Bringing Culture to a Different World
Chapter 877: , the rich lady

Chapter 877: Chapter 891, the rich lady

The short-tentacle wand expanded the interface of the magic net so that the girl named Hymina could see the content clearly.

“Is this a movie?”

Seeing the moving scenes on the magic net, Hymina instantly shouted a word familiar to the short-tentacle wand.

“Has a movie theater been built in the Iron Guard City?”The action of the short-tentacle wand playing the trailer paused slightly.

“It’s just recently built. A month ago, I went to see ‘this demon isn’t too cold.’I was going to see it this month, but my father hasn’t let me go out,”Hymina said.

She didn’t know what had happened in the Iron Guard city recently? The short-tentacle wand didn’t think about the real identity of this girl.

Because what was more important than this was the trailer for the World Crack.

“Is this also a movie like this demon is not too cold?”

When Hymina asked this question, the short-tentacle wand finally heard a hint of anticipation from her soft and weak tone.

“This trailer is less than a minute long. It Can’t be a movie.”

The short-tentacle wand mercilessly snuffed out Hymina’s anticipation. He did not say any more nonsense and opened the game trailer.

“Are you… Okay?”

Hymina noticed that the moment the screen lit up, the short-tentacle wand’s entire body was shaking non-stop, as if it had suffered from some kind of indirect convulsion.

“Be quiet!”

The short-tentacle wand signaled the girl beside him not to make a sound, and the interface of the magic net slowly darkened.

Finally, the short-tentacle wand saw clearly that there was a human covered in mud lying in a puddle.

When the camera approached him, he suddenly opened his eyes, climbed up from the ground and looked around in confusion.

“What are those words on the screen?”Hymina asked the short-tentacle wand in a low voice again.

“An… This is a message left by another user of the magic net.”

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The short-tentacle wand originally wanted her to stop asking unnecessary questions, but after seeing Hymina’s face, he still gave an honest explanation.


Hymina stared at the screen on the magic web. The human who had fallen into the puddle finally stood up.

“The Perfect Knight in the Holy Spirit?”

“What new accessory series is this?”

“Look Again!”

Hymina’s attention was attracted by the words floating on the screen. The short-tentacle wand stared at the human in the screen. He looked like a defeated soldier.

“The war will never stop.”

The voice of the narrator came from the screen. The short-tentacle wand finally saw the messy battlefield clearly.

When the human soldier woke up, he found a long sword on the battlefield and looked around vigilantly.

Suddenly, a violent roar came from the screen. This roar scared Hymina. The human soldier suddenly turned around and saw a strong orc charging at him with a wooden stick.

The human soldier and the Orc’s weapons instantly intersected.

‘is the enemy of the new game an Orc?’

‘it looks a bit like the orcs in Warcraft.’

‘Grom Hellscream, now in an enraged State!’

Hymina couldn’t understand the words on the screen, but the orcs were already entangled with the human soldiers.

“If you want to end the war, there is only one way…”

Another powerful voice came from the screen. The orcs were forced back by the human soldiers. Just as they were about to charge forward again, an unknown frost spell shot out from nowhere and froze the ground in front of the orcs into ice.

The human soldier turned his head back at this time, and the dark screen slowly brightened up. Behind him, a fully armed army appeared, and on a blue flag, there was a golden lion imprint, it was so dazzling in front of the rising sun that it was hard to look straight at it.

When the human soldier saw this scene, he picked up the shield that also had the Golden Lion’s mark on it, and used his sword to strike the shield, shouting loudly, “For the Alliance!”

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Just as the human soldier was about to charge at the orc once again, he stopped in his tracks, because behind the orc, an army also appeared, along with a scarlet flag.

This time, the Beastman used a roar to shout, “For the Horde!”. The battle between the two armies was about to break out, and just as the commander was about to give the order to charge, a terrifying crack appeared in the sky.

The commanders of both armies looked at the crack in the sky, and grey mist poured out from it, spreading across the entire battlefield.

The short-tentacle wand held its breath when it saw this scene. A large number of distorted monsters appeared in the gray fog.

“That is…”the voice of the narrator dragged out his tone.

The scene turned to the human soldier and the orc once again. The human soldier was shocked by this scene. He looked at the monsters in the gray fog in a daze and quietly handed the shield in his hand to the orc beside him.

‘long live the unity of the human ORC!’

‘there seems to be other races, right?’

The short-tentacle wand stared at the crack in the sky, and a huge eye suddenly opened in the crack.

“An enemy that can destroy everything has appeared.”

The scene finally zoomed in on the distorted monster in the gray fog, and then a monster opened its bloody mouth and swallowed the entire scene.

‘the cameraman has been eaten!’

‘is Mr. Cameraman still alive?’

The short-tentacle wand ignored those ridiculous comments. As a veteran player, he was already beginning to think about how the game was played.

“Alliance or tribe? It’s up to you.”

Two flags appeared on the black screen again, and the last one was ‘the release date has not been set.’

“So the orcs aren’t from the villain Camp? You can choose… But there’s no release date?”

The short-tentacle wand saw the comment below and his expression instantly became very distorted, but his distorted expression was quickly interrupted by a chuckle beside him.

“What’s so funny… I’m the one who’s embarrassed.”

The short-tentacle wand quickly adjusted his state, and he suddenly realized that the girl beside him was most likely the young mistress of this place.

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“This magic called the magic net seems to be very interesting,”Hymina said.

“Of course it’s interesting! This is the most interesting magic in the world.”

Hearing Hymina mention the magic net again, the short-tentacle wand went into a self-indulgent state again. He stood up from the bench and gestured to Hymina.

“This is probably the greatest magic in a hundred years. You can make countless new friends on this, and there are many new ways to play the game that you have never seen before! “For example, Warcraft, my world, and Super Mario… so the meaning of life is to go to Nolan and buy a magic net to play with!”

“Can you only buy it in Nolan?”Hymina ignored the chattering of the short-tentacle wand and clearly heard the last key message.

“Nolan’s teleportation portal is open. It only takes half an hour to get from Iron Guard city to Nolan using the teleportation portal, and the magic net only costs one silver coin! It’s absolutely worth it!”

The short-tentacle wand had entered a state called ‘Amway’. His pious look made Hymina wonder if Nolan had a religion called the magic net.

“My body is too weak. I Can’t go that far.”

Hymina put her hands on her legs. It was then that the short-tentacle wand remembered that the girl was sitting in a wheelchair.

“I. . . Actually have extra mana net crystals and a tool to connect to the Mana Net, but it’s not free.”

When the short-tentacle wand came to Iron Guard city, it bought a lot of mana net crystals. It had originally planned to go back to its hometown to sell the mana net, but halfway through, it realized that it was far away from Nolan.., if it didn’t have the leaves of the world tree, it wouldn’t be able to connect to the Mana Net at all.

“How much does it cost?”

Hymina didn’t understand what the trailer was talking about at all, but the comments on the trailer successfully made her laugh several times.

“Three gold coins, that’s too cheap, thirty gold coins.”

Although the short-tentacle wand had offered this price, he was still very distressed. The leaves of the world tree were a limited quantity of goods, but he had always been very short of money.

However, the price of thirty gold coins was also very excessive. If it were some normal people, they would probably kick him out as a swindler.

Therefore, when the short-tentacle wand was priced at this price, he carefully looked at Hymina’s expression.

“I don’t have that much money on me, but this should be enough. Deep-sea blue crystal… If you sell it to an ordinary jewelry shop, you can exchange it for about a hundred gold coins.”

Hymina handed a pendant hanging from her neck to the short-tentacle wand. The short-tentacle wand looked at the blue crystal that was shining like starlight in his hand.

He didn’t know how to appreciate these gems, but if they were real… this girl was too generous!

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“Okay, deal.”

The short-tentacle wand hesitated for a moment and decided to accept the deal.

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