Astral Apostle
Chapter 365: Settling and Fraud (2)

Zhou Jing described a man in his thirties who matched his appearance. After he finished, he realized that Guo Haishen was the oldest and Fang Zhen the youngest.

Thus, the rankings were set. Guo Hai was the eldest brother, Zhou Jing was the second, and Fang Zhen was the third.

However, the current leader was still Zhou Jing. His skills and kindness shown could not be faked. Guo Haishen and Fang Zhen both admired him and were willing to follow his lead.

"Second Brother, Third Brother! I'm happy to be able to become sworn brothers with you today!"

Guo Haishen put his arms around the two of them excitedly.

"Then let's get drunk."

Zhou Jing looked at their flushed faces and could not help but laugh.


[The projection has ended!]

[Actual time of stay: 23 days]

[Current Resource Collection: 2,060 Astral Points, 16 Information State Particles]

[Experience log has been recorded, and relevant exploration results have been entered into the Records Illustration.]

[Cooldown till next Astral Projection: 14 hours in main body]

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Zhou Jing opened his eyes and saw the familiar ceiling of the Supers Academy dormitory.

Sunlight streamed in through the window. It was already morning.

"Phew, I'm back…"

Zhou Jing sat up and shook his head a little.

The first time he traveled through Plane D19, he spent more than half a month with his fourth apostle. The flow of time in this astral world was slightly faster than in the Mutant World.

Because his experience this time was a little rich, the benefits of resource collection were quite considerable.

Before returning, the fourth apostle finally arrived at Red Cloud Mountain. He temporarily had a place to stay and his situation could be considered barely stabilized.

Zhou Jing had also set up a placement plan. If there was nothing else, he would not go down the mountain and focus on training in seclusion.

Currently, Chen Feng's synchronization rate had reached 25.6%, reaching the second stage. Therefore, the upper limit of his benefits had doubled. It was enough for the time being.

"The fourth apostle has cultivated the abilities of a martial artist quite well. Although he has only just entered the realm, his progress has already surpassed my main body… However, before it turns into an Eternal Apostle, these improvement results can't be converted to my main body."

Zhou Jing knew this very well and nodded to himself.

The fourth apostle's martial arts aptitude was outstanding, so once it managed to fully absorb the teachings of the Gale School of Thought, he would go to the academy to learn other basic martial arts schools to serve as nourishment for the fourth apostle.

He had already planned that in the month and a half before the main world explorers could officially connect to Plane D19, he would travel every night and seize this rare opportunity to develop without interference.

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After this trip, Zhou Jing already had a good understanding of the situation in this world.

"For the next period of time, Chen Feng should be training in seclusion in Red Cloud Mountain. With the help of Accelerated Learning, I'll first train my skills to a higher level. There's no need to cause trouble for the time being. Even if I project myself to him, I don't think I have anything to do… Therefore, it's best to throw another apostle in. There's another person I can place there."

Zhou Jing touched his chin and analyzed the situation in his heart.

Because Bill had become an Eternal Apostle, he could activate the third apostle slot and release three apostles at the same time.

The slot that Chen Feng occupied was only the second one. He had yet to spend resources to expand a third apostle slot, so there was still an empty slot available.

(TL Note: Don't forget that Jason is also included in the apostle count. Eternal Apostles are also counted in the activation.)

Zhou Jing had long understood that the more apostles he sent out, the more benefits he could obtain.

"Maybe the next time I travel, I can spend one resurrection chance to send Bill to this astral world…"

Zhou Jing fell silent as he deeply pondered.

Bill's clearing reward had increased his various aptitudes to a certain extent. He could already break through the restrictions of the Tier 3 of the [Elemental Sorcerer] and continue to cultivate to become stronger.

At the same time, because Bill had become an Eternal Apostle, the results of his cultivation could always be used as a conversion project for his main body. It would be a waste to throw him aside.

"This world doesn't have the nature spirits of the Mutant World, but letting Bill develop the Gale Spirit he already has is also a way to become stronger."

The more Zhou Jing thought about it, the more feasible it seemed.

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Although the appearance of the Eternal Apostle could not be adjusted anymore, and Bill's appearance was different from the people of this world, at least they were all humans. It did not matter if they were more eye-catching. As long as he put on a little disguise, he could integrate into the new Astral Realm.

Moreover, in Zhou Jing's opinion, even if the extraordinary system of the Elemental Sorcerers conflicted with this world to a certain extent, as long as it could be used, it was a huge advantage.

He could pretend to be a ghost and scare people!

Bill's sorcery could not summon the rain, but he could command the wind!

This was simply a divine skill to be a fraud!

"In that case, he can play a huge role in this world…"

Zhou Jing's eyes lit up as he came up with an idea.

Be it fooling the nobles, bewitching people to help Chen Feng, or attracting believers to establish a sect, it could all be used!

Even if he did not take the mysterious path, Bill could still be useful as a technical talent.

Bill had high-level pharmacology. As long as he figured out the nature of the herbs in this world, he could transform into a doctor and think of a way to develop some new herbs that could have many magical uses, such as assisting in cultivation and nourishing the body.

In fact, it was not impossible to pick up his old profession and make aphrodisiacs…

However, it was impossible to replicate the blood potion. After all, there was no such thing as a "Mutant Beast" in this world.

"With the cultural background of this world, the world thinks that only monks can have such methods… Perhaps I can give Bill an alias and pretend to be a Daoist priest to travel the world…"

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Astral Apostle Chapter 365: Settling and Fraud (2)
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