Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 78: I Don’t Fancy That Man

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After the excitement, Miss Mai said, “Then again, Xue Zheng was pretty beat up. I heard she had a concussion in her brain and her face was so badly scratched that she’s nearly disfigured.”

To Yan Qingsi, that was not a worthy consideration. “She’s lucky Yan Mingzhu didn’t kill her for sleeping with Luo Jinchuan. You have no idea how important Luo Jinchuan is to her.”

“Then why did you…”

Yan Qingsi shrugged her shoulders. “Yes, I did seduce Luo Jinchuan, but don’t worry about him. I don’t fancy him at all. Anything to do with Yan Mingzhu is utter rubbish.”

Yan Qingsi did not take a liking to Luo Jinchuan, but he was the love of Yan Mingzhu’s life. Luo Jinchuan was the fastest and most convenient way to get revenge on the Yan family.

In short, it could be summed up in one sentence—’This b*tch is seducing your man, what are you gonna do about it?’

“Aren’t you afraid that Luo Jinchuan would tell the Yan family that you’re back?” Miss Mai asked.

“Why should I be afraid? If Luo Jinchuan decides he doesn’t want any dignity, he can say that and tell the Yan family that he likes his girlfriend’s sister.”

“You’re really…”

Miss Mai felt that if one were to offend anyone at all, it best not be Yan Qingsi.

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Doing so would result in a horrible demise.

“If you don’t like Luo Jinchuan, then…what about Yue Tingfeng?”

“Him?” Yan Qingsi paused for a moment. “He isn’t any better than Luo Jinchuan.”

Yan Qingsi accepted the role in Director Feng’s Beauty’s Rival in Palace. Miss Mai would sign the contract on the next day.

Jin Xuechu’s MV was facing some difficulties so the shooting had to be halted temporarily. Yan Qingsi got her luggage in order and had to rush to Jing City’s filming location, where she would join the rest of the cast and prepare for the shoot.

On the day she was due to leave, Jin Xuechu came to the residential area and bumped into Yan Qingsi.

She told him, “I’m rushing to a shoot in Jing City. Let me know whenever your MV is going to continue filming. I’ll come back immediately.”

Jin Xuechu’s face was somewhat lethargic. He nodded and smiled. “Alright then, when the time comes, you’d better not decline and tell me that your price has gone up.”

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She smiled. “I’d be willing to shoot for free if it’s an MV with God Xue.”

Miss Mai gestured secretly to Yan Qingsi, reminding her that they were in a rush to catch their flight.

Noticing that, Jin Xuechu told Yan Qingsi, “Take care. May the filming go smoothly for you.”

A nod from Yan Qingsi. “Thanks.”

Jin Xuechue watched as Yan Qingsi and her manager, Miss Mai, entered the elevator. He then massaged his temples.

His phone rang, and when he saw that the caller was his agent, he picked it up immediately.

The agent was incredibly anxious. “God Xue, why did you offend the Yue clan?”

“The Yue clan is behind this effort to topple me?” Jin Xuechu frowned.

“Aren’t they? The Yue clan company’s general manager, Qu Jing, personally came to Golden Universe to discuss their intention to acquire the company.”

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“Got it. I’ll go there now.”

Qu Jing went straight into Yue Tingfeng’s office after returning from Golden Universe.

He sat down immediately and said, “Big Bro, why do you insist on acquiring Golden Universe and Universal Entertainment? I went to see their CEO today to discuss the acquisition, and do you know what price they’re asking for? They’re asking for thirty percent higher than their market value.”

Evidently, Qu Jing’s discussion was unfruitful.

Yue Tingfeng’s gaze left the computer screen and aimed directly at Qu Jing. “Do I lack money?”

Startled, Qu Jing shook his head. “Of course…not, but that extra thirty percent is still a significant amount of money. Even if we have tons of money, we can’t just spend it like that.”

Yue Tingfeng leaned back. “Then why not just tell him directly: if he doesn’t accept our price, then…we’ll just take it by force.”


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God Xue, “I’m caught in the crossfire. This an injustice to me…”

CEO Yue, “As a rich man, I have to show my power and wealth from time to time!”

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