Epic of Caterpillar
Chapter 1696: Unsealing Supreme Divinities!




Obviously, do I need to even say it?

All Points to Divinity! I want all my powers back as soon as possible!


[You have exchanged 420 Stat Points, you gained +8400 Divinity!]

[Your Divinity has been increased tremendously!]

[Your Divinity has surpassed 10000 Points!]

[You acquired the [Divine Entity: Lv1] Title Skill!]

[The power of several Skills are reacting to this Title and the over ten thousand Divinity Points!]

[You have recovered 2 Origin Fragments!]

[Your power has been enhanced tremendously; your Soul has taken shape into your former one by 20%!]

[The [Primordial Sealed Power: Lv--] and the [Sealed Primordial Chaos Supreme Goddess: Lv--] Skills has been… Unsealed!]

Wait what?! Unsealed?! No fucking way!


Suddenly, an enormous power surged from within my very Origin!

Originally, my Origin was completely destroyed and when I was reincarnated here, it recovered with a small, tiny bit of it!

However, now, I suddenly gained two parts of it, becoming a third of what it originally was.

Naturally, I gained 20% of the power within the original Soul I held. My soul became a hundred times, if not hundreds of times larger and stronger!

And additionally…

Crack… crack…!

I heard the sound of countless shackles being broken, shattered into pieces, slowly.

Bit by bit!



All shackles were broken, these two sealed Skills were unsealed, and their primordial power… merged!


[The [Primordial Sealed Power: Lv--] Skill and the [Sealed Primordial Chaos Supreme Goddess: Lv--] have merged together into the [Primordial Power: Supreme Goddess of Chaos and Demise: Lv1]! Unique Skill!]

[You acquired the [Supreme Divinity Of Chaos and Demise: Lv1] Title Skill!]

[The [Divine Entity: Lv1] Skill has been merged into it!]

[Primordial Power: Supreme Goddess of Chaos and Demise: Lv1]

A Special Unique Skill only granted to the one and only Supreme Goddess of Chaos and Demise which has awakened her former powers… to an extent! The higher the level of the Skill, the power such powers can be channeled, and all stats rise accordingly. New Powers, Skills, and Abilities will surge as well as old ones will awaken.

Old and new powers will converge, and not only will the user merely awaken its former self's strength, but awaken it further, enhance it, improve it, and become stronger than ever before. Enhances All Stats by +100% and all Skills and Magic Effects and Power by +100%, with an additional +20% of each respective category with each Skill Level.

This Skill will level automatically through the enhancement of the Divinity Stat.

[Supreme Divinity Of Chaos and Demise: Lv1]

A Special Title granted to the one and only Supreme Goddess of Chaos and Demise, Kireina. It possess the innate ability to enhance the Power and Effects of Divine Aura, Daos, and Divinities by +100% with an additional +20% with each Skill Level. Grants the Chaos and Demise types to all divinity-related powers, skills, and magic. All related powers can be used with more ease. And new Skills and Powers can now be unlocked more easily… as long as Divinity is enhanced. Additionally, grants the [God Devourer] effect to all attacks and enhances their damage dealt by +150%.

[You awakened the [Destruction and Creation] and [All Consumption] Divine Authorities!]

[You awakened the [Demonic Sins] and [Path Jewels] Daos!]

[The Specia Effects of the Dao of [Path Jewels] has been activated!]

[You can now Summon one random [Path Jewel] that you once possessed!]

Yes! YES! Keep it coming baby!


[Your Daos have developed tremendously alongside your new enhanced Origin and Awakened Divine Power; all Daos have enhanced their power by One Grade!]

[The Dao of Summons is reacting! You can now Summon a THIRD Maxima Summon!]


"I am back on the fucking game, baby!"

I laughed manically. The Wyverns flying in the sky menacingly suddenly froze in utter fear as they witnessed my newly awakened divine powers. The sky and the ground below trembled constantly, everything started becoming more and more chaotic!

My pals, of course, were terrified shitless!

"W-What the fuck?!" Asked Sol.

"T-This amazing power…!?" Luminous muttered. "Wait… it can't be!"

"Kireina?! What the heck happened?! I knew you were powerful but this is… are you just distorting space and time right now?!" Fiere asked.

"All hail our goddess!" Ariant cried.

"Please have mercy on my soul…" Eriant said.

"That power…" Frank looked back at me a smile surged on his face as he quickly figured out what I had done. "I see! So this Soul Book thing is even giving you back your powers?"

"Heh, more than just that!" I laughed.

My body unleashed such a powerful aura of pure chaos that it erupted into the skies, generating a gigantic black beam to reach the sky and turn it all black! The wyverns suddenly got so scared they tried to run away, and there were a few thousands of them flocking over us, they were scared!

"Oh no, you're all flying EXP bags, you're not going anywhere! [Divine Authority of Primordial Chaos] + [Dao of Demise] + [Divine Authority of Creation and Destruction] + [Divine Domain] + [Abyssal Dream Domain] = [Divine Technique]: [Abyssal Nightmare Gluttony Domain]!"


My MP began to be spent rapidly as I suddenly conjured a gigantic Domain in the shape of a bubble made out of pure chaos and nightmares, trapping my prey within!

"You know? In my previous life, I always had to use a Domain… My prey often runs away from me the moment they spot me…" I said with a smile, as my entire body had already changed its shape.

I was now even part of the Domain itself, turning myself into a gigantic mass of abyssal primordial chaos and nightmares, spiraling like a walking black hole with countless red eyes and jaws, and tentacles everywhere!

"Everyone, this is my actual true form! You either love it or hate it!"

"T-This is… So you were always… a Supreme Goddess…?!" Luminous asked in disbelief.

"She was not lying at all…" Sol said.

"Ah, now I feel dumb when we doubted her…" Fiere sighed.




Chapter 1696: Unsealing Supreme Divinities!
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