged from your account until March 1st.

Mobile Application Development Process

Mar 14, 2021

Hello dear readers,

I would like to inform you about the mobile application that I have been developing for a while. It is currently available with its general features, but the last processes such as stability tests and the addition of some user features remained. I would like to share some screenshots of its current version with you.

You can access application screenshots from here.

The beta test version will be released here in the coming days. As previously planned, users with a premium account will receive the beta test application for now. In the next stage, a beta version will be released for all users.

Check out the topic on premium subscription.

No exact date has been set at the moment, but the beta will be released in the next few days.

Of course, you can share your thoughts under this topic, but do not make suggestions for an application that has not been published yet. After you start using the beta version, you will already be provided with suggestions.

Text-to-speech Audio Feature Issue

Mar 11, 2021

Dear readers,

The text-to-speech function has been disabled for a while. There has been a problem on the Trinity Audio side and they are working on it to fix it. I ask you to wait patiently for the process to be completed. I will be sharing it with you when the problem is fixed or extended.

Remember that this is a feature that cannot be found anywhere. Please do not make comments such as "Why removed", "Add back immediately", "Fix this problem immediately". It is a free feature and a feature that I need from time to time because I am a reader like you. Of course, books were created for reading, not for listening ...

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Trinity Audio won't return. The daily price they want is so high that it is still not enough for everybody here to donate even 1 dollar a day. That's why I'm so sorry ...

Important Edit:

A new Text-to-speech voice feature has been implemented. I tested it for a while and I think it will work for now. Not as realistic as the Trinity Audio system but better than nothing :)

New Domain

Mar 01, 2021

Important update

The website will continue to serve with the new domain. Please visit All accounts, libraries and comments have been transferred to the new domain. will close after a few days and possibly other people will try to buy it. Since the domain will be out of my control, others may want to continue this domain address. Do not be in demand and give no opportunity. Please don't visit the domain any more. The next real LNW service will continue on Please share this information to all around you.

Functions planned to be disabled and access problems.

Feb 25, 2021

We apologize to our readers for the access problem on the website over the past few days. You should know that every effort has been made to fix this problem.

As a result of detailed examinations, we realized that the infrastructure used is not capable of running the functions offered on the website. For example, functions such as keeping information on how much of the novel chapters the user has read, how much time has been spent and which chapter has been read last. Processing and storing such information for thousands of users requires high processing power. Currently, the servers used are unfortunately not capable of this, and unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to obtain a server with more processing power with the available resources. For this reason, we wanted to inform you about disabling some functions.

A voting poll was created on the intensity of need for the functions listed below. According to the voting result, it will be decided to remove the relevant functions from the website or to remain active.

Functions planned to be disabled;

  • Time spent reading a novel. A separate time record is created for each section.
  • Novel episode progression. Number of chapters read and remaining chapters.
  • Information and progress of the novel read in the public profiles of other users.

(The information about which chapter you read last will always be active in the system. The novels you add to your library and new chapter notifications will not be affected by this situation.)

Edit: Of course, you will be able to continue reading from where you left off. The last chapter you read will always be kept. This action will be remembered on every device as long as you use the same account. The functions that are wanted to be disabled are statistical data processed for novels read by the users.

Updates on the website as a result of voting;

The time spent reading the novel chapters will no longer be stored in the system. Only the information about which chapter you are reading is kept and thus the progress in the novel can be calculated.
The page where you observe users' open profiles has been removed.

Support and Premium Membership

Oct 29, 2020

I want you to know that I have made my best effort to keep the website stable. In addition, I carefully review and implement all development suggestions from you. While offering this free service to you, my only source of income is the advertising units you see frequently.

Premium subscription service has been activated to offer an ad-free experience. As a premium subscriber, you will also greatly support the website. In this way, both readers will have a better reading experience and a source of income will be provided that keeps the website up and running.

Become a Patron!

After completing your subscription process, please complete the Patreon integration process from your Profile page. In this way, your subscription will be automatically active on the website. Any changes you make in your subscription will be automatically reflected on the website.

Edit: The contents will continue to be absolutely free. You will never be charged for reading the content. This service has been put into service to meet your requests. Whether or not to support the website is entirely at the user's own discretion.

Edit: An additional $5 tier has been added to subscription options.

Best regards, I wish you pleasant reading.

Latest Updates Deployed on the LNW (Oct 27, 2020)

Oct 27, 2020

With an update we published today, we have activated many functions suggested by you. We have also fixed some of the problems you have encountered.

The changes made with the update implemented today are as follows;

- To provide a larger reading area on the chapter page, fields such as the browser address bar and the novel title have been hidden.

- User profile page has been redesigned. Each function is divided into tabs for easier access and detailing.

- Editing function has been added for your reviews. You can edit it from your profile page.

- The user comment area has been moved to the info area on the novel page.

- Novel review tab has been redesigned. In this way, you will be able to see each review article one after the other and in detail.

- Many new novels have been added to our website. Visit this page to access the added novels.

- Added a link under "Browse" menu to access all apples ("All Tags")

- An agreement has been made with a service for you to listen to the novel episodes with audio. The infrastructure development has been completed. We will have it put into operation in a few days. It works smoothly on any device in mobile and desktop environment. Also you won't feel like reading a robot :)

- We developed and implemented the premium membership system. However, since a function that users can pay for is not available on the website, we will be able to do this manually for now. We will proceed in the form of Bitcoin and similar crypto money transfer. Premium member owners will enjoy a completely ad-free experience. In addition, they will be able to benefit from some premium content and functions that we will deploy in the future.

To get premium, please contact me at [email protected] email address.

Please keep sharing your suggestions with us. We will do our best to make this website even better.

- The LNW Development Team / [email protected]

Activated Updates (Oct 8, 2020)

Oct 08, 2020

Thank you very much for your comments and support on the previous announcement page. I also got a lot of suggestions over email. It is not possible for me to activate all these requests at once, but I will take them into effect gradually with planning.

The changes made with the update implemented today are as follows;

  • Chapter sequence numbers of some novels, missing contents and character defects have been fixed. There may be sections that we do not notice and overlook. If you have any problems, please share them with us.
  • The feature (text-to-speech) that allows you to listen to the episodes with voice has been activated, but it is purely for testing purposes. Research continues to achieve better results. If you have a complaint or suggestion about this, you can leave a comment.
  • The font size you selected for the section page has been made permanent on the other section pages. Your settings will be preserved when you return to the website.
  • We receive emails that some browsers have problems while logging in. "HAVING TROUBLE LOGGING IN?" By clicking the button, we have cleaned all the old data (cookies) of the website. Clearing all cookies eliminates this problem. You can do this manually in your browser settings.
  • We added a dozen novels to the web site. Novels are not new, but we try to prefer popular and properly translated novels. Please follow the new additions on this page.

Please keep sharing your suggestions with us. We will do our best to make this website even better.

In addition, we have a mobile application currently being developed. I will share it with you for beta testing very soon.

- The LNW Development Team / [email protected]

Notice to Dear Readers

Sep 28, 2020

We have been receiving mails about slow and problematic website operation for a while. We examine all incoming e-mails one by one and try to implement the solution regarding the problem immediately. Thank you very much for your interest and patience in this matter.

In the current version we fixed many issues you reported to us. In addition, we transferred it to stronger servers to make it work more stable under load. And we created load balancing servers in multiple locations by predicting the density that may occur. We want you to be sure that we are making every effort to make this platform better. Of course, you will be our supporter in this development process with your suggestions.

Please share with us the features and novels you want on the website. You can be sure that we will review and implement each of your requests.

You can follow the entire development process related to our website on this page and submit your contributions.

You can reach the announcements page by clicking here.
You can also use the " DEV" option on the navigation menu.

- The LNW Development Team / [email protected]

Please follow the announcements to be informed about website developments.