Ending Maker
Chapter 0: PROLOGUE


[Outboxer009 has logged in]

Romantic Cat: Oh, the stagnant water is here.

Outboxer009: Aren’t we all stagnant water that are already rotting in this unimportant game? Why are you guys still playing here? It’s been more than 10 years since this game was launched.

(Translator’s Notes [T/N]:Stagnant water(고인물) is a Korean slang used by the younger generations. It means that someone has played a certain game for a long time that they’ve mastered the game.

Rotting/rotten wateris an extreme version ofstagnant water, meaning the stagnant water has pooled for too long that it had gone bad/rotten.Rotten wateris higher in level thanstagnant water, meaning they have spent time far longer thanstagnant water, and are considered game pros, legends, or veterans.)

Source:Korean Slang of the Day -Reddit

Cowabunga:Look in the mirror first and ask yourself.

Outboxer009 – Kang Jin-ho laughed at the reply that came from beyond the screen monitor.

Legend of Heroes 2.

It has already been 10 years since the game was launched, and a third installment was even released. However, it was still a classic game among veteran players.

But why do people play games that are more than 10 years old?

‘Because it’s fun.’

What other reasons do they need to play the game?

In fact, there was one more decisive reason.

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Kang Jin-ho was one of the longest-playing users ofLegend of Heroes 2– No, he has reached the highest level and gained status as a rotten water. He was a ranker.

And in this chat room, there was one more rotten water who as bad as Kang Jin-ho.

Yellow Storm: Are you here, Boxer? Are you ready to come down to 2ndplace?

Outboxer009: Oh, you’re still dreaming? Please, don’t even look up at trees that you can’t climb.

Yellow Storm: Bullsh*t. This time, I’ll be first place.

Outboxer009: Yes, yes. Everyone has the freedom to dream. You’re allowed to dream.

Romantic Cat: Both of you shut up. This month’s rankings are up.

Legend of Heroes 2announced server rankings every month by adding up various points earned in the game such as time attacks. And this leaderboard that has been running for a long time has become the battlefield for the rotten waters.

[1stPlace: Outboxer009 – 315,234,999 points] [23 months in a row!]

[2ndPlace: Yellow Storm – 315,234,125 points] [22 months in a row!]


Yellow Storm: F*ck! Wht the f*ck is tis? Is this brokenn!

AAA: Look at all the typos. You must have had a mental breakdown.

Romantic Cat: I think I can hear the sound of trembling!

It seemed like he could really hear a trembling sound. After swallowing nervously and then sighing in relief at seeing the results, Kang Jin-ho burst out into laughter from the depth of his lungs.

Outboxer009: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Did you see it?

Outboxer009: You’re eternally 2ndplace! E etc.! Second-class! Number 2!

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Yellow Storm: sdlkghiosdghsodighsdighiofsdoighiosd

AAA: Oh, it’s here. Mental breakdown.

Cowabunga: It’s more fun to tease because he reacts like that. *shakes head*

Outboxer009: Ah, it was fun. I’m going to have a good night’s sleep. Good night to you too, Yellow second-class. Try harder next month.

Yellow Storm: Hey! Why is the difference between us only 800 points?!

Outboxer009: Right. I don’t know why you couldn’t get that 874 points. Ah, is this the difference between 1stand 2ndplace?

Yellow Storm: The use of abusive language is subject to sanctions.

Yellow Storm: The use of abusive language is subject to sanctions.

Yellow Storm: The use of abusive language is subject to sanctions.

Yellow Storm: The use of abusive language is subject to sanctions.

Yellow Storm: F*** is an exclamation, not a curse!

Outboxer009: Anyway, I’m going to sleep. Good night. Dream of me ♥

Yellow Storm: The use of abusive language is subject to sanctions.

A few minutes later…

When a new conversation did not appear in the chat room, the other rotten waters holding popcorn in one hand and watching the monthly event started to speak again.

Romantic Cat: What, did they really go to bed?

Cowabunga: Did Norfolk go to bed? Doesn’t he have any other words?

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T/N: Norfolk came from baseball player, Yoon Suk-min’s nickname, “Norfolk Wars”. Yoon was in a “war” with another Korean baseball player, and he was losing in the war while he was at the Norfolk Tides baseball team. So, Yellow Storm is “Norfolk”, as she had lost the war in the server rankings. More info about Norfolk can be found before the start of episode 8.


AAA: They’re permanently first and second place in order together. Like a married couple that grows old together.

Cowabunga: It’ll be published as a dark BL novel.

AAA: Oh, shit. I imagined it.

Romantic Cat: What happened? I don’t know about Boxer, but if it’s Norfolk, it’s normal for him to act rashly and talk nonsense. Did the two of them really go to bed?




[Outboxer009 has logged out.]

[Yellow Storm has logged out.]



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[Kang Jin-ho has entered Pleaides.]

[Hong Yoo Hee has entered Pleiades.]

Ending Maker Chapter 0: PROLOGUE
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