Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 23: Radiant Tower Arena

Players could use three kinds of equipment in the Evil God game: weapons, armor, and accessories.

Among the three, players could only equip one piece each for weapons and armor, but accessories had three slots: earrings, necklace, and facial accessories, which was why Gu Nan chose to activate the accessories page for his second equipment page.

Of course, although there were many accessories that could be equipped, they still required points to purchase. For example, Gu Nan only had enough points to buy two pieces right now—if it wasn’t for his lack of money, the accessories page would’ve been the first equipment page he unlocked.

The two accessories he bought were good items he carefully selected.

The Observer Eyepiece was a monocle. Wearing it on the right eye was equivalent to having the passive skill "Insight.” On using this skill, one could obtain high-precision data analysis when looking at people or objects.

And the Shadow Earring was even more remarkable. It was a legendary skill-type of equipment, which directly raised the level of a skill.

Before reaching Tier 3 and learning any skills, this kind of equipment was simply divine, allowing players to access skills in advance.

After equipping the Shadow Earring, Gu Nan earned a Level 1 skill, "Power of Shadows," which gave him the power to manipulate shadows to a fine degree, and he could also use the "Hidden Shadows" skill.

After his consciousness returned to reality, Gu Nan equipped the eyepiece and earring, and his entire temperament suddenly changed.

In the full-length mirror, Gu Nan wore a monocle over his right eye while a dark gold earring hung from his right ear. Coupled with his calm and indifferent eyes, his temperament became cold and eerie.

Gu Nan knew that this was due to the Shadow Earring revealing a trace of its power over shadows, which made him look a little sinister.

His thoughts moved slightly, and the Shadow Earring shook gently as an inexplicable fluctuation rose from his body.

A shadow appeared from under Gu Nan’s feet and slowly stretched forward. After extending nearly 20 meters in front of him, it suddenly turned into a sharp blade and mercilessly stabbed upward from the ground.

"It’s been a long time since I’ve manipulated shadows. I’m really not used to it yet..." Gu Nan muttered, but he was actually quite satisfied.

After all, he had nothing more than a "subtle level" of shadow control right now, so it was already pretty good that he could use this skill that players called "Shadow Blade." The next moment, the shadow rapidly retreated under Gu Nan's feet, and his entire body suddenly disappeared, turning into a dark shadow and lurking right on the ground.

The core skill of the agility type of Evil Gods—Hidden Shadow!

Compared with other types of Evil Gods, the agility type of Evil Gods didn’t have great strength, vigorous vitality, or all kinds of mental powers, but they possessed the strangest and most unpredictable skill system in the game.

If this type followed the path of "Shadows,” then they would become natural assassins.

With "Hidden Shadow" and "Shadow Manipulation,’ Gu Nan could face Innate Realm Fifth Stage experts without any fear.

"And my strength seems to have increased again after activating a new equipment page. It’s time to test it." Gu Nan felt the abundant power in his body and lightly spoke to himself.

From the corner of the room, he found an old helmet and gently placed it on his head—this was the login device for Radiant Tower’s internal virtual reality arena.

Star Realm was a plane that partially relied on science and technology, so it already had virtual reality technology, but it was quite underdeveloped compared to Gu Nan's past life.

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The reason was very simple. On one hand, the technology here focused on military use, and the precision of virtual reality technology was insufficient; on the other hand, it was also because of the lack of cooperation from the top class.

In the first place, virtual reality fighting arenas needed to scan all the data of the fighter’s body, which would even include the amount of hair you have.

Which famous expert would be willing to be scanned like this?

This was equivalent to exposing all their trump cards and then waiting for troublemakers to come knocking on their doors.

Therefore, those who were willing to enter the public virtual reality arena were basically all Acquired Realm fighters and even martial arts enthusiasts. Innate Realm martial artists like Gu Nan would only use a "private server."

For example, the fighting arena of Radiant Tower built for its members was called “Radiant Tower Arena.”

There were a large number of Innate Realm cultivators here, and even Prodigious Realm cultivators would occasionally appear.

In any case, all their body’s data had long been known by the organization. Besides certain people with their own secrets, the others didn’t care much.

The “Radiant Tower Arena” interface was very simple, almost the same as the pixel games hundreds of years ago in Gu Nan’s past life, containing rough text and rough lines.

Gu Nan's information was also stated briefly. Only his name and his branch name of "Ruby Fish Star Sixth Asteroid Belt Division" was visible. It didn’t even show his strength level.

[Start matching…]

There were still many people who used Radiant Tower’s internal arena. After just a few seconds, Gu Nan found an opponent.

This was a young man in black tights, which was the typical attire of people in Radiant Tower.

His data said: [Heavenly Enterprise Star Headquarters, Qin Chonghua]

When the young man saw Gu Nan's data, he almost laughed aloud. "Asteroid Belt Branch? What kind of backcountry is that? The organization actually has branches on asteroid belts?"

Heavenly Enterprise Star was also located in the Ninth Region. Although it wasn’t the main star, it was still one of the three administrative stars, second only to Ruby Fish Star.

Besides, this young man came from the administrative star’s headquarters, so it wasn’t a surprise when he looked down on some branch office on an asteroid belt.

Usually, very few people would live in a branch office like this. It was useless to expect any resources from the organization, so how strong can its members be?

Although Qin Chonghua was only in Innate Realm Fourth Stage, he had mastered many high-end martial arts, skills and techniques, so he was very confident.

"Boy, attack me. Don't say I didn't give you a chance!" Qin Chonghua just stood in the arena as he looked at Gu Nan with a light smile.

"Okay." Gu Nan nodded, then his figure suddenly darted out like a sharp arrow, reaching the front of his opponent in the blink of an eye.

"So fast! Why is he so fast..." Qin Chonghua’s eyes suddenly widened, but his body couldn’t keep up with his movements.

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Gu Nan punched him in the face and directly blasted Qin Chonghua into the air. The terrifying force even created a sonic boom.

The attack speed bonus of an agility type Evil God was no joke...

"You…..." Qin Chonghua's face touched the ground. He finally got up after much difficulty, and his face was swollen with a big lump. But before he could speak, Gu Nan rushed up again.

Qin Chonghua soon discovered that he had made a huge mistake.

He simply wasn’t qualified to act as the stronger one. His opponent wasn’t inferior to him at all, even in a frontal confrontation, let alone now, when he had an absolute advantage!

This person didn’t seem to know any martial arts, but his attack speed was too fast and too clean. He didn’t give people the opportunity to use their martial arts at all.

Qin Chonghua wanted to cry but had no tears. He had never seen such a martial artist before!

Merely two minutes later, Qin Chonghua’s hands lost their strength, and he was punched in the throat by Gu Nan. He was judged dead by the system due to a fractured bone in his throat and was sent out of the arena.

Thus, a genuine Innate Realm Fourth Stage expert was killed by Gu Nan’s flurry of punches which felt like strong wind and heavy rain.

He couldn't even bring in any equipment because of the arena’s system, so he was fighting solely with his body.

Devotee's Game System Inspired Note

» This section of the chapter is a Fan based created system to mock-up or simulate the 'Status Information' of our MC - Gu Nan. This implies that you are free to skip reading this and continue your journey onto the .

» All catalog data below is a summary of various information achieved by Gu Nan that corresponds till the end of the related chapter and is compiled into a singular 'Status Screen.' Additionally, the invented system below would continue to evolve as we progress and learn more about the novel itself.

MC's Status Information

Name: Gu Nan

Current Location: Radiant Tower’s branch office on Ruby Fish Star’s sixth asteroid belt

Current Soul Location: Radiant Tower Arena

Status: ⟪ Evil God ⟫

Advancement Direction: Agility Type

Current Evil God Rank: Tier 2

Equivalent Martial Art: External Kung Fu Master - Innate Realm Third Stage » unknown

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Current Evil God Temple Quest:

Main Mission Objective/s:

-— None. - N/A

Status: N/A

Current Evil Points: 31

Overall Evil Points: 856, Overall Evil Value: 30

Exclusive Skills Acquired:

Deceitful Steps. [ Passive Ability ] 「Movement Speed increased by 30%. Attack Speed increased by 50%」

Power of Shadows. [ LVL 1 ] 「Allows the players to activate the skill “Hidden Shadows”.」

Hidden Shadows. 「The power to manipulate shadows to a fine degree.」

Equipment being worn


-— None.


-— Four Element Crossbow. 「A Tier 2 crossbow weapon that can generate four types of elemental arrows—earth, water, wind, and fire—based on the user’s needs and does not need to load arrows.」

Accessories - Facial Accessories, Necklace, Earrings

-— Observer Eyepiece. 「An eyepiece that have a fixed Tier 2 magic 'Insight' inscribe in it.」

-— None.

-— Shadow Earrings. 「Skill 'Power of Shadows' LVL +1」

Equipment Skills Acquired:

-— Insight. 「Ability to obtain high-precision data analysis when looking at people or objects.」

Item/s owned:

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→ None.

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