Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest
Chapter 360: The Fairy's Regrets

(Minutes ago…)

Within the confines of the Forest of Beginnings, waves of Miasma continued pushing away the Terrain the Planta was trying to take over with her powers constantly, a battle between miasma and life which could not decide a winner, taking each other's Terrain constantly.

Animals ran away in fear, even monsters ran away from the tyrannic nature of the Miasmic Treants, the miasma infected everything and continued to unleash its malefic aura. It wouldn't take longer to reach the outskirts of the forest and infect the rest of the Continent of Verdant…

However, amidst these impossible odds, an army of hundreds of walking trees emerged. Mystical in nature and said to be Spirits of Nature themselves, who represented the strength, endurance, and power of Nature to overcome anything, while the long extinct Dryads represented the beauty, compassion, and love of Nature.

Amidst their troops, the biggest Ancient Ent Elder, the oldest Ent that has lived for thousands of years looked into the distance, his old eyes shining with bright light. He quickly conjured a large beam of sunlight from his eyes, which pierced through the upcoming army of Miasmic Treants.


They were all burned alive! The power of the Elder Ent wasn't something that could be ignored, especially thanks to his special ability to gather sunlight into his body. This powerful beam of light was the very sunlight he stored within his roots, a fiery power of extermination he used to fend off threats that endangered his family.

"We are here, everyone, connect your roots with each other, let us circle around the forest, even if we are not enough to circle around it completely, do your best! Stretch yourselves!"

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The Elder Ent sat down over the grass, the corrupted Miasma attacked him, but he ignored such corruption. His roots stretched into the ground, spreading further and further deep into the soil. His shining power began to purify the Miasma underground.


His body kept stretching itself, growing larger and larger with each second. His roots reached deep into the roots of all the other trees. His roots quickly wrapped themselves around them, infusing his Vitality into them.

"My friends, I am sorry for being late." He sighed, giving them back the Life the Miasma was taking away from them.

The other Ents did as he commanded, the Elder's roots connected with everyone else's roots, the Ents formed an immense wall made of their own stretched bodies around over 60% of the entire forest, while constantly fusing their power together and unleashing waves of purification, composed of spiritual and life essence!


However, this wasn't enough, the Miasma was still strong. They needed more help. They needed someone like Titania, a powerful Spirit Fairy with the ability to conjure Divine Blessings into living beings. With her power combined with theirs, they would be able to finally overpower the Miasma spreading aggressively.

Sadly, the Elder knew of Titania's situation. He had sensed her presence from before, due to the Curse the Demon King of Miasma inflicted upon her and her citizens through the Snake Queen's powers, she had weakened severely, and even more now that the Tree of Beginnings had died.

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The entire world would face its ultimate second ending if the Demon King of Miasma was allowed to do as he pleased. Now that the Hero of Ancient Times, Luminous, was not here anymore, the Demon King of Miasma could only be defeated by a new Hero, the one with the Chosen Hero Title.

"The Last Hamadryad… You're our last hope…"

As the Ents worked together to imbue their very life into the tree to keep the Miasma at bay, suddenly, from the skies, a giant black crow emerged.


And on top of them, there was Achlys, Acorn, Nieve, Florie, and Lily, all of them Planta's friends! Their eyes were opened wide when they saw the enormous wall made of living trees, and not evil ones this time!

"T-Those are… Ents!" Said Nieve in surprise. "Ancient Guardians of Life and Nature… I remember the Queen once said there was a small forest with the last Ents, they're here… All of them are trying to purify the forest with us!"

"Ents? Wait, they're like Titan then?" Wondered Achlys. "They're some sort of his family then! Woow! They're strong… We are already struggling enough keeping the monsters at bay and now they showed up, this is really helpful…"

"However, they seem that they're not going to last too long, the Miasma… It still too strong!" Acorn said. "Also I emptied all my reserve of materials that Lady Planta left! I don't have any more bombs…"

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"Hahhh… I've used all my MP potions too; I don't think I can make more Mountain Walls and the like for a little while…" Lily sighed in exhaustion.

Meanwhile, Florie remained in silence, admiring the strength of the Ents and their willpower to resist such deadly force, all unified as one.

"The forest… the Ents…" Florie sighed, suddenly recalling the words of the Fairy Queen, and everything that has happened since she was freed from the encroachment of the Snake Queen, who was in turn controlled by the Demon King of Miasma.

"What can I do myself? I've only hurt more people… It is my fault that Queen Titania is sick and lost most of her former strength… It is my fault that the Snake Queen managed to do so much evil, further helping the Demon King's arrival…" She thought, her eyes crying.

She felt useless, in fact, she felt like she couldn't do a single thing.

Florie despaired inside of her heart, feeling like she had only done more bad than good.

However, she kept recalling the Queen's words, and what could she even mean by that…

"Florie, are you okay?" Nieve sighed, hugging her sister. "Things might be awry right now, but we must put our faith into Lady Planta and Lord Titan, who are fighting right now…"

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"But… I wish I could do something… I want to help too…" She sighed. "I-"


And amidst her tears, a light emerged from within Florie's chest.

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