Fey Evolution Merchant (Web Novel)
Chapter 2853: I've Already Given You A Chance!

Despite having made a decision, Lin Yuan did not immediately take action. Instead, he chose to wait for the conflict between the two merchant groups to escalate.

Lin Yuan would only be appreciated more by these merchant groups for his rescue once they recognized the threat to their lives and paid the price with blood.

Coincidentally, Lin Yuan also wanted to see the overall strength of the merchant groups in Treasure City.

A cold laugh followed the shout.

"You, Purple Feather Rain Pigeons, have long been on the blacklist of our Bloodwood Lion Bees.

"It was true that we discovered that mineral vein together, but the strength of our Bloodwood Lion Bees far exceeds that of your Purple Feather Rain Pigeons. This Water Flame Crystal Vein should belong to us.

"If you hadn't insisted on fighting for it, which led to the news being leaked, how could this mineral vein have been occupied by the Sword Feather Vultures?

"If we can acquire this Water Flame Crystal Vein, we will obtain great benefits. We've already promised your Purple Feather Rain Pigeons that we can give you 10% of the profits from the mineral vein as repayment. You only need to allocate 30% of your manpower to develop the mineral vein.

"It's you that don't know what's good for you. You can't blame others!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the shrill voice from before sounded again. "Huang Zhen! Is it just you who is shameless to such an extreme, or are all the Bloodwood Lion Bees like you?

"This Water Flame Crystal Vein is very well-hidden. We discovered the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons through the power of our bloodline! It's clearly you who want to snatch the resources of our Purple Feather Rain Pigeons! You can't deny it!

"You're unbelievable! Not only did you only give us 10% of the profits, but you also demand that we give you 30% of our manpower. Do you want us to labor for you? Don't even dream about it!

"You want to oppress and exploit Purple Feather Rain Pigeons. Why can't we counterattack? If you are capable, why don't you compete with the Sword Feather Vultures for the vein's ownership?

"You must have suffered considerable losses when you attacked our five merchant groups previously and didn't gain much, right?! Now that you've chosen to attack me, I'll show you how powerful I am!"

Unbridled laughter echoed.

"Yu Run, aren't your words an attempt to boost the prestige of your Purple Feather Rain Pigeons?

"Do you know why our Bloodwood Lion Bees have always occupied the resources in your hands during our cooperation? That's because ever since the leader of the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons passed away, the younger generation has become too weak.

"You're just taking advantage of the situation! We merely didn't attack you before we discovered the Water Flame Crystal Vein because of our past friendship!

"However, since you dare to spout such arrogant words, I'd like to see how your merchant groups, which aren't even protected by a World Emperor/Divine Kingdom expert, can make our Bloodwood Bees pay the price!


The battle started following the shout!

Lin Yuan observed the battle and realized that the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons were indeed far weaker than the Bloodwood Lion Bees. He knew that it was time for him to make a move. If he did not take action now, the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons would probably be wiped out!

Lin Yuan appeared with Spring, Winter, and Kani in front of the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons and Bloodwood Lion Bees' merchant groups. Afterward, he didn't say much and merely exchanged a glance with Kani.

Kani immediately understood what Lin Yuan meant and said loudly, "It's my master's first time coming to Treasure City, and he dislikes violence and bloodshed. I wonder if you can lead the way for my master and be his guide!"

Huang Zhen, who was leading the Bloodwood Lion Bees, was already bloodthirsty, as annihilating the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons and returning to the chamber of commerce would earn him many rewards.

The Bloodwood Lion Bees nursed a longstanding grudge against their adversaries. Those who held grievances with them either lacked the ability to prevail in a confrontation or had previously become targets of the Bloodwood Lion Bees.

Consumed by bloodlust, Huang Zhen showed no courtesy to the four people who had suddenly appeared in front of him.

"If you have any questions, step aside and ask the others. Can't you see that we're in the middle of resolving grudges here?

"If you don't get lost now, don't blame me for attacking you, too!"

Kani was well aware that Lin Yuan wanted to protect the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons' merchant groups.

In order to protect them, they had to attack the Bloodwood Lion Bees' merchant groups.

Attacking aside, Kani did not think that the leader of the Bloodwood Lion Bees' merchant groups had the authority to speak to her and Lin Yuan in such a manner.

At present, Kani was concealing his aura and refrained from releasing it.

As a Holy Spirit existence, her aura alone could crush all the members of the Bloodwood Lion Bees' merchant groups.

Kani's eyes were filled with killing intent, yet she refrained from launching a direct attack. Instead, she turned to look at Lin Yuan and asked for his opinion. If Lin Yuan nodded, Kani would immediately kill him.

Lin Yuan did not immediately give Kani instructions because he was waiting for the leader of the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons to speak.

The elegant middle-aged man, covered in bloodstains, seemed to clutch at a straw when facing Lin Yuan and the others.

Even though the conflict between the two sides was evident from their aura, the group of people in front of him was still willing to get involved. This indicated they were definitely stronger than the Bloodwood Lion Bees' merchant groups.

Huang Zhen was irritable and easily angered. He had already offended the four people in front of him. In terms of martial force, Yu Run's merchant groups were no match for Huang Zhen's merchant groups.

Yu Run would not hesitate to lead his men to kill the merchant groups Huang Zhen led. However, if he could rope in this group of four people, perhaps he and his merchant groups would have a chance of survival!

Thinking of this, Yu Run hurriedly said, "We can be your guides. When I lead the merchant groups back to the chamber of commerce in Treasure City, I can bring you around.

"The Treasure Convention, held once every 100 years in Treasure City, is scheduled to take place in six days. Factions from all over the Cleansing Station Island have already gathered in Treasure City more than a month ago. I've had experiences as a guide before. I'll definitely have no problem bringing you around.

"If you want to participate in the Treasure Convention, you need to fight for a spot in advance. I can personally arrange four spots for the four of you."

Yu Run treated Lin Yuan and the others as allies and as a last resort. He told them almost everything he knew.

Lin Yuan was very pleased with Yu Run's attitude. His commitment was exactly what Lin Yuan needed.

Lin Yuan's visit to Treasure City was spontaneous, and he did not expect to stumble upon the Trading Convention, which only happens once every 100 years.

Lin Yuan's main goal for this trip was to obtain resources and revamp Sky City's resources. Under such circumstances, there was no reason for Lin Yuan not to participate in the Treasure Convention!

After receiving the commitment Lin Yuan wanted, he could barely utter a word before Huang Zhen roared, "Yu Run, you're really regressing! I haven't even killed you yet. Why is your brain already damaged? Do you think you still have a chance to take them to Treasure City? I'll shatter your dreams right now!"

Just as Huang Zhen finished speaking, he heard a clear and pleasant voice.

"Whether or not they can bring us into Treasure City is not up to you to decide. I've already given you a chance. Since you insist on attacking me, don't blame me for being impolite.

"Kani, do it!"

Just as Lin Yuan finished speaking, Kani's figure shot out like an arrow.

Screams sounded one after another.

When Kani stood in front of Lin Yuan again, only the heavily injured Purple Feather Rain Pigeons' merchant groups were left.

The merchant groups of the Bloodwood Lion Bees, who had acted abnormally arrogantly just moments ago, vanished on the spot. The only proof of their existence was the broken armor on the ground.

Kani was elegantly wiping the corner of her bleeding mouth.

As the King Blood Jackal Queen, Kani was a pure carnivorous creature. She had always enjoyed eating the flesh of large lifeforms such as deer, horses, and oxen. Now that she was eating insects, she couldn't really muster up much interest.

However, the way she attacked stunned the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons and Lin Yuan. It was Lin Yuan's first time commanding Kani to attack, and he did not expect her to be so brutal.

If Lin Yuan's subordinates had done this in the main world, he would have definitely restrained them. However, upon arriving there, Lin Yuan understood the law of survival in the Sky Beyond the Clouds. Hence, there was really no need for Lin Yuan to manage and restrict them.

Kani's style of handling situations was more suited for survival in the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

Lin Yuan had just witnessed how cruel the environment in the Sky Beyond the Clouds was.

Just because the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons were not as strong as the Bloodwood Lion Bees, the latter suppressed and bullied them.

If Lin Yuan had not chosen the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons as his guide in Treasure City, they would most likely have been exterminated by the Bloodwood Lion Bees!

In the beginning, Lin Yuan did not harbor any killing intent toward the Bloodwood Lion Bees' merchant groups. On the contrary, it was Huang Zhen who had wanted to attack Lin Yuan's group.

Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.

After eliminating the merchant groups, Lin Yuan had no intention of engaging further with the Bloodwood Lion Bees. However, if they dared to attack him in the future, Lin Yuan would not hold back!

Lin Yuan's adaptability was extremely strong, and he had already become accustomed to the way of interaction between the various species in the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

After a long while, Yu Run recovered from his shock.

The strength that Kani had displayed just now completely exceeded Yu Run's understanding. For a moment, Yu Run could not grasp the level of strength Kani possessed to unleash such force, causing Huang Zhen to be unable to react in time!

Not only could this group of people protect him, but they could also protect the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons against the Bloodwood Lion Bees.

Every species wanted to develop in the Sky Beyond the Clouds, and it was difficult to define them as good or bad.

Upon discovering that the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons could not retain control of the Water Flame Crystal Vein and were dissatisfied with the way resources were allocated by the Bloodwood Lion Bees, Yu Run opted to share this information with the Sword Feather Vultures.

If they could not obtain it, the Bloodwood Lion Bees could forget about obtaining it!

If he took the initiative to reveal the information, he might be able to obtain a favor from the Sword Feather Vultures.

Nevertheless, the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons had made a mistake. Upon learning the news, they invaded the Water Flame Crystal Vein.

Not only did they not return the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons' favor, but they also do not have any intention of protecting them from the Bloodwood Lion Bees.

If the Sword Feather Vultures had such intentions, the Bloodwood Lion Bees would not have dared to target the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons.

Without knowing if Lin Yuan's group was stronger than Huang Zhen's merchant groups, Yu Run made a choice. It was a last resort to protect himself.

Yu Run's strategy displayed indifference to the well-being of Lin Yuan and his companions, as he was fully aware that once he committed, the resulting anger would be directed at the group before him.

Lin Yuan acknowledged this dynamic as well. He and the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons had essentially exploited each other.

Despite this, Lin Yuan held a considerable advantage over the Purple Feather Rain Pigeons, giving him greater authority to voice opinions and make decisions within this mutually advantageous arrangement.

"Lords, our merchant groups need a short rest before we can go on our way. I wonder if you can give us half a day to rest? Otherwise, at least half of our merchant groups' members will die on the way! We're still about a day away from Treasure City."

Spring and Winter frowned when they heard Yu Run's words. If the two of them were alone outside, they could completely afford to be addressed as Lords by Yu Run.

However, as Lin Yuan's servants, the way he addressed them as Lords implied that they were on equal footing with Lin Yuan. Spring and Winter did not dare to overstep their boundaries.

Winter was the first to speak. "You only need to refer to our Young Master as Lord. The three of us are all servants. We don't dare to be on equal footing with Young Master! Don't address us wrongly next time!"

Based on Kani's understanding of Lin Yuan, he was not someone who would care about such a situation. Lin Yuan had always been very easy-going with his subordinates.

Spring and Winter were so powerful that they were more akin to Lin Yuan's protectors by his side.

Lin Yuan did not seem to have the ability to restrict Spring and Winter. However, they held Lin Yuan's status in such high regard that they did not dare to be addressed on equal footing with him.

From the looks of it, Spring and Winter had completely submitted to Lin Yuan like devout believers.

Kani's status was inferior to Spring and Winter, but she did not notice any issue with the way she was addressed. This made Kani feel a little panicked as she secretly thought that she had been negligent.

Yu Run quickly corrected himself and told Lin Yuan, "I'm sorry, Lord. Can you give me a chance to rest?"

Chapter 2853: I've Already Given You A Chance!
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