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Bank of the Universe novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Girl Wears Short Skirt. 595 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Li Xiandao obtained the ancient Bank of the Universe but now the bank was totally empty and had no treasures at all. The only thing it had were a bunch of debts.
– The Eternal Celestial King, borrowed a supreme celestial artifact and will pay back two pieces after 3,000 years. He will pay an additional piece for every 1,000 years after the expiry date!
– Moon Celestial, loaned a high-quality face, returned after 10,000 years. If overdue, she will pay with her life!
-Time Immemorial Sage loaned 10,000 years in life from the Bank of the Universe in order to break through. After he breaks through, he will pay back 10,000 years. If late, he must pay back ten times the amount!

Li Xiandao looked at these debts and at the empty Bank of the Universe. He made his mind up to become a true expert, to find all these supreme beings to get back the overdue debts one by one!

A powerless mortal had became the biggest creditor in the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands and even the entire Celestial World!

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  • DongSmasher

    Its good novel at first, but somehow i got bored on 400++ chapter -_-

  • Sumukhsingh11

    Will he fall in love with someone and if yes then who is it , is it seven ya someone else

  • AsterGrey

    591 and 592 are the same chapter

  • lnwUser32118

    Meng Hao is that you?

  • the_reader

    gonna read this novel

  • lnwUser40247

    Dang the translate. man got me mess up

  • Regressor

    It became boring....well I can totally guess story...It became so predictable.....there were so many ways to improve the he can go himself or send some subordinates to adventure to gather items and then increase his list of things for exchange or rental.....he can try to add new functions like his predecessors( methods to increase accessibility to provide more services like insurance or stocks, or methods of payment like instalments or pre-order etc).....he can hire or buy more slaves to spread his popularity or act as agents.....all he did was acting like manager on someone's already prepared stage....

  • soukka

    It became boring so I'm gonna drop it for now. But I have a question: will he remove his mask in the future? (I'm at chap 230 rn) I feel like it's just a hindrance since his face is handsome right? (no homo) What's the point of wearing a mask? He's already very strong so even if he doesn't have a mask he will still give a mysterious or cool aura.

    • KYR0S

      Afterwards he just shows it to everyone, because he is strong enough to not be scared of anyone at the stage he is.

    • Einzheil

      He shows all his subordinates his face in chapter 400

  • soukka

    chapter 226 has so many messed up names

  • soukka

    "Bank of universe!" He said calmly. "That's right, I am!" He said expressionlessly. "Hello, granddad deity" She shouted respectfully I'm not a author or someone who excels at English but...I can tell that there's something wrong here.... No hate tho, this is really good story 9/10

Latest Release: Chapter 595: North River!

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The concept of being a Bank owner is the main difference with other cultivations stories. MC also has interesting subordinates that he recruits. It also has funny moments. Unfortunately the Bank is more like those mobile app games where you constantly needed to unlock new features. Most of the story is the MC collecting debts/resources to unlock the Bank powers, he doesn't really have any investment or development plans. So it is an interesting read but it could have been a better story.


This is an interesting story. It's enjoyable and funny. The main character is very decisive in what he do. He also respects Seven and their relationship is actually very funny. Although the story cannot be said to be excellent, it's still one of a kind. Also the unending loyalty of his subordinates. The main character grows from a trash slave to a strong, genius and a talented bank master.


In this story, you will only find debt collectors, not stories about banks in the universe
The author is too lazy to research what banks do, he only writes about the barter system and the story of someone who collects debt
The story phase is too fast when chap 50 I was bored because the writer only threw characters into the story, there was no character development, and about seven, the writer was too trying to make seven look cute and adorable, but seven is more suitable to be a badass secretary, at least that's according to me
Too bad, even though many interesting ideas can be developed. Is this worthy to read? if this is your first time reading xianxia or wuxia, you are suitable to read this because the story is light and doesn't really need to focus on understanding what happens in the story


Great novel! I recommend it to anyone. I have two complaints about it though, firstly the romance between MC and FMC is way way way too slow, and that sometimes the debtor stories get a little old, repetitive, or alright boring.

Really good though, those 2 things don't stop it from being an awesome novel that's fun to read and relatively well written in comparison to most novels.


This one is really good,I usually drop LN like this,but this one is an exception,Im Only on chapter so maybe im gonna change my mind,but this has a great start


Omg i really love this novel , funny and good storyline so far . The mc is very strong (not originally strong at first) and having many loyal subordinates/friends (they all talented and slowly become even more stronger) . Cant wait to see them ascend to heaven sky 🤩


Passable is too strong.... simple summary is that. Mc got a bank and he found out that bank have many debts to story goes on it became boring at some point. There is no adventure spirit. No hardship in cultivation or much emotional turns.


Hilarious, good plot, capitalist mc who built his strengths through his business sense. 10/10 would recommend. Give it a try you GONNA be super hooked on this gem of a novel.


I absolutely agree with the review below me this novel is really fun and refreshing to read, the only thing that can put you off is that sometimes the translations on some parts are terrible.


This is definetely a top tier novel and is just so refreshing. I liked he summary but loved the story. The idea is very good but also very executed. Its funny and a really refreshing read and a really good wuxia novel. Its not in the same tier as martial world or custom made demon king but is just a step down from them. MC is smart and proud but not to the poiny of being aroggant (an extreme plus in my opinion cause some mc are a real turn off sometimes). Love his subordinates and the love life is very good. He gains strength in a pace that is very stable and follows perfectly to the story. (Meaning he doesnt get op so fast but isnt weak by any means especially the way the story goes). 10/10 would read great mc and a very nice plot.