Despite Being Pursued As a Villain, All The Heroines On My Side?
Chapter 1: Chapter 1: My Acting Skills Are Very Professional

Chapter 1: My Acting Skills Are Very Professional

“Su Mingyan, this is the result of your schemes! Guess what? You are now surrounded by my people!”

“Isn’t it hard to taste your betrayal? You’re the one who’s conspiring against me, you despicable character!”

Su Mingyuan had a knife buried in his chest, and the man who planted it was his most trusted aide.

Gazing at him indifferently, the man who was in front of him was the male protagonist of this world, Xiao Ran, surrounded by numerous female leads.

Some of those women showed joy in their eyes, and some had the same cold and sarcastic smile as Xiao Ran at the corners of their lips.

Su Xuelan, Su Mingyuan’s sister, walked aside and turned her face away as if she couldn’t endure looking at him, but she remained silent.

“Su Mingyuan, I overlooked you again and again for Xuelan’s sake, but you were too conceited. It’s too late for you to be guilty now.”

“This is what you get for going up against me!”


The knife was pulled out, and blood poured out uncontrollably from his chest. Su Mingyuan fell to the ground, his face contorted in pain and resentment as he gazed at Xiao Ran.

But in his heart, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

‘I kept on fighting Xiao Ran and was beaten and humiliated by him, enough that I ended up like this in the end.’

‘Can I be regarded as a qualified villain?’

‘Finally, I have accumulated enough villain value of 100000 to return to Earth.’

After being transmigrated as the villain in DragonProud Sky1‘s “Urban Supreme”, Su Mingyuan obtained the villain system, he was told that as long as he successfully acted like a villain and executed each scene according to the original novel’s plot script, he would be able to obtain a large amount of villain value.

The better he acted, the more ridiculous he appeared, the more hits he got, the more villain value he would get each time.

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He could only return to Earth if he obtained 100,000 villain values.

As a result, Su Mingyuan worked hard to finish his role as the villain. According to the plot of the original novel, he kept causing trouble for Xiao Ran, the protagonist of this world, and then would repeatedly pretend to be punched in the face, let him berate and humiliate him.

Up to this point, he finally saved enough value to cover the cost of his return home.

“System, send me home!”

[Beep! Consuming 100,000 villain values, in the process of transmigrating…]

His life seemed to be fading slowly, and his body seemed to have no consciousness.

Su Mingyuan felt that there was darkness in front of him, and his soul seemed to be floating in a chaotic and boundless space.

He is finally able to… return to Earth, to his hometown……

Lying on the ground was his cold corpse, Xiao Ran embraced the beautiful heroines, and his mood lifted.

He had no idea that ‘Su Mingyuan’s death,’ and the fact that his soul had forcibly broken through the world barrier with the system’s assistance, had harmed the origin of his own world.

A mysterious aura that had been endowed on him had dissipated invisibly.

At the same time, Su Mingyuan, whose soul had broken through the world’s barrier and was trying to cross, heard a system alarm sound in his ear.

[Beep! Tick! Tick! Warning! Warning! Encounter sudden turbulence in time and space! Encounter sudden turbulence in time and space! ]

[The transmigration has been forcefully terminated!]

[The transmigration has been forcefully terminated!]


It was as if disorder had only recently begun and the world had been reset.

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Su Mingyuan opened his eyes and suddenly woke up from the spring mattress bed in the villa.

“System, what’s going on?”

[Host, I’m sorry to inform you that, as a result of the sudden turbulence in time and space encountered during the transmigrating, all of us who are involved in the turbulence in time and space have returned to the world of “Urban Supreme.” and were reminded to the first day you arrived in this world.]

[In other words, if you want to return to Earth, you must play the villain role once more in order to accumulate villain value.]

“Again…. Do it all over again?” Su Mingyuan’s heart suddenly fell into the abyss.

[The only good news is that, while the process of returning to Earth has been halted, the 100,000 villain points value you have accumulated have been reduced to 50,000, and this time, you only need to save 50,000 villain value to return to Earth.]

“Fifty thousand…”

“This time, it only takes 50,000…”

Su Mingyuan’s fists clenched, and his mood improved.

“It’s merely a matter of acting again; the required villain value is half of what it was the last time, and my acting abilities have improved significantly since the last time. I’m able to deliver stronger performances and am able to acquire a greater number of villain values more quickly…”

After two years of playing the villain role, Su Mingyuan learned to find joy in the sorrows a long time ago.

For the first time, as the villain, he took the initiative to visit the protagonist Xiao Ran and pretentiously punched his face.

If he didn’t have a sufficiently optimistic attitude, Su Mingyuan’s mentality would have collapsed long ago.

Think of it as acting in a full-length drama.

This time, he will complete the script faster and better.

It took him two years to complete his villain’s fate, and he managed to scrape together a hundred thousand values; this time, he vowed to do better, and perhaps finish in a year…

No, in less than a year, he must accumulate the 50,000 villain values in half a year!

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He would taunt more in front of the male and female protagonists, attract their hatred, and then be punched in the face by them!

Anyway, this was just an act…

After sorting out his mentality, Su Mingyuan sat up from the bed, quickly changed his clothes, and prepared to leave the villa and start his first performance.

Su Mingyuan, the Su family’s eldest child and one of the four well-known dudes in Ming City, loves wine, luxury cars, dandy jade, and great women……

Unprofessional, ignorant, reliant on the family’s power, he established a second-tier entertainment company solely for him to help achieve his desire for women and conveniently pursued the big celebrity, Liu Mengning.

Because Liu Mengning was not only a well-known actress in the country, but also because her appearance seems to be flawless, her temperament was indeed perfect, and her true identity was the eldest miss of the Liu family, one of the four major families.

Whether appearance or identity, there was an unbounded point of interest for Su Mingyuan, a lascivious man.

Recently, the movie “Peerless Beauty” starring Liu Mengning was in the preparatory stage, and it was just looking for investors.

Su Mingyuan naturally wanted to get involved, thinking that as a film investor, Liu Mengning would have to give face to have a meal with him. At that time, he would find a private room, and then he could……

Su Mingyuan went to the company today to arrange this matter.

His ‘Mingyuan Entertainment company’ must become one of the investors in “Peerless Beauty”!

Then he would meet the new intern in the company, Xiao Ruoruo, the younger sister of the male protagonist, Xiao Ran, who was attracted by her astonishing beauty.

Just as he was about to create a small move, he was stopped by Xiao Ran. The male protagonist rushed to the scene, and the two sides got into trouble for the first time.

This was the first time in the original novel, he made a feud with the male protagonist as a villain.

The above were all the fate trajectories that the original dandy Su Mingyuan should have, shameless, lascivious, ignorant, and the like, and it had nothing to do with the current Su Mingyuan.

He had always been a good and upright young man, but he had to perform like this in order to get enough money for the trip home.

And from now on, not only would he have to play such a shameless and ugly villain, but he would also be, and he will be better than the Su Mingyuan in the original novel!

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After being naturalized again, he can now proudly proclaim.

Acting as a villain, I am professional!

Despite Being Pursued As a Villain, All The Heroines On My Side? Chapter 1: Chapter 1: My Acting Skills Are Very Professional
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