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Chapter n/a 19 days ago

I think more than half of this novel is practically just expositions. Someone starts a conversation, then you have to suffer several pages of nothing but exposition before you can actually read the rest of the damn conversation. It's utterly infuriating, not to mention incredibly boring! For some reason, all the antagonists are basically brain-damaged. No matter what the protagonist does, or the heights he reaches, they all choose to ignore his feats, horribly underestimate him, and treat him like crap. And then, they become so shocked when they realize their mistake. It's idiotic, when ALL of them behave that way, no matter what happens. Of course, it doesn't help that the novel is filled with clichéd 2-bit villains (arrogant rich kids who think they are better than you for some reason). The novel has annoying plot holes, mostly about certain side characters that the author introduces, and then they seem that they will matter in the story, but quickly disappear, never to be heard of again for some reason. The events are very repetitive. The protagonist goes to explore a certain area, meets some unpleasant people along the way, they choose to cooperate temporarily, things gets messy, but he still saves the day. Then he goes back home to find that enemies attacked his base while he was gone. Rinse and repeat (add in the occasional betrayal here and there). Despite how powerful the protagonist is, he acts like a pushover. Always helping some random stupid people, and yet no one ever helps him in return.

Chapter 5 4 months ago

First thing's first. Never trust this author, especially when it comes to any kind of numbers. They always change their mind. If you see any kind of period of time mentioned just replace it in your mind with the words 'some time' or 'later', it will help you greatly. Secondly, as well as numbers they also juggle levels of power so never trust what the author says once again and just pay attention to the fights to determine strength yourself. Now that that's out of the way id like to point out how incredibly well the plot and character progression are in the novel, even though I have just criticized the inconsistent levels of power what I meant was that they just happen to never write what they actually mean, apart from that everything progresses at a very acceptable and consistent rate. Furthermore the lore of this novel is certainly up to par and surpasses many other novels of similar genres, a whole bunch of mysteries are constantly being revealed and then cracked at later periods. It's far from being perfect as some contradictions still arise but regardless of that I reckon its among the top few of the genre. TL;DR - Author inconsistent with power levels and dates - often contradicts themselves. Overall above average plot and plot development as well as character development if you can look past the contradictions - certainly in the top 10 of the genre.

Chapter 5 1 years ago

I am on chapter 600 and I thought this novel is amazing, people are shitting on this because the MC is not as coldhearted as they want? Then find another fucking novel, the MC is not a ruthless, coldhearted murderer. But he does humiliate a lot of people and sometimes does kill them if need be. The novel is great, amazing story telling. Lin Li's character is developing and his knowledge is always expanding.

Chapter 5 1 years ago

This is one of my favourite novels. It's not for people who like action so much, but it delves deeply into the secrets of the world itself and Lin Li's origin. If you like world building this is a great story, but if you want to see a massive supreme overlord ruling over everyone, not so much. The crafting aspect is there, however it's not really the main part of the story at least up to chapter 983. Many stories don't fully resolve the reason in detail why the main character ends up in another world, so I really like how Lin li has to find it out himself slowly as he explores. For the record, there's no romance, it's purely about the world, it's secrets and the correlation between Lin Li and the vr game.

Chapter 5 1 years ago

A MC is batch. He keep letting. The enemy go the people don’t help him when he need help but he keep helping those people. God damm why . Why did they make every MC in every novel become stupid. Why waste people time. Just put in description a MC will become stupid

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