Deep Sea Embers
Deep Sea Embers

Deep Sea Embers

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Deep Sea Embers novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Yuan Tong. 484 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


On that day, the fog blocked everything.

On that day, he became the captain of a ghost ship.

On that day, he stepped through the thick fog and confronted a completely subverted and fragmented world—the old order had vanished, strange phenomonoms dominated the endless seas beyond civilized society, and isolated island city-states and fleets of ships challenged the sea that had become the last ember of lights for the civilized world. All of this while the shadows of the old days were still stirring in the deep sea, waiting to to devour this world that was about to die.

But for the new captain of the ghost ship Vanished, there was only one question he had to consider first— Who knows how to drive this ship?!

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  • Hime 2

    It will be a pretty bad read until about 50 chapters in. BUT stay strong readers!!! Its a banger!!! And once you get past MC being frankly pathetic,, he becomes a cutey patootie smarty pants MC. Would recommend.

  • Kent_takeahint 11

    I haven't read this at all and I currently can't read it but I will put it in my library

  • Kalla 2

    How's the story going so far? I read up to the part where the God of Intelligence/Stupidity crouches down on the teacher to test the protagonist (arc of the receptacle of the God of the Sun) and I got a bit discouraged, because I felt that the mc was played; Does the situation improve? Do the gods respect the mc afterwards? Thank you very much for your replies!

  • JoJ0 4

    I'm happy I got here kinda late I can just imagine the cliff hangers on ts

  • Fallen_Angel 1

    Currently in first 20 chapters but is this related to LOTM in any way, theres too many similarities???

    • Liol_Lrvoe 3

      Yes , Deep sea embers is inspired from LOTM so there are some similarities but it doesn't feel like a copy at all.Only the concept of anomalies/visions(sealed artifacts in LOTM) and having a method to seal them is similar in both novels .Other than that there is the name of MC , Zhou Ming and Zhou Mingrui , but MC of Deep sea embers doesn't use it . The world setting of both the novels is Lovecraft so it give the same vibes as well but again it doesn't feel like a copy at all and both stories are very different from each other. (I also read somewhere that author of both novels may have took inspiration from same source rather than Deep sea author taking inspiration from Lotm .I forgot the source name which that comment mentioned).

  • Alex_Zadiak 1

    I'm depressed. Recommend me something like "Shadow Slave" "Lord of Mysteries" and "Deep Sea Embers". It doesn’t matter which one, the main thing is that it contains Lafkratavian horrors and secrets.

    • OverDosedSaiyan 4

      Soul of Negary? it got no complete translation in this site but it has some mystery element to it. The Mtl version is atleast decent to read.


    try shrouded seascape it's more better than this.

    • Light22_ 13

      Are the chapters updates frequent ? searched it and found out it's completed that's why asking

  • Zephhhyr 6

    Yo guys i have this novel in library since it had 300 chapters is it worth to read it or still stack ( i havent read it at all)

  • Sarno 4

    I'm I bugging or does the first part of the synopsis kinda sound like Alger

    • SageTime 5

      Thought the same thing 😂

  • Huhuho 1

    this novel is so underrated