Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 84: The Knives Are Out for Yan Qingsi

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Yue Tingfeng was no longer in a rush when he reached the place. He would get to that woman very soon.

He thought about how he would settle scores with her.

His resentment would not be suppressed otherwise.

Half an hour more, and he would reach the filming location. It was then that his phone rang.

His original decision was not to pick it up, but when he glanced and saw that it was Jiang Lai, he took the phone and accepted the call. “Yes.”

The earnest Jiang Lai said, “CEO Yue…Miss…Qingsi…she boarded a flight back to Luo City at six-ten this morning…”

Yue Tingfeng was left speechless.

Four hours later, Jiang Lai picked Yue Tingfeng up at Luo city’s airport.

An entire sleepless night coupled with five hours of driving did not seem to have any effect on Yue Tingfeng, save for a few red streaks on his eyes.

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He was calm, aloof, and haughty.

Jiang Lai picked him up and hurriedly said, “Young Master…you haven’t slept the whole night. It’s best to go home and rest first. I’ve told one of our subsidiary companies there to have your car sent back here. It’ll be here soon.”

Having only received news of Yan Qingsi’s trip to Luo City in the morning, Yue Tingfeng nearly went insane due to how tormenting it was.

When Jiang Lai made the call to Yue Tingfeng, the former was on the verge of tears. After getting his boss the earliest possible flight, the young master finally returned.

Jiang Lai had yet to find out why Yue Tingfeng spent the whole night putting himself through all that.

Ever since Yue Tingfeng assumed the position of CEO, he rarely called him ‘young master’, but when he saw how Yue Tingfeng looked at that time, he could not help himself from using that form of address.

Yue Tingfeng entered the car, closed his eyes, and said, “Go straight to Jinle Residence.”

Afraid to talk too much, Jiang Lai said, “Yes.”

Jinle Residence was precisely the place where the torturous Miss Yan Qingsi stayed at.

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Security stopped them at the entrance, but Jiang Lai explained, “We’re friends of Miss Yan, who stays in block nine, seventeenth floor, second unit. We came to bring her for lunch.”

Hearing Jiang Lai giving all the details, the security guard let them in. “Oh, you may go in then.”

Yue Tingfeng opened his eyes suddenly once they reached the base of the apartment.

“Give me your phone and wait for me down here.”

Jiang Lai had no idea why Yue Tingfeng wanted his phone, but in spite of that he handed it over carefully.

Yue Tingfeng got down and walked into the building with Jiang Lai’s phone.

Jiang Lai grew apprehensive. The young master was not in a good mood, and Jiang Lai was praying that nothing serious would happen. Without a phone, he had no means of calling emergency medical services, firefighters, or the police. He was absolutely worried. Yue Tingfeng dialed a number immediately after entering the elevator.

A week of filming went reasonably smoothly for Yan Qingsi. There was some friction with the other actors and the assistant director hinted at some unspoken rules quite a few times, but in any case, she managed to pull herself through it.

For the few days after, the scenes they filmed did not require her role to be present. Since Director Cai’s series was going to begin filming soon, Yan Qingsi came back to Luo City.

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She was just about to unpack when her phone rang.

Seeing that it was an unfamiliar number, Yan Qingsi hesitated before finally picking it up. “Hello…”

“Where are you?”

The voice stunned her momentarily. ‘Yue Tingfeng?’

She took a glance at the number and tensed up. Putting the phone back to her ear, she spoke in the calmest voice possible, “I’m outside doing a shoot.”

Yue Tingfeng had a relaxed tone. “Oh really? I’d like to claim what you owed me two nights ago.”

Yan Qingsi failed to detect any peculiarities in his voice. She cocked a brow, “You wanna do it through the phone?”

Walking out of the elevator, Yue Tingfeng said, “Sure, moan twice for me.”

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