Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~
Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~

Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~

Akuma Koujo ~Yurui Akuma no Monogatari~

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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Comedy, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Haru no Hi. 213 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


She had a dream: the world was brimming with light. Family. School. Friends. Trains. Buses. Movies. Books. In that world of light, she grew into adulthood… and at the very end, in a white room, she fell into darkness. She awoke from the dream to find that she had become a demon. In the demon world, she lived a carefree life until she encountered a powerful being.

After such a long time spent living as a demon, before she knew it, spreading in her heart was a yearning for that world of light. She plunged herself into a summoning magic circle that had appeared. Then… when she opened her eyes once again, she had become a human baby.

She was in the Holy Kingdom. She felt fearful: while she was indeed a demon, she only had the strength of a baby. Her being a demon, if discovered, would be terrible. Was she a human or a demon? Would she be able to survive from here on out?

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  • BananaMasterEVT

    Is this still being updated?

  • LordFifth1

    Don't know why it's rated so low but the novel is great, if you're still hesitating try it you will not be disappointed

  • Cold05

    6/10, you can read to pass time. World building wasn’t all that good, side characters were also meh and I didn’t like the romance either. The only reason I read this was because mc was a beautiful ruthless loli, reminded me of kumo desu ka which became one of my favorites. Mc’s personality was also decent, if only she’d been more proactive and acted like a demon other than her occasional snacks. This world didn’t have grand magicians, sword masters or strong beings, only the Mc and her entourage were strong which was a letdown too. Everything was so half baked, but if the author had tried to write a better world and side characters and proper plot for me this could’ve been an easy 8. The only reason I kept reading was because mc was a demon op loli, that’s it.

  • Mysticedge

    I know that this is a shared universe between Apotheosis of a Demon does shedy show up at all haven't read it yet just read apotheosis and was wondering

  • OmniPirate

    This worth reading?

    • Rose01

      I wanna know that too 👀

  • SenatorArmstrong

    Ye gods... when I saw the name 'Futa' at chapter 110 I wished the author knew what that was before writing this.