Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~
Chapter 259: The Three Apex Weirdos – 2

Genocide Online

Chapter 259 – The Three Apex Weirdos – 2

***Author’s note: Pervert alert!***

“Well, that doesn’t matter. You’re the one I want to destroy!”

Absolute Inviolable Area gave the Pervert Gentleman –whose body was completely gleaming with oil– a sidelong glance, and rushed on Rena without paying too much attention to him at all.

After applying Lightning Magic to the giant sword he always brought with him, he unleashed a full swing at Rena, who at first glance looks like a young girl too frail to hope to withstand such a heavy blow.

“Come on out, Kageyama.”

In response to that, Rena immediately jumped while clad in armor of flames. In order to prevent her opponent’s giant sword from tearing into her flesh, an extra-long sword came out from the shadows of a hole that had appeared in front of her. This sword thrust its blade into the ground, blocking the incoming attack completely.

Due to this series of actions, lightning bolts sparked causing widespread destruction behind Rena, and the shockwave generated by the clashing of her opponent’s giant sword with her own extra-long sword wiped out the surrounding buildings.

And huge flames erupted from the point in the now cracked ground her extra-long sword had dug itself into, scorching people and things indiscriminately.

“Oh, so you’re into ignoring others? You two are such a tease… It’s getting me all excited!!”

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Behind them, the Pervert Gentleman was doing an Abdominal and Thigh posture while using his own muscular body, which looked as if it was made of steel, as a shield to protect the NPCs.

Then, by generating an insulator, he managed to keep both the lightning and the flames that erupted from the ground at bay.

His heroic actions, and the transcendental divine presence that he emanates… The NPCs were drawn to the Pervert Gentleman’s powerful aura of good, since he was one of the people with the highest Karma value among the many migrants they had seen, and had been given the title of ‘Sea God Priest’. They looked up to him as if he was their messiah.

“Whoa, cringe… he’s… um… very peculiar, don’t you think?”

“Right? …’Peculiar’ might be one way to describe him.”

Rena then used her extra-large sword –which was still stuck to the ground– to flip herself upside down by supporting her weight doing a handstand on its hilt before launching herself in a kind of moonsault, which Absolutely Inviolable Area guarded against with a shield made by transforming a part of his gauntlet.

In order to prevent anyone from being injured by the shockwaves generated by that clash, the Pervert Gentleman created a whip of water while switching his pose to a Most Muscular –A pose that emphasizes the thickness of the trapezius muscles around the neck, shoulders, and arms while leaning the body slightly forward–, and ensured that every NPCs, young and old, men and women, would all get behind him.

For the NPCs, his actions were nothing but those of a hero, a savior who would spare them from the nightmare of having to relive the same tragedy that happened several months ago once more.

“To think that you both continue to ignore me, even though I went through the trouble of putting on aromatic oil all over my body… I’m really feelin’ it!”

–His shrewdness had taken him to the point where he would happily go about with his entire body covered by aromatic oil.

This man, the Pervert Gentleman, was not only bisexual, but was also into receiving as much as he was into giving. And what’s more, he was perfectly fine engaging in practices that others might consider too extreme.

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For someone like him, the response –or rather, the lack of– he was getting from the other two, was only getting him more and more excited.

As he switched to a Side Chest pose –a pose that emphasizes the thickness of the chest from the side and displays the volume of arms, back, legs, and shoulders– the Pervert Gentleman was getting more and more excited.

Covered by a black luster and an intense fragrance thanks to the aromatic oil, the Pervert Gentleman was looking in great shape.

“Yes! We’re saved!”

“I don’t know who he is, but that sacred aura… He must be the savior sent by the God of Order!”

Seeing the Pervert Gentleman’s huge back as he shifted into a Back Double Biceps pose – a pose that shows off the lats and legs while bending the body slightly back–, the NPCs were getting excited with joy.

Without any real basis, they were convinced that the muscular man standing before them had to be a savior sent by the God of Order to save them, and that they would be safe as long as they were hiding behind his huge back.

And the fact that their would-be savior’s body was shining brilliantly –although it was only due to the aromatic oil he had covered himself with– only intensified their excitement.

“[It’s a bit irritating]”

–But reality is cruel.

“Ah!? S-Savior!”

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Two vicious, foul demons had attacked their “savior.”

It seemed that they could no longer stand the sight of the Perverted Gentleman, who continued to pose incomprehensibly at the edge of their field of view… Rena and Absolute Inviolable Area seemed to be in perfect harmony.

It was a combo attack of a giant sword that was completely covered in lightning on top of an extra-large sword engulfed in hellfire. The NPCs screamed in terror, wondering if their savior was safe after receiving such an attack.


–Good, he’s safe after all!

Yes, it had been just a momentary fear, as after the smoke cleared, they could see the figure of the Pervert Gentleman, seemingly nearly out of breath and with his cheeks blushing intensely as he stood in a Front Lat Spread pose –a pose where he emphasizes the muscles of the upper body by putting his hands on his hips and expanding his back to the sides to create an inverted triangle body shape–, gasping as if he was about to climax!

Both his nipples and his crotch were swelling so much that it would make anyone wonder if he wasn’t feeling it a little too much!

Due to regulations set by the Pervert Gentleman himself while he’s still rational enough, no matter if those around him are players or NPCs, these three bulging sections of his body were shining brightly, perhaps because not doing so would be a little too much of an outrageous sight for everyone else to behold!

–Dammit! It had the complete opposite effect!

It was one of the Pervert Gentleman’s 108 tricks… But how would the NPC’s react once they saw the “Gentleman’s Triangle” up close?

Those who believed in and prayed to that great gentleman as their savior, those who were filled with a mysterious confidence that they would be safe, and those who had been worried about their savior’s wellbeing after being attacked by those demons… all of them. The once expectant look on all of their faces turned to horror, all at the same time.

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The corners of their eyes and mouths, which had been kept upwards by their feelings of hope, gradually descended as if pulled by gravity, giving them a miserable look.

–It was then that they witnessed the moment when their hero became a monster.


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