Epic of Caterpillar
Chapter 1698: A Flock Of Overpowered Wyverns




[Race]: [Black Miasmic Mountain Wyvern Tyrant]

[Status]: [Furious] [Brainwashed]

[Rank]: [B+]

[Level]: [27/60]

[HP]: [29600/29600]

[MP]: [25600/25600]

[Strength]: [30600]

[Agility]: [28600]

[Vitality]: [21200]

[Intelligence]: [22700]

[Dexterity]: [29600]

[Divinity]: [1500]

[Passive Skills]

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[Unique Skills]: [Super Hardened Dragon Scales: Lv1] [Poison Element: Lv--] [Darkness Element: Lv--] [Miasma Boost: Lv10] [All Stat Enhancement: Lv5]

[Body Skills]: [Reinforced Dragon Scales: Lv10] [Extrasensory Senses: Lv8] [Sharp Sight: Lv8] [Dragon Claws: Lv10] [Dragon Tail: Lv10] [Dragon Jaws: Lv10]

[Resistance Skills]: [Physical Damage Resistance: Lv8] [Magic Damage Resistance: Lv8] [Sunlight Resistance: Lv10] [Thirst Resistance: Lv10] [Hunger Resistance: Lv10] [All Element Resistance: Lv5]

[Active Skills]

[Physical Skills]: [Deadly Draconic Bite: Lv10] [Abyssal Fire Dragon Breath: Lv10] [Super Enhanced Draconic Body: Lv10] [Abyssal Wyvern Physique: Lv10] [Sonic Flight: Lv10]

[Magical Skills]: [Poison Bullet: Lv10] [Shadow Bullet: Lv8] [Shadow Spear Arrows: Lv7] [Poison Sea: Lv7] [Mana Sense: Lv10] [Call Ally: Lv8]

[Title Skills]

[Unique Title Skills]: [Wyvern Soldier: Lv10] [Abyssal Breath Attacker: Lv8] [Scaled Monstrosity: Lv7]


A giant Black Wyvern of the Mountains of the Ankh Desert. It feeds on anything it sees and obeys the Black Dragon King, a powerful Black Wyvern that evolved into a corrupted, evil dragon that governs them all like a King. Wyverns become their drones like this one, a loyal soldier that gathers food. It possess a deadly breath that can poison and even melt foes in seconds, deadly claws that pierce through anything and destructive jaws that can crush it all. Their usual size is of over thirty meters each and can grow up to a hundred in the oldest ones.

These were the stats of my new dinner, and they looked very healthy! They had gone crazed as they were infected with the Miasma of the Genie, and after overcoming their fear, they had gone berserk. A flock quickly flew to my side, and without further wasting time, I quickly decided to try out my newest Ability within the Path Jewel I had summoned!

"Now… [Abyssal Maws of Endless Devouring]!"


Suddenly, I felt my MP being utilized, as my entire body shapeshifted, gathering within the primordial power of the Sin of Gluttony. The Divine Authority automatically activated here, alongside the Mighty Caterpillar Bite Skill!

The enormous jaws of a grotesque insect emerged out of my own soul, made out of shadows and red energy converging together and materializing, and quickly grasping the Wyvern flock!


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The Black Wyverns struggled to free themselves, but it was futile! In mere seconds, their bodies were quickly devoured, bitten, and torn to shreds, and then swallowed by me.


Only blood splattered everywhere, and a few bits of their flesh and guts.

Using Mana and Health Drain together, I quickly regained a lot of MP from that alone, the other wyverns flying towards me were steadily devoured, as I continued using the Ability without restrains!







Their agonizing roars were like music to my auditory senses, as I continued flying around devouring it all, trapping them between my abyssal soul phantasmal tentacles and continuing to devour more and more!

The power of Devour even ignored measly things such as elemental weaknesses or resistances, it simply ate with overpowering, almighty strength that could not easily be defied!

Frank looked in shock at what he saw, as I continued devouring things steadily. Over fifty Wyverns died in just a few seconds, and I was coming for more!

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"Incredible… But I am not going to let you gather all the EXP now…!"

Frank's body erupted with Divine Powers converging with his amazing Cosmic Power. The Half-Overseer boy had incredible abilities related with the Cosmos, Stars, and the Cosmic power he possessed. A wave of his hand quickly summoned countless of tiny stars as they shone brightly, firing golden lasers that filled the Wyverns with holes in mere seconds, dozens dying on the spot!

As Frank saw the Wyverns explode into pieces, he smiled, quickly checking his Status.

"Oh, ten levels in one go? Wait, I am still leveling!" He said in surprise. "Leveling became rather hard with my own System as I've become too strong, but this Soul Book sees me as something weak based in the Status, so I keep leveling… The Level Cap is 40, huh? I will get to it and see what happens next!" Frank smiled, he seemed to be obsessed with the Soul Book already.

He covered his body with Cosmic Starlight as he resembled a flashing star, piercing through the bodies of the wyverns while suddenly summoning two weapons, an enormous black sword emanating a demonic and cosmic aura and a golden, yellow-colored spear emanating a holy aura.

Such powerful weapons were not Egos, but were very high ranked Divine Weapons! With them, he easily made a quick work with the monsters in front of us, slicing them apart one after the other, explosions of cosmic and starlight essence spreading across the skies.


I saw the rest of my Party, as they were doing an amazing job. Without realizing, I had given them buffs to their stats by merely existing. Is this… did I just blessed them? They seemed to have gained a sudden boost to their power, and their natural attacks were even capable of draining miasma and weakening our foes!

"I have leveled a lot but… Why do I feel so powerful now?! Ah! What the… 10K Bonus to all my Stats?" Luminous wondered. "And why do I feel something within the very depths of my soul slowly awakening?! My very divinity is expanding as well!"

However, Luminous was developing a lot, and was already getting to the point where he was beginning to give birth to a Dao inside of his soul, in fact, in any moment from now!


However, as if the souls of the defeated wyverns made the enemy stronger. The other wyverns that survived suddenly started to mutate, leveling all the way to Rank A-! And out of nowhere, their stats grossly gained several bonuses to them! Is this the doing of the Genie?

…Or something else?




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