Death... and me
Chapter 1929: Carry Eggs

Sometime after that conversation, instead of developing new upgrades for the communication system, Rean decided to focus on what already worked, even if it wasn't perfect. That was a decision he and Havek reached, planning to first create a connection between each other. Once they could talk through the communication system, they could discuss what they could improve on with the other Formation Masters.

With that said, many Formation Masters on both sides were first taught how to build routers and antennas. As for the main ones like Rawor, they were taught about the DPUs and the core of the communication system. Considering the size that it would span now, it would be idiotic to work on it with only Rean and the few Formation Masters of the sect like Klaus.

During this time, the System Sect received a new visitor. It's just that this one didn't come for the twins but for Kentucky instead. Kentucky was resting in his nest on Celis when he suddenly received a Divine Sense message from one of the sect members. "Kentucky, the Dragon Race asked to call you out. It seems like they finally got a Minokawa to come and see you."

Kentucky was surprised to hear that and quickly got up. "Great! I'm coming right up."

Rean and Roan obviously received the same message, but none of them followed Kentucky. "Let him be. Whatever he decides, it's his problem."

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In the end, only Celis came out with Kentucky since they had their pact. If Kentucky really decided to reveal everything and leave, he would go together as Kentucky's nest partner.

Outside the System Sect, a few hundred kilometers away, there was a mountain now considered part of the System Sect's territory. There were still many demon beasts living in the area, as most of them didn't have sentience. Nevertheless, the ones who did knew that this territory had been conquered by the new human force. It's just that they didn't know about the Dragon Race's support for the sect masters of the System Sect. For the sect, it was perfect. That would give their members the right conditions for training and many life-and-death experiences.

At the top of this specific mountain, a man with dark and white feathers laid down on the ground with his arms behind his head. He seemed pretty carefree as he waited for someone. Sometime later, his natural spatial perception noticed the approaching of two beings, but he didn't seem to care that much. If anything, he cared a lot more about the powerful Divine Senses that kept watching the area, like Placake's Divine Sense, for example.

Naturally, those two beings were Kentucky and Celis. When they arrived at the base of the mountain, Celis decided to wait there while Kentucky went to the summit. Both he and the man did look quite a bit similar due to their black and white feathers, showing that they were probably from the same race even though they were in their human forms. "Was it you who wanted to talk with my Minokawa Race? That's weird since I heard from the Dragon Race that a human was the one who called me."

Kentucky shook his head in response. "It was indeed him who asked, but that was because of me. You can tell that I'm a Minokawa, too, no?"

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The man nodded, saying, "That's pretty obvious, although I don't know why a Minokawa would be following a human. Well, considering the type of race we are, I guess it's to be expected to find some unknown Minokawas from other places. What were you, the fruit of some fun time between other Minokawas?"

Kentucky couldn't help but ask after that, "Is this something normal in our Minokawa Race? I did hear we were quite disorganized and didn't like to act as a group, but still..."

"Hahaha!" The man laughed after hearing that. "You would be surprised if I told you. Anyway, you can find out more about it if you come with me to the Minokawa Race's territory. Hmm... calling it a territory wouldn't be right either since we don't care that much if others enter it. As long as they don't bother us, that is."

"That's what I wanted to know more about. How is the Minokawa Race? Is it good to live there? If I go there, what should I expect? Would I be killed because I was born outside?" After that, Kentucky shot out a string of questions.

"Killed?" The man shook his head in response. "Why would we kill you? We don't even kill half-breed ones, let alone pure blood like you. Besides, that Divine Demon Tree at the bottom of the mountain is in a nest pact with you, right? You should have at least noticed that Divine Demon Birds with their own Divine Nests are quite rare after you got to the Dragon Race. If anything, you should consider yourself an asset. It's quite unfortunate that once the pact is made, it can't be done with another Divine Demon Bird anymore. Otherwise, I might have stolen him from you."

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"Would you do that for real?" Kentucky asked back.

The man nodded without thinking twice. "We don't like rules. We're a race that cares more about ourselves than others. Unless it's something that could put the race as a whole at risk, most of us won't lift a finger. I guess the only exceptions are for those who have families, which isn't your case. Aren't you very selfish and lazy yourself?"

Kentucky had no way of refuting him... except for one thing. "I am lazy, and I do care only about myself... or so I would like to say." His friends in the sect weren't his family, but Kentucky would be lying if he said he didn't care about Rean and the others.

'Except Roan, fuck Roan!' He concluded his thought.

Kentucky asked another question. "So, does it mean it's not worth returning to my race?"

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"It is," the man nodded in response. "Your cultivation should be faster in our ancestral land."

"Is that all?" Kentucky was quite disappointed.

The guy noticed his disappointment. "Well, you might find yourself a partner to carry your eggs, perhaps?"

Death... and me Chapter 1929: Carry Eggs
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