Demon King
Demon King

Demon King

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Demon King novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Toika. 175 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


After dying, I woke up as a weak goblin.

To survive, I have to destroy, consume, and evolve off of other monsters.

From the ugly guy to the king who rules everything!

Second novel by Author before EER

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  • VeerenPrashar 5

    Dude only knows how to eat, it gets similar to some other novels who also have gluttons for mc who grow strong by eating

  • Khalyos 1

    Does the mc leave the dungeon ? If yes at which chapter please ?

  • strongestcultivator 1

    One of the mc's major problem is being dense, is it because he haven't seen anyone besides A, Rain, and L that he is dense?

  • Kuro_monarch 1

    He changes lates

  • tun27 2

    I really want to finish this novel but 30 chapters in and my head hurts trying to understand what i read, like sometimes the sentence made sense sometimes its like mumble jumble of words.

  • Jmthenice123 3

    Ive finished reading this one. I enjoy it and not typical harem that you see in isekai novel or manga that they are usually useless and pathetic. Overall 7/10 thats my rating

  • HaremDetector 5

    theres something about toika’s novels that keeps me reading it, I dont know what it is though. - yes, it is a harem ending. Just like any, if not most toika novels out there.

    • lnwUser77710 1

      It's a harem? I'm already at chapter 76 and hasn't seen much women he speaks to except that elf girl and 'L'

      • ahmetc 2

        and no romance.. There's only one stupid man next to you.. Honestly, the series is a complete disappointment right now.

    • ShadowWalker 1

      Is this like world devouring snake,if so epic

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  • Xiaoxie 1

    This novel is like a re -monster manga

  • alfrancislol 1

    Bruh I saw the booked marked number and I thought it was chapters and was so hyped to read it then notice it’s only 100 something chapters ripp

    • Zaeon 1

      Yeah I want to read something long but I don't want it to be on going since I read quite fast and I don't like cliffhangers It saddens me that this is such a short series

      • lnwUser78765 6

        read 'the death mage doesn't want a fourth time' is got like 260 ish chapters, however they're like 3 times as long as an normal chapter if not more.

  • Locus 1

    I am suspicious in commenting, because almost all the novels I like have a score between 3 - 3.5. If you like a super fast-growing, unscrupulous main character and do whatever you have to do to stay alive, even if you have to slaughter hundreds of humans for it, then this is your novel. There is no harem, he only praises the beauty of women, but he does nothing. The story takes place in the modern world which begins to merge with a magical world and dungeons begin to emerge. The main character dies and is reborn in one of these dungeons as a goblin.