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Ending Maker

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Ending Maker novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Chwiryong. 400 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Two heroes of the game Legend of Heroes 2 that were rotten water*.

Kang Jin-ho in the first place and Hong Yoo Hee in the second place.

One day, I opened my eyes and reincarnated as a character in the game…

“Hey…you too?”

“Hey…me too!”

The ending of Legend of Heroes 2 is the destruction of the human world.

But if there’s two of us and we’re not alone.

If it is also the #1 and #2 in the server rankings.

The path of rotten water begins for a perfect happy ending!

(*Rotten water is Korean slang for someone who has played a certain game for a long time and mastered everything. Think of them as oldbies, veterans, or game pros.)

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  • EvoteArc
    Reader KP:162

    i got someone pointing to me that this is the novel where a duo solos everyone, is there a harem in the romance?? i hope not

    yesterday Reply
  • Preiss
    Reader KP:5

    An incredible novel. Trully a novel you don't want to miss ! It's a nice story with a plot that can seem simple or classic but is very well written, with good caracters you grow to like. I especially like the fact that they use their brain. The double lead caracters is not bad even if one is a bit more central. The ending made me feel so immersed, trully not desappointing. And the side stories at the end bring to light some questions we could have had. My only regret is that I need to leave this novel and will have a hard time finding others as good as this !

    4 days ago Reply
  • Sumer
    Reader KP:2495

    Aaaa both of the couples (i, around 100) are so d*mn cute ahh my heart will burst fr Apart from the dues ex machina, well even with it, the fights and the story is really strong and awesome ahh there's no break they keep going and traveling ah It's also very interesting, how they discover the truth behind what enemies/phenomena/incident appeared in the game, that is, their origin

    Edited: 21 Sep, 07:35
    14 days ago Reply
  • Visionary
    Reader KP:362

    ahhh, really good and wholesome if you exclude the occasional dose of depression

    17 days ago Reply
  • Visionary
    Reader KP:362

    You bait me with a western theme, only to end up with weird korean words, ahhh, I will remember this

    19 days ago Reply
  • Dyutiman
    Reader KP:23

    ngl... It's really a wholesome novel... It's a good read although translation at some parts are really confusing... Go for it😊👍👍

    25 days ago Reply
  • Charbel02
    Reader KP:408

    10/10 One of my favorite stories of all time, It's placed right next to Overlord in my mind's bookshelf. Basically the Mc and the Fl start off as friends who know each other so well in a game world they got transported into. They cheese their way to save the world from the coming disasters while slowly changing from being "reincarnated into a game as character A or B" to "I am A or B and I just remember my past life" The transition as they grow as people is so well written and the romance is amazing honestly. The best part for me was how the duo synergies so well with each other. The fighting scenes are amazing, the world building is great and not just info dumbs, they get nothing that they don't use or don't have a role in the plot and by the end of it everything makes sense, from whatever was said in the first chapters to the last, everything gets connected together. The ending was amazing and it left me wanting to read more of the duo's adventures.

    1 months ago Reply
    • Sumer
      Reader KP:2495

      Write a review! You convinced me to read this~~ i will start reading it hohoho

      29 days ago Reply
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  • leliel
    Reader KP:803

    I finished it and the ending is so satisfying 😌 Jude and Cordelia are really to each other

    1 months ago Reply
  • Nexoo
    Reader KP:4

    When do the romance starts

    1 months ago Reply
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  • Ha283828
    Reader KP:42

    I wish there was more. This one just kept giving and giving. One of the best here. I hope there will be more side stories.

    1 months ago Reply