Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 88: Why Should I Care About You, Yue Tingfeng?

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Yan Qingsi wanted Yue Tingfeng to piss off as soon as possible. She had no time to talk nonsense with him.

He had everything he wanted, he had control over many things, and he was fearless… but not everyone was like him. He possessed everything that Yan Qingsi did not. Her strength was scant. Not long ago in the past, she did not even put much hope in continuing to live.

She tilted her chin up and remarked sarcastically, “If you want to f*ck me, then f*ck me now. If you want to kill me, then do it. If you don’t want to do anything, then you’d better f*ck off. You may have nothing to do but I have plenty of things to deal with. I don’t have the luxury of wasting time with you.”

Yue Tingfeng narrowed her eyes and said, “Sure. Since you’re so eager to, then let’s start.”

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An hour later, a completely exhausted Yan Qingsi was dripping in sweat.

Not a single tear was shed during the entire ordeal.

Yue Tingfeng was puzzled. Was that woman incapable of crying?

If another woman was in her place, that other woman might probably cry herself to death.

She did nothing at all, not even a whimper or a tear shed.

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Someone once told Yan Qingsi that, ‘A woman’s tears were effective only toward someone who really loved her,’ and she kept that in mind, always.

Tears would not be worth it otherwise.

Why must she cry in front of that b*stard? What privilege did he have to see her during her weakest?

Yue Tingfeng did not hit her, but he might as well have done it for the way he humiliated her was worst.

He did not want her because he regarded her as filth. Even though he had to control himself to the point of near explosion, he did not really touch her.

Yan Qingsi smiled. ‘You motherf*cker. You treat me like dirt but you still lean so close to me?’

Who was more degenerate then? Herself, or him?

Yan Qingsi was weak and completely spent but the fire within Yue Tingfeng’s heart was still burning. A strange feeling surfaced in his heart when he saw how different she looked compared to moments earlier.

He fished out his handkerchief and wiped off the slick wetness from his hands. He then brushed his hand over Yan Qingsi’s face. “Next time, be a good girl. Don’t make me unhappy again because you’ll be out of luck if you do.”

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Yan Qingsi opened her eyes, yet they still did not show any sign of surrender. She stared at Yue Tingfeng spoke hoarsely, “That role belongs to me in the first place. I’m only taking back what’s rightfully mine. What’s wrong with that? Why should I be bothered about whether you’re happy or not? Why should I care about you? What is it about you that’s worth my concern?”

His unhappiness was the only thing that mattered but no one cared about her happiness or whether she had suffered.

Yue Tingfeng frowned. “That’s only a female co-lead, right? Was it worth it to rack your brains for that? Why didn’t you come looking for me if you wanted it?”

She glared at him with a derisive expression. “If I came looking for you, would you help me? Why would you help me? You’ll help me get it back if I spend the night with you, right? In that case, how are you any different from Luo Jinchuan?”

Besides, she did not even need to sleep with Luo Jinchuan to get her role back.

Between the two of them, the only reason she would choose Yue Tingfeng was if someone injected hyaluronic acid into her brain.

Having just returned to the country, she had yet to solidify her foundations. With no power as of yet, she was no match for their entitlement and influence.

Even so, she could still manage to get what she wanted by relying solely on herself.

She would never disclose all those things to Yue Tingfeng because he would not believe her anyway. Nobody would believe anything she said.

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