Destroying My Own Novel
Destroying My Own Novel

Destroying My Own Novel

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Destroying My Own Novel novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Harem, and Action genres. Written by the Author Iqfauli. 561 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Everyone must have a few regrets in their lives, and for Mykel regret was publishing this novel on the internet. Because of this failed novel he wrote, made his career down the hill as an author. Thanks to this novel, he lost his passion and he lost everything that he had.

"I wish I can destroy this novel so that nobody will be able to see it or remember it anymore," Mykel said.

That was what he wished for, and for some reason, he went inside that novel of his and as himself in the story that didn't suppose to exist?

Mykel smirked and grinned as he looked at the system.

[You are the creator of this world, you will have the access to the command system. You are free to do anything as long as it is listed in the command system]
[Please enjoy and have fun]

"Heh, then I will turn this world upside down," Mykel said as he glared at the notification in front of him.

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  • edlundin 1

    I read the first 20 chapters but didn't connect with the novel. It's hard to explain why, but it's mainly because when reading it, I feel like the MC is simply flying over the story: when he does some actions, the direct consequences of it are vaguely explained, but the actions themselves do not seem to be connected with each other nor to a greater plot. When reading it, you feel like the MC does some things in a specific location, goes to another place, does some other things, and the cycle repeats, without an end goal. That and some parts of the writing I find lazy. While this is a harem novel, the female characters are empty shells to further the MC's needs at the moment, however, they feel as disconnected from things as the MC, so you tend to get bored very fast.

  • AncestorDuck 6

    For people who liked this novel, there is a sequel called "Destroying My Own World" with over 350+ chapter.

  • Arjun143C 1

    does this novel have an academy arc bro... ?

    Edited: 4mo
    • AncestorDuck 6

      I dont remember an academy arc...

  • goodoldrafie 1

    Yow where the destroying my own world at? Is it release here yet?

    Edited: 4mo
  • Naiii 2

    I read the first chapter till i read thirteen women... sigh i didn't notice the HAREM tagged

  • zilx_ee 1

    Read it with low expectations

    Edited: 5mo
  • ColdNote 1

    A decent read for when you’re quite bored

  • AsureMag 1

    What type of twisting was that!?! Insane... 😣😣

  • obliviousSenpai 6

    World building is non existing and story telling is pretty much like a kids book but still is readable

  • Midnight_luxe 5

    Haven't read this novel yet but the description seems appealing so I'll give it a go