Getting a Technology System in Modern Day
Getting a Technology System in Modern Day

Getting a Technology System in Modern Day

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Getting a Technology System in Modern Day novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Romance, and Slice of Life genres. Written by the Author Agent_047. 630 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


For others it takes dying and reincarnating for them to get a system but what happens when you get one without dying?

Aron Michael is an average student set to graduate within a week, but he was expelled for a random reason. Due to that, he had heavy student debt and no diploma to help him earn the money to pay it back. But one day he got a system that called itself the [Advanced Tech System].

Follow the story to watch him develop from your average Joe to him being the owner of the largest company in the world.

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  • 0nizuka 10

    So im on chapter 600 something and i have to point this out, i knew there would be a lot of tech talk in this novel and i was here for it. But at this point it feels like every chapter is 15% story and the rest is explaining what the cool new gadget is and how its made. This makes the story so slow that i can read 60 chapters in one go and feel that the mc has barely achieved anything because we aren't getting anywhere bcs the author have to explain what material the new plasma rifle is made from and WHAT MODES IT CAN SHOOT WITH LIKE BROTHER PLS there is WAY too much details about small stuff and i know this feature is a hit or miss with people but personally idgaf about which material is being used to build a fckn plasma gun.

    Edited: 6d
  • Jim121 1

    cool idea... but in my opinion the magic aspect kind of seems stupid to me i would have honestly preferred if there was no magic in this just a advanced quantum storage device or something with bio compatible genetic modifications that changed his brain and stuff not some fairy land magic rune sh*t

  • Shogun_Dark 1

    When does the god complex villain arc end and if so does he come back I would like a specific chapter ls and thank you

  • The_Witness 5

    started out fun and interesting but fell off around 400 chapters in which is sad because i was really enjoying it is now just how to rule earth simulator barely see the system, he barely advances, he barely does anything really, we are just watching his empire run itself rather lamely

  • EviLuki 20

    Hey, does writting gets better?, I'm on 10th chapter and so far its been catastrophic Also does MC gets more 'inteligent' bc he is stupid af right now...

    Edited: 28d
  • Demon_Of_Fate 10

    quuick question did the aliens get to earth already??? cuz ive been stacking until then

  • Shrtian 1

    this novel didn't have WIKI?

  • wikok 2

    If you are struggling to stack chapters like me, and you came for the technology system i sugest scholar's advanced technology system. It helps me not click on every update on here

    • Boxes 1

      But I already finished it

  • SenatorArmstrong 3

    tl quality drops drastically at chapter 572

  • KSAD1 2

    What an amazing read, 3days of binging this was worth it