The combined might of Skadi and Uller together as a single weapon as not something that could be laughed at. He lowered his guard as the fool he was, leaving his guard wide open for my slashing blow!

His entire body was quickly sliced in two perfect halves. As he gritted his dragon jaws in fury and pain, trying to reconnect both of his halves as both wounds suddenly grew countless tendrils and blood to unify one another.

"I won't let you!"


I quickly tried to slice him apart even more, but the bastard's blood suddenly emerged from within his body and shapeshifted, suddenly turning into endless monsters, dragons, and vampires he had devoured in the past, materializing out of his very blood and attacking me viciously!

I had to tank countless hits while slicing them apart, freezing them, and then shattering them into icy bits one slash at a time. By the time I made it to the Dragon, both of his halves were unified once ore, and his blood flowed towards me like an ocean.

"[Primordial Blood Sea]! [Blood Thunderstorm]! [Shadow World]!"

He conjured three powerful Spells at the same time, conjuring a gigantic sea of blood which he combined with the thunderstorm to generate a gigantic catastrophe that swallowed me whole.


In a mere second, I found myself drowning in this sea of blood as I saw shadows emerging from everywhere, devouring my entire being and suddenly sending me to a pocket dimension within Sangre's shadows!

This was the Unique Skill: Vampire Progenitor's Ability [Shadow World]! This only means one thing, Sangre also has the Unique Skill too! Is this why I wasn't able to force him to surrender either? I guess Vampires holding such unique skills are immune to some of their power.

And of course, because Sangre is stronger, he just became completely immune to my powers in that regard. The only true way to defeat him is by crushing his soul, perhaps. But can I even do this like I did it before? I have to admit it, I feel exhausted!

And the darkness keeps devouring my entire body and soul. I feel like drowning in an endless sea of darkness and despair…

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"Damn it…!"

His red eyes emerged across the darkness, glaring down at me.

"Did you ever thought you could stand a chance? This is the difference in power between a Rank 10 and a Rank 9." He said with a mocking voice. "You're not even Rank 9 Peak Stage even… our difference in power is not only a whole Rank, but perhaps two!" He laughed mockingly. "Your powers are amazing, and you're certainly strong… But you've not grown fast enough, even with everything you've struggled!"

Sangre continued speaking, while I started… doing something.

"Now, I will gladly devour your soul, body, and drink your delicious blood! I will absorb your powers through my Unique Skill: Vampire Progenitor and attain your powerful bloodline! I will become the strongest! GRAHAHAHA!" Sangre began to celebrate.

I struggled, fighting back with every divine ability or attack I had. My Divine Spirits were already utterly exhausted, and Skadi and Uller were shattering into pieces. The sea of blood and darkness continued to consume me, my entire being fading away with it…

"Nnnggh…! No…! Not yet…!"

As I continued to struggle against impossible odds, Sangre continued laughing.

"Yes, scream! Show me your despair! There's no more hope now! You've utterly lost from the very beginning… Hahaha… I've won! Victory is MINE! I WIN!"

Sangre celebrated victory.


"Good grief. You think you've won, haven't you?"


His eyes glared down at my confidence, wondering what was up with my mind.

"You've utterly lost now, you're mine to devour. What's there to pretend? Are you utterly delusional?" He asked with a mocking smile.

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"Oh yeah? Look at your soul again." I smiled back.

"My soul…?" Sangre looked into his soul.

And then…


An enormous hole appeared on it.

"W-What?! What did you do?! WHEN?!"

He began to panic, as my body quickly dissolved within his shadow world and sea of blood combination.

"I am not dead yet."

I whispered into his very soul.

"Huh?! W-What is this?!"

He quickly found me within his soul, latched like a parasite!

I could feel it, I could sense it!

He was utterly terrified now.

And it was all thanks to one handy ability…

[Soul Parasite (S)]

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The Ability that only Masters of Soul Manipulation can utilize. By shaping and imbuing divine power into the user's soul, it is possibly to parasitize a foe's soul through special Soul Techniques and other Extreme Methods. Parasitizing a Soul comes with several benefits and aftereffects as well as great dangers.

Once a Soul is Parasitized, if the Will of the Parasitized Soul is strong, a battle of Wills will ensue, the winning Will shall devour the other and assimilate both souls together. However, this Divine Ability is naturally created to facilitate this process.

Enhances Soul Power, Soul Resiliency, and Soul Regeneration by +150% while Parasitizing another Soul. Facilitates the Extraction and Absorption of Divine Power from the parasitized soul, while lowering all the Soul Stats of the Parasitized Soul by -60%.

When merged with my ability to divide my soul and body apart and create clones that are virtually still me, a very funny power comes out… something that keeps me alive even when my entire body and even my soul is destroyed.

And now, I will keep devouring his soul and use his power to multiply my soul and body cells, and completely reconstruct myself once more!



Sangre began to scream in agony as his soul and body were being devoured endlessly!


He was panicking.


However, my soul parasitism continued to expand across his body, he couldn't fight back against it, he could only scream!

His soul continued to be devoured, as I continued to regain my power and quickly strengthen it even more!


However, something suddenly happened!

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