Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 43: Crying Will Not Avenge Her 2

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Tang Yuyao’s heart was in conflict. She studied the photos in her hand—the cold, hard evidence. She thought of the years they spent together with only each other to rely on. Her sister dropped out of university so that she could fund Tang Yuyao’s studies.

Tang Yuyao made her decision. “I… I… I understand.”

A second envelope landed in her lap. “Yan Songnan’s personal details, memorize them. Seducing men requires skills. Learn from the tutorial.”

“How do I contact you after this?”

“Do not contact me. If the need arises, I will reach out to you.”


After Tang Yuyao had left, Yan Qingsi stayed on in Central Square, unmoving.

She felt so evil, pulling in an innocent lady like Tang Yuyao into her complicated revenge scheme.

In the end, the plan had been set in motion and she had nothing to regret.

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Sympathy was not something she needed.

Yan Qingsi got up to leave. Some skateboarding youths whistled at her as she walked past.

She scanned the crowd and something caught her eye. She grinned and thought, ‘God really is on my side.’

Yan Qingsi squinted her eyes at the attractive youth skateboarding a distance away. “Yan! Ming! Xiu!” she enunciated.

It just so happened that her stepbrother, Yan Mingxiu, was among the youths. He was her brother from a different mother and the treasured son of the Yan family.

Yan Qingsi laughed at her good fortune.

Later, she took out a brow blade from her pocket. Bringing a blade was a wise decision.

She walked to the carpark off to the side of the plaza.

Yan Mingxiu loved motorized vehicles ever since he was a child. Ye Lingzhi spoiled him rotten and only bought the best for him.

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Among the rows of mountain bikes and electric cars, there was a Harley motorbike that stood out.

Yan Qingsi checked that the coast was clear and walked quickly over to the motorbike.

The business was over in a flash. As Yan Qingsi turned to leave, she saw a luxurious car drove by the road two meters away.

In the car, Yue Tingfeng caught a glimpse of Yan Qingsi’s hateful eyes. They were filled with hatred, poison, and evil… It was as if all the world’s evil was concentrated in them.

Yue Tingfeng did not consider himself a good man but faced with those eyes, he felt his back grow cold.

Yue Tingfeng shouted, “Stop the car.”

Yue Tingfeng ran down from the car but Yan Qingsi was nowhere to be seen.

Although she wore a cap and a face mask, Yue Tingfeng could identify her at first glance. There was no hesitation on his part.

What was she doing in that getup so late at night?

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Yue Tingfeng was suspicious. He carried his doubts back into the car. Before the car pulled away, he saw that Yan Mingxiu had walked to the parking shed and brought out his motorbike.

Yue Tingfeng squinted his eyes. ‘Just now… Yan Qingsi stopped in front of that particular motorbike. What did she do?’

“Follow him,” Yue Tingfeng ordered the driver.

“Yes sir.” The driver obeyed.

Around ten minutes later, Yue Tingfeng was witness to an accident. Yan Mingxiu appeared to have lost control of his motorbike and did not stop for the red light. It was a head-on collision between the motorbike and an SUV at the junction.

As for Yan Mingxiu, his body was tossed high up into the air before landing heavily on the road. He laid unconscious on the scene, with blood pooling beneath him.

Everything was clear to Yue Tingfeng now. His lips curled into a smirk.

Those almond-shaped eyes twinkled with excitement in the dark night.

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