Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 27: I Want to Slaughter Yue Tingfeng! 1

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Miss Mai’s hand stopped midair. Yan Qingsi’s words were like a stab to the heart. Miss Mai replied, “You’re right, it’s unbearable, so we’ll work hard. When your anger reaches boiling point, we’ll see if anyone dares to step on your head.”

Yan Qingsi giggled. “You’re right. When I’ve reached breaking point, I’ll f*cking kill them all…”

Plump though she was, Miss Mai was known for her swift and decisive temperament.

The next evening, she arranged a meeting with her old friend and brought Yan Qingsi along. It was held in a hotpot shop that received an investment from a celebrity in the showbiz milieu.

Miss Mai told Yan Qingsi. “My friend had some good news for us the other day. She said that she received an unexpected investment from a big corporation. Money isn’t a problem now. There’s no need to fret about the publicity too. We don’t have anything to be worried about for this role.”

A nod from Yan Qingsi.

The old friend that Miss Mai spoke of was a female director, whose surname was Cai. At forty-years-old, the extremely slender Cai Lanyuan sported a bob and wore glasses, exuding the grace and charm of an artsy character.

She was stunned when she laid eyes on Yan Qingsi. “Oh, Lao Mai, you really do have an ace up your sleeve. No wonder you were brave enough to leave the agency.”

Miss Mai replied, “I’m broke and I only have one actress with me. It’s all in your hands.”

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Yan Qingsi dressed herself up with much elegance, albeit at the expense of her allure, which was dimmed somewhat. She greeted politely, “Director Cai, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Yan Qingsi. I hope you’ll let me learn from you.”

“No problem, no problem. Anyone that catches Lao Mai’s eye will never be inferior.”

Miss Mai and Director Cai were longtime friends, and because there were no outsiders at the table, they spoke freely and casually.

Intent on lending Miss Mai a helping hand, Director Cai turned to Yan Qingsi. “The film editor and screenwriter will be joining us in a bit, just in time for you to meet them.”

“Alright. I’m grateful,” Yan Qingsi said.

Not long later, the film editor and screenwriter arrived. A smile was already prepared on Yan Qingsi’s face when she stood up, but it disappeared instantly upon recognizing a third person behind the two.

Director Cai stood up at once. “CEO Yue, you’re having dinner here too?”

Yue Tingfeng gave a friendly smile. “I met Mr. Wang just now and heard that you were having a meal here, so I thought I’d come to say hi.”

Director Cai introduced him to Miss Mai and Yan Qingsi. “Let me introduce him to you. This here’s Yue Tingfeng. Mr. Yue’s the one who invested in the movie.”

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In all her life, Director Cai never would have imagined that the Yue clan would invest in a movie whose cast and crew were relative unknowns. Even more surprising was the fact that the Yue family’s young master came to greet them as though he was an ordinary citizen. The entire sequence of events felt dreamlike.

Yan Qingsi was practically struggling to contain herself from tearing Yue Tingfeng’s face apart.

Heh, Yue Tingfeng? The Yue family’s young master? Coming to that kind of place to have a meal? Bullsh*t.

No wonder Miss Mai said that Director Cai managed to secure financial backing on that very day—it was from none other than Yue Tingfeng.

Yan Qingsi was really curious as to what he was up to.

Her unease was quickly spotted by Miss Mai after the latter greeted Yue Tingfeng. She tugged on Yan Qingsi’s clothes and whispered, “Qingsi.”

Without missing a beat, Yan Qingsi flashed her signature smile. It was a perfect one, just like the kind that should be present in one’s face when meeting a stranger for the first time.

She said, “Mr. Yue. It’s nice to meet you. I’m…Yan Qingsi.”

Yue Tingfeng’s pinkish thin lips curled up. “Nice to meet you, Miss Yan.

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He extended his hand.

She gnashed her teeth in anger and finally realized how much the Yan family truly hated her.

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