Fey Evolution Merchant (Web Novel)
Chapter 1609: If You're Lost, I'll Take You Home!

In order for a spirit qi professional to become strong, his feys' abilities needed to be complementary. This was very important enough to produce compounded effects.

Tourmaline Revival Shield was a very strong individual defensive ability.

After applying a shield onto a target and the target's lifeforce starts to diminish, the lost lifeforce would reinforce the shield.

It would be able to help a fey to take on more damage.

This was the strongest individual defensive ability that Lin Yuan had ever encountered.

Butterfly Wings Sacrifice would sacrifice a portion of the butterfly wings to toughen the shield. This was directly correlated to the shield's defensive ability.

Amongst all of Chu Ci's feys, the Gold Seal Emperor Butterfly was the one that Lin Yuan was most satisfied with.

The Gold Seal Emperor Butterfly seemed more like a girl!

Previously, when the Mirror Silver Obsidian Bull was still the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull, Chu Ci had been called Princess Iron Bull because of her performance during the Allstar Match's challenger fight.

Although the Mirror Silver Obsidian Bull was much more attractive than the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull, Chu Ci's title would only be changed to Princess Silver Bull. It did not sound much better than Princess Iron Bull. It could even lead to some inappropriate thoughts.

The Gold Seal Emperor Butterfly would allow Chu Ci's combat style to not only be impulsive but also work seamlessly together.

All of the Gold Seal Emperor Butterfly's shields and the increasing toughness would strengthen the effects of Counterattack Tremor and Explosive Shield Counterattack.

As Chu Ci looked at him with shining eyes of anticipation, Lin Yuan did not hold back the praise.

"Chu Ci, you're amazing! With your current power, you'll be able to make it to the top 20 ranks of the Radiance Hundred Sequence if you participate in the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection."

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From the way that Chu Ci's power increased to such an extent in such a short period, Lin Yuan could only imagine how difficult her training had been.

Now, she really needed to gain validation through praise.

One could only be satisfied with the effort put in and gain the motivation to work even harder to achieve one's goals when one felt validated.

Moreover, Lin Yuan's praise was not a lie.

Chu Ci pouted and said with disappointment, "Teacher won't let me participate in this year's Radiance Hundred Sequence selection! Otherwise, I would have been able to fight side by side with you!"

Lin Yuan's mood immediately improved, and he felt immensely grateful to Cold Moon.

If Chu Ci had registered to take part in the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection, there was no way she would be eliminated, given her current power.

If Lin Yuan was faced with her during the selection, he would immediately do all he could to eliminate her.

As her older brother, he could put himself at any risk but would never allow the 16-year-old Chu Ci to be in any danger.

She was still underage. Since their parents were gone, he needed to ensure her safety as her older brother!

Once Chu Ci came of age, she would be able to participate in the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection or even the Radiance Envoy selection.

She would then be free to choose if she wanted to sacrifice herself for the sake of the Radiance Federation.

If she decided to do so, Lin Yuan would smile with pride before going off to take revenge.

But as of now, he would never allow her to be in such danger. He would protect her no matter what.

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Since Cold Moon had stopped Chu Ci, there was nothing more for Lin Yuan to say to Chu Ci.

He took out the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster he had prepared for her.

Now that the Gold Seal Emperor Butterfly was so impressive, his plan to change his sister was well underway.

When Lin Yuan took out the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster, Chu Ci let out a squeal.

She was not a Creation Master and could not tell what the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster's abilities and exclusive skills were.

However, the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster's appearance was pleasing to everyone.

Lin Yuan had not picked the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster for Chu Ci just for its exclusive ability Tool Transformation but also because of its outstanding abilities.

Iron Thorn Cross would be able to defend as well as shoot out spikes for defense. When the spikes hit a friendly party, their bloodthirst would rise.

This suited the Mirror Silver Obsidian Bull well, as it would make it even wilder.

When the spikes hit an enemy, they would become enamored. This would lower their motivation for battle.

Bubble Crystal Shield could be used on a group and increase their defenses.

Multiple layers could be applied on a target.

Although the defensive effects were not strong, it could be used in conjunction with the Gold Seal Emperor Butterfly's Explosive Shield Counterattack and increase the damage caused by the explosion of the shield.

Lin Yuan said to Chu Ci, "This is the new fey I prepared for you. It just so happens to be very compatible with the new Willpower Rune you comprehended. The Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster has reached Bronze X/Legend. You can form a contract with it now."

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Chu Ci gave Lin Yuan a big hug before she used her spiritual energy to form a contract with the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster.

Once the contraction was done, she flipped over her hand, and a pink sword appeared in her hand.

She flicked the sword and sent a shower of sparks flying through the air.

Chu Ci could use the sword to utilize the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster's abilities.

The Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster's Tool Transformation form was also extremely sharp and strong. When it was swung, the strength of its abilities would match its grade.

Chu Ci did not immediately combine her Willpower Rune with the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster. Instead, she wanted to familiarize herself with using the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster's abilities first before evolving it to Fantasy Breed.

Taking it step by step was the most reliable way to improve one's battle skills.

Lin Yuan picked up Chu Ci's hand just like he did when they were children and led her out of the breeding room to have dinner with the Moon Empress, Cold Moon, and Mystic Moon at the inner palace.


A plain-looking girl with glasses and dressed in a gray robe clutched a black-bound tome tightly.

Her head was cocked as she was deep in thought.

A moment later, the patterns of scars appeared in her eyes.

The images disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

A Spirit Guard spotted the girl and walked over to ask, "You can't play around here. Where are your parents? If you're lost, I'll take you home!"

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The Spirit Guard squatted down to wait for the girl's reply.

At that moment, a bizarre smile appeared on the girl's face.

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