Demon Hunter (Web Novel)
Demon Hunter (Web Novel)

Demon Hunter (Web Novel)

Demon Hunting Diary

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Demon Hunter (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Harem genres. Written by the Author Misty Rain of Jiangnan. 1058 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


After the nuclear warfare, massacres started to spread throughout the entire world. The order between humans completely collapses, and the strong eats while the weak gets eaten becomes the #1 rule.

When you lose the chains of desire, it means that you no longer have a road to go forward. You can only turn left, or face right.

Hell is to the left, but Hell is also to the right.

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: 1 comment on Vol 5 Chapter 11.1: Bandit
  • dalin 2

    Currently at 590, i like world building and generally it has been interesting read.I didnt read harem novels before this so i don’t know is it written bad or not but it doesn’t bother me yet and not been cringe. imo if you don’t wanna read primarily because its harem, i’ll say give it shot. btw last volume has bern boring so far i hope its gets good

  • PennilessMonk 11

    once again, a promising novel ruined by harem... sigh

  • Dede_novels 4

    I don't know why I believed them when they said that the harem tag wasn't true. Apart from the nonsense and drama with the girls, I found the performance of the work interesting, but honestly all these girls wanting him is irritating. and the most annoying fact is that he still likes them... if it was just a girl that would be fine, but the fact that it's not just a girl bothers me. If that were the case, it would be better not to have any. I'm dropping it just because of that. I hate harems🤦‍♀️

  • L_reads 2

    Here I Go!!!

  • Reinkjaky 4

    Post review button isn't working, so I'll make mine here. One of the best post apocalyptic novels out there. Definitely on the dark side with blood, gore, rape and all the worst parts that apocalypse can bring out of people. MC is unfeeling, cold blooded guy, but not evil, his strongest suits are adaptability and survivability, sort of a cockroach with sniper rifle. World building is pretty much fallout style: nomads, scavengers, mutants, agressive flora and fauna and rich corporations that survived even atomic hell. Definetely would recommend to people who into S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Metro 2033. P.S. Harem tag is bait, MC had like 2 or 3 girls, but jusr as normal relationships without typical cringe anime stuff.

    • Zen_Sekai_Lorde 22

      Are there actually 'demons' in this? Cause for now there's been no mention of it and there's only the different organisations and all.

      • Reinkjaky 4

        No fantasy stuff like elfs, dwarfs, demons etc. Mutants of different types mainly. Accelerated evolution's due to high radiation sort of thing. Can't really explain better without spoilers.

        Edited: 7mo
    • GrimmPersona 15

      Metro you say? Sold! Glad there’s no cringey stuff but does he at least get his beak wet (if y’know what I mean)

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  • LagrimaRoja 1

    En mi suposicion ¿La novela tendra un final sad? Does it have a tragic ending?

    • JDay 1

      no tengo ni idea amigo, con tal de que sea un buen final me conformo. I don't know but I hope at least it is a decent ending .