Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler
Chapter 347: Three years on the other side

— Chapter 344 —

Bright Spirit Empire, Empress’s Palace.

In a clean meeting room with a long carved wooden table, everyone with significant roles in the Bright Spirit Empire gathered and discussed the sudden attack from the Sun and Moon Empire. These people are famous and well-known in the community.

The Bright Spirit Empire’s Empress, Bibi Dong, sat on the throne at the end of a wooden table. She rested her head on the solid stone and glanced at everyone with her pink eyes. Even though she was known as the benevolent ruler, people know how colder and crueler she had become after learning that Yunlong abruptly disappeared because of God’s Trial. And it’s been three years since no one knows about his condition or well-being.

However, everyone felt a connection with Yunlong’s Beelzebub yesterday, which gave them hope for his location.

Bibi Dong glanced at the silver-haired beauty beside her and asked, “Yuena, what’s the condition of the Star Dou Forest? I believe the Sun and Moon Empire is trying to get something from there, right?”

“I’ve dealt with the rats. Well, Di Tian pretty much wiped them to dust.” Gu Yuena opened her purple draconic eyes. After staying in the human world for three years and awakening from her deep slumber, she becomes more adapted to the environment. And yes, she doesn’t even bother to hide her status as the Silver Dragon King anymore.

“Good.” Bibi Dong nodded and moved her gaze to the Ghost of Uchiha. “Madara, what about the Sea God Island’s lines? Have the Sun and Moon Empire tried to poke our frontline?”

Uchiha Madara, or what people know as the red-eyed chief of the Bright Spirit Empire, placed his hand on the table. He boringly glanced at Bibi Dong and answered, “As you can see from my boredom, those pesky freaks don’t even bother to touch Sea God Island with me there.”

“Also, the Sea Priestess has been trying to contact the Sea God and told me Yunlong would return soon.”

The room atmosphere suddenly became heavier, and Madara couldn’t help but raise his hands wryly. He could feel the immense pressure from the famous Empress of the Bright Spirit Empire. Even though she didn’t lift a finger, her presence alone caused the room to be bleak with a death aura.

Bibi Dong tapped her finger on the table and sneered, “She said the same damn things for three years, Madara. Little Saixi is the only reason I kept Sea God Island as our front line because I would have killed Bo Saixi already in the past.”

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Qian Renxue sighed and released her angelic presence, calming the tension with sunshine-like heat. “Calm down, Mother. You know it’s not Bo Saixi’s fault.” She said, which caused Bibi Dong to frown because there was nothing else to blame.

Gu Yuena once stated that Yunlong’s mishap happened because outside forces were trying to meddle with Sea God Trials, but that doesn’t mean Bo Saixi is not to blame. As the overseer of Yunlong’s trials, she should have realized something was wrong. Two annoying Gods also messed around with Yunlong.

Unlike Asura God and Sea God, the Rakshasa God’ Trials weren’t annoyingly complicated. It’s hard to fulfill and finish, but at least Rakshasa God doesn’t change the objective like a storm coming out of nowhere.

“Mom, why are you so mad?” A young girl grabbed Bibi Dong’s hand gently. It was Eri who became a healthy young girl. She looks like a typical nine years old girl with a small horn on the right side of her forehead.

Bibi Dong patted Eri’s head gently and replied, “We are holding an important meeting right now, Eri. Go play with other kids on the playground.”

“At least you’re calming down now. Your Highness.” A young woman, probably 18-19 years old, smiled in her seat. She has tidy yet sharp long black hair and a noble-like appearance. Yes, this girl is Yaoyorozu Momo, who went to the Douluo Dalu’s Universe three years ago.

Bibi Dong weakly smiled because Momo teleported Eri from the lab to calm her down. This young man has such fine control over Spatial Elements, making her one of the gifted people in the empire. Despite her lack of understanding three years ago, she developed quickly with Bright Spirit Empire’s resources and even created An artificial intelligence alongside Saiko Intelli and other researchers.

“Your Highness. I have news that might please you.” A dark-haired man in a brown tunic suddenly opened his mouth. He has a pair of “completely.” dark eyes, making him look like a demon.

Bibi Dong stared at the man and said, “Go ahead, Zetsu.”

Zetsu chuckled and replied, “After my last mission on the Sun and Moon’s Empire, I’ve discovered a way to enter the Abyssal Realm where the Sun and Moon Empire got the Abyssal Beasts.”

Everyone was stunned because the Abyssal Realm was known as the dark land where the Sun and Moon Empires got the source of their armies. They used the Cell of the Abyssal Beast to improve their soldiers’ strength, allowing them to become Title Douluos within five years from zero. Of course, the soldiers don’t last long because the researchers from Bright Spirit Empire discovered their lifespan is no more than 13 years. The more Abyssal Cell takes over the soldier’s body, the lifespan becomes weaker and weaker by each second.

With a grin, Uchiha Madara excitedly slammed his hand on the table and shouted, “Zetsu, bring me there! I’ll destroy that place with Crimson Dawn.”

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“Calm your horse down, Madara…” Zetsu frowned while narrowing his eyes. “Do you think the Sun and Moon Empire would let outsiders enter so easily? We are talking about a faction who doesn’t care about their own people.”

“Then, I’ll bring the Dragonborn Unit with me.” A grin appeared on the ghost of the Uchiha’s face, making everyone facepalm simultaneously. Dragonborn Unit is a force that “actually.” was created by Liu Erlong and the kids Yunlong saved from the northern mine three years ago. Since they are modified humans, their growth is astonishing and even equal to Kyudai Garaki’s homunculus in speed. And this unit has a deep hatred for the Sun and Moon Empire.

“That’s not a bad suggestion from a battle maniac like you, Madara.” Liu Erlong laughed and leaned on her chair, glancing at Madara.

“Oh god, what have you done, Madara.” Several people cursed because he triggered the Lunatic Commandress’s bloodlust to destroy the Sun and Moon Empire. It’s a good thing, but Liu Erlong won’t calm down until someone makes her stop. And the Hell Dragon Douluo is not someone everyone could stop.

Even though Bright Spirit Empire has so many Title Douluo, including the peak ones like Golden Crocodile Douluo Jin Eyu and Qian Daoliu, They are still overwhelmed by Liu Erlong, who seems to possess infinite stamina and an immortal body.

David Shield wiped his glasses clean and reported, “According to the recent satellite’s scan, Sun and Moon Empire have been doing something shady on the other side of the Douluo Planet. I don’t know what it is, but my instinct tells me something dangerous is about to come.”

“Huh? How could the Weapon Maniac sound afraid to me? Do my ears start to become deaf because of old age?” Dugu Bo rubbed his ears, which made David Shield frown.

The well-known scientist fixed his glasses and added, “It’s not a joking manner, Poison Douluo. I would rather stay in my lab and create something to destroy the Sun and Moon Empire. Yet, this satellite scan is different from others.”

“Two days ago, the satellite caught the Sun and Moon Empire’s third base transporting massive Dragon Bones to the main base through aircraft.”

Gu Yuena opened her mouth and whispered, “Don’t tell me…”

“Yes, It was from the Dragon Clan’s Graveyard. Zetsu has been trying to find it for three years. After reading the source energy from the base, I might find the secret realm.” David Shield looked at the Silver Dragon King.

“We had to prevent the Sun and Moon Empire from getting the Dragon God’s core. The power of god is going to make your victory more difficult.”

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“I know all of you here are stuck in Level 99.”

The Elven Queen suddenly raised her hand and interrupted, “Our spaceship is probably able to detect it immediately. Since the Dragon Clan’s Graveyard inherently was made of Divine Qi, we should be able to detect it after Sun and Moon reveal it to you through satellite. They have been hiding it for three years. It’s time for us to get it back.”

“Right, Silver Dragon King?” She continued while moving her gaze to Gu Yuena.

“Right.” Gu Yuena nodded firmly.

“Then, gather everyone from Crimson Dawn, Dragonborn, and Homun Squad, to field number 9.” Bibi Dong declared while clapping her hand gently. “We will-!”


Everyone suddenly felt a change in the atmosphere and moved their gazes to the open window in the meeting room. A familiar presence made their mouths widen in surprise. And even Liu Erlong trembles in joy.


A loud shockwave noise spread all across the Douluo Planet, and Bibi Dong’s pink eyes started to release crystal-like tears. She rushed to the window and used divine sense to find her beloved son. She felt a sudden connection in her mind and smiled happily.

“Y-Yunlong?” She nervously called for his name.

“I-Is that you?”

“Ah…” A response filled with shock and longing comes from the other side.

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“I’m back, Mom.”

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