Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 80: He Was Determined to Have Yan Qingsi

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Yue Tingfeng turned around. He narrowed his phoenix-like eyes. “She’s shooting a movie?”

Jiang Lai stuttered, “I-it’s…the TV series that someone took from her. Miss Qingsi got the role back.”

He already knew with certainty what the specific reason was—it seemed to be a case where two parties who fought with each other both lost out in the end. However, he had a feeling that things were not that simple. He had already sent people to investigate, and the details of what happened could be obtained fairly quickly.

Yue Tingfeng’s face was calm and composed, but his emotions were undeniably explosive. Peace was not a luxury he possessed if Yan Qingsi continued to elude his grasp.

A smile crept up his face. “Heh…she’s good. I underestimated her!”

He thought that it was possible to exert control over Yan Qingsi, thinking that she only wanted fame and would come to him because of her lack of resources. He did not expect her to come up with her own means.

Heh, it was no surprise. She was a murderous evildoer who was capable of committing various sinful acts. There was nothing that she could not do.

Three years ago, Yan Qingsi was arrested. He waited for her to come to him, to beg him, but that woman managed to get out all by herself.

Three years later, he thought he would no longer be attracted to that woman, but in the end, she became more bewitching than ever before.

History was repeating itself—both times he waited for her to beg him, but it ended up with her having no use for him at all.

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Yue Tingfeng’s heart was itching with an indescribable feeling of agitation.

His buttons were always pushed, but he could never bring himself to truly get angry. Whenever he saw her in front of him, she looked so weak that a single blow could send her tumbling down. One finger was all it took to crush her, but why was it that he could not get a hold of her? Yue Tingfeng felt like a hunter on the hunting ground.

Yan Qingsi was his prey, one that he had to capture at all costs.

Spite flashed through his enigmatic pupils. “That role, how did she get it?”

Jiang Lai explained earnestly, “Well, it’s like this. Yan Mingzhu found out that Xue Zheng slept with Luo Jinchuan. She went and beat Xue Zheng up so badly that Xue Zheng had to be hospitalized. Under the Yan family’s pressure, Xue Zheng was stripped of the role, so the director once again considered Miss Qingsi.”

Having finished listening to the story, Yue Tingfeng sneered and disdain filled his face. “Do you really believe she didn’t have a hand in this?”

“To tell you the truth, no, I don’t believe that.”

Yue Tingfeng placed his hand to his necktie and loosened it. “Keep a close eye on every one of her movements, and book me a ticket to Jing City for tomorrow.”

Stunned, Jiang Lai wondered if he really was going to chase her all the way to Jing City.

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He shut up and shelved his intention to offer some advice when he saw the will and determination in his boss’s eyes.


That night, Yue Tingfeng’s mood was the worst it had ever been, but his childhood friend from overseas, Helan Fangnian, gave him a surprise call to tell him that he had returned to the country.

“Didn’t you say you took up permanent residence in Country M?”

“I came back to look for someone. If I find that person, I’ll head back.” Disappointment and regret were rife in Helan Fangnian’s voice.

“Who is it?”

“I’ll tell you when I locate the person.”

“Alright. I won’t press on. Since you’re back, let me welcome you at the Jade Orchid Pavilion.”

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It may be late at night, but they were still hanging out at the Jade Orchid Pavilion—it was the same old place, surrounded by all those rich kids from Luo City. Yue Tingfeng’s face, however, remained as sour as before.

Eventually, Helan Fangnian could not take it anymore. “I don’t come back often you know. Can’t you smile a bit for me?”

Yue Tingfeng had been pulling a long face ever since he sat down. His body continued to give off a cold vibe, and earlier on, he even sent away those pretty girls that were massaging his legs and feet.

Qu Jing shook his head. “Our CEO Yue has been like this for a few days now. The pressure is killing me.”


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