Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy
Chapter 1117: Fighting the Girls

"Wh-what are you saying?" the pink-haired girl asked. She blinked a few times, slightly blushing as well.

"Acting coy, huh? You're a pro for sure," Alex said. "Is this how you catch your victim?"

The dark-skinned girl came to attack at the same time, but Alex easily blocked her attacks before sending her backward.

'I can't kill her normally,' he realized. His attacks were strong, but even if he used his sword aura, he wasn't sure that he could hurt her at all.

Her physical body was almost as strong as her cultivation base, and together, they were quickly strong.

The pink-haired girl looked like she was about to cry. She even dropped a few tears as she looked at Alex. "I can't believe you called me an assassin just because I was trying to get you two to stop fighting," she said.

"Is that so?" Alex asked. "If that's the case, then you won't mind if your friend here dies, will you?"

Midnight appeared on his hand and Alex used the skill on the sword without hesitation. Yin energy flowed into the blade as it was suddenly filled with a Death and Darkness aura.

God Rending Death Blade came striking down at the dark-skinned girl, but the pink-haired girl didn't move at all. She made absolutely no sign of helping at all, surprising Alex and almost making him think that he had made the wrong assumption.

However, just then a strong gust of wind struck him from the other side, smashing him into the wall to the side. The wind was strong enough that it ripped off the robe he was wearing and showed the blood armor that he had underneath.

"Dammit, not another robe," Alex said as he slowly got up from the ground. However, before he was fully standing, a green blur caught up to him and a wing blade struck his blood armor.

The attack wasn't strong enough to leave any dent in the armor itself, but it was definitely strong enough to weaken the strength of his blood aura, even if just by a little bit.

"What the hell?" Alex shouted as he teleported to the side and looked at the green blur that returned to becoming just a human.

"You too?" Alex asked, exasperated when he saw the third and final girl in the room attack him as well.

"Of course," the girl said.

"Ahhh!" Alex finally realized. "You're the girl I met on the first day, weren't you? The one that gave me an ultimatum. What happened to that by the way? 2 months passed, but you didn't come to ask me for any answer at all. I was even planning on giving you a written answer, carved directly onto your body with my sword."

The girl frowned. "You were right," she spoke to the dark-skinned girl. "He's definitely strong. "Xue Mei, come. We're killing him together."

"Okay!" the pink-haired girl said as she softly ran toward the other two, her breasts freely bouncing as she did so.

She turned to look at Alex and gave a shy smile. "Like what you see?"

"No, not really," Alex said. "If you think I'm going to think you are pretty when you're literally trying to kill me, you must've been around a lot of weirdos. Or worse yet, you yourself are one."

The girl's smile faded a little and she was about to bite back when the green-robed girl looked at her. "Don't forget the mission," she said.

The pink-haired girl looked at the green-robed girl and cowered a bit. That was expected, however, as the green-robed girl seemed to be a Saint Soul realm cultivator.

'That's… going to be tough,' Alex thought as she finally revealed her cultivation base.

"We'll be done with this mission right here and now," the green-robed girl said. The other girls nodded.

Suddenly, they attacked again.

The dark-skinned girl moved first, hurling in with her body cultivation. The pink-haired girl did something to use a technique that was certainly a mental attack of some sort.

Her charms weren't working like they were supposed to, and instead, they were only hurting Alex.

The third girl, the strongest one, didn't move at all until she did. Her very first burst of movement came at such a terrifying speed that it barely even registered to Alex's demon eyes.

He barely managed to move his head to the side as a small dagger cut his cheek and part of his ear. Alex quickly realized that there was something bad about her movement technique that he couldn't understand at all.

He quickly crafted a helmet as well and reacted just in time when the clone girl attacked him.

Without hesitation, he let a terrible fire out of his palm, burning her while she was close. The green-robed girl tried to help, but before she could, something exploded next to her, sending her flying toward the wall in the distance.

The pink-haired girl was caught in the attack too and was knocked back as well.

Alex looked towards the dark-skinned girl and used all his intent to make the fire burn hotter and hotter. The girl shouted in pain, but for some reason, she didn't die at all.

At the same time, a carnivorous plant grew from the ground and ate her completely. Alex was surprised that he lost connection with his flames.

Another such plant grew out from next to the green-robed girl, which spits out the charred dark-skinned girl she was completely burnt, but was somehow alive, albeit shouting out of her mind with the pain.

The green-robed girl pulled out a pill and threw it onto the burnt girl's mouth who quickly swallowed it. She healed, albeit not completely, and was ready to fight again.

Alex got ready to burn them all, and so were the girls ready to fight when suddenly something appeared.

The tower's spirit appeared in between them and looked at each other.

"I have noticed that you are trying to kill each other, even though that is not allowed in the tower," the spirit said. "Can I take it as admission to the fact that you wish to duel each other to the death?"

"Yes," Alex said without hesitation.

The green-robed girl was about to agree too when the dark-skinned girl stopped her. "No, the last time I agreed, that thing took me to someplace else where he killed me. He must be planning something, which is why he is agreeing so easily."

The green-robed girl nodded her head. "No, we won't go anywhere," she said.

"Then will you please not fight? If you kill someone, I will have to disqualify you," the spirit said.

"That's alright," the girls said.

Alex frowned. That's not how this conversation was supposed to go at all. The girls were supposed to accept and he was going to fight them freely, without holding back at all, unlike what he had been doing until now.

"Spirit, you're screwing me over again," Alex said.

"But Master White Tiger, they don't want to fight at all, so we can't hold a duel," the spirit said.

"Of course, they want to fight me," Alex said. "They are here to kill me."

"They said no, so I can't help you," the spirit said as it disappeared.

Alex looked with wide eyes and the girls were surprised as well.

"Let's kill him quickly before that thing returns," the pink-haired girl said.

The green-haired girl nodded. "I will fight him, you two work on distracting him," she said.

"Got it, sister Li," the pink-haired girl said.

The green-robed girl turned into a blur again, barely being seen at all to the normal eyes. Even Alex's eyes were having a hard time following her as she appeared right in front of him.

He tried to react in time by cutting the space where she stood, but before he could do that, the girl suddenly vanished.

Everyone was confused, but then a second later they vanished as well.

Alex arrived at a different room with the girls while the Spirit stood next to them with a smile.

"How was my acting, Master White Tiger? These girls were certainly deceived into falling for my trap, weren't they?" he asked.

Alex looked at him with a weird look on his face. "What trap?" he asked.

"I acted like I was gone so they would fight you, and in doing so accept your duel. That is what—"

An attack passed through the spirit's body.

"— you wanted right?" the spirit asked.

Alex hesitated to say that his acting was very stupid and totally not required, but since he had helped him, he said nothing of that sort. "Thank you, that was much appreciated," he said.

"Of course, anything for you, Master White Tiger," the spirit said and slowly turned around to the green-robed girl who just attacked him.

"Little girl, I am an Immortal spirit. Mere attacks from a mortal won't do anything to hurt me at all," he said. "I suggest you try not to anger me."

The girl slowly backed away as the Spirit's words terrified her. She couldn't imagine just powerful an Immortal spirit would be.

"Anyway, this is the 44th floor, so no one should be coming here for a while. Have fun with your duel. Bye," the spirit said as it disappeared again.

Alex looked at the three girls and prepared to fight when something caught his eye from the corner of his vision.

His spiritual sense hadn't noticed it, but when he turned to look in that general direction, he saw cracks in space that slowly tore away more than just the walls of the room they were in.

And that was not all.

In those cracks, Alex could see multiple head-sized holes that gave him a clear view of what was past those cracks.

The world of silver and purple.

The Void.

Chapter 1117: Fighting the Girls
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