God of Tricksters
Chapter 1480: Powerful

"Hel?!" Everyone was stunned when she presented this name. After all, it referred to the Goddess of Death that ruled Helheim in the God Age. No Gods or Goddesses actually survived the Ragnarok and all of them were watching over them.

So, they didn't know why someone would impersonate her.

However, Theo couldn't say the same thing. After all, he had seen Hel personally whenever he entered his consciousness. Even if someone mistook her for someone else, he wouldn't.

After all, his Reality Eyes also gave the same information.

Name: Hel

Status: Mythical

Level: 979

EXP: 55,633,212/101,336,000

Blessing: God of Mischief

Skill: Afterlife Marking (A), Afterlife Border (A), Death Lordship (S), Death Manipulation (A), Death Force (S), Death Wave (S), Death Sense (A), Necromancy (S), Purification (A) Underworld Dominion: Death Avatar(S)

Attributes: Strength 1577, Endurance 898, Agility 900, Vitality 1200, Magic Power 3532

Free Attribute Points: 0

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Theo wouldn't mistake her because she had been registered by the world itself. So, the one before him was truly Hel. However, he was confused because Hel was supposed to have died during that event. So, even if she managed to get a body, it would be someone else's body. She could form her own body like the Death Reaper, but she would pay a huge price for it.

But the power that she released earlier clearly showed that she was on her top performance. She was truly the Goddess of Death.

"Someone at this level without me knowing it?" Mason sucked a cold breath. He couldn't believe the one before him was the real Hel since no relic of the past actually came into this world anymore. If they did, they would have met them already, considering there were many Gods and Goddesses or even Mythical Beasts.

So, this person mustn't be the real Hel. Knowing that the other party was just impersonating the Goddess of Death, Mason waved his hand and shot out a torrential Magic Power. If it touched the ground, the powerful Magic Power would have destroyed the ground like a drill.

But Hel simply raised her hand with a calm expression. Suddenly, his Magic Color turned black as if it was infused by her Death Energy. That energy gradually formed a black cape for her skeleton, making it even scarier.

"!!!" Mason widened his eyes in shock. He finally confirmed that the enemy this time was also an Authority Level Figure and he didn't know whether he could defeat her or not.

His hesitation didn't escape Theo's eyes as he ordered, "Felix. Stop the Poison King; the rest of you are to protect the group and kill anyone approaching you."

"Roger (Yes)." All of them realized that no matter who just appeared, whether she was real or not, she was the beacon of hope that would lead them out of here.

"There are many things that I want to say, but I think we have to focus on the people in front of us," said Theo while looking at his original self.

"Indeed. Do whatever you think is right. I'll handle that ant." Hel nodded as she was still looking down on Mason.

"You--" Mason wanted to refute her claim, but Hel suddenly jumped toward him while waving her right hand.

Mason immediately pointed his palm at her and released another burst of Magic Power.

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Magic Saint Fist Style, Twister.

Hel had seen this many times through Theo's eyes, so she also released her own Magic Power, not scared of losing in terms of Magic Power.

The collision of their Magic Power was so fierce that it created a powerful shock wave that even blew trees away.

However, Mason noticed something from this attack.

"Huh?" He couldn't believe it when Hel's Magic Power gradually overpowered him. 'I am losing? I, the one who has Magic Order?'

Hel didn't stop after that. The Magic Power coming from her body gradually turned black as it swirled around her arm to shoot out another wave of Magic Power.

Death Wave.

"Not good!" Mason clicked his tongue and hurriedly threw himself to the side as the black Magic Power created a huge tornado that flew horizontally. It didn't destroy anything, but the tornado took away their life. Even if it was a concrete standing in its way, its life would be taken away and the concrete would become too brittle to support the weight and start to crumble.

If Mason didn't cover his arms with an extraordinary amount of Magic Power, his arms would be reduced to only his skeleton.

Suddenly, the skeleton behind Hel's back clapped its hands and created a gap between two palms, forming a black light.

Death Lordship.

"!!!" Mason widened his eyes because he suddenly felt his body being pulled to the ground. He tried to resist it, but it was futile because the power was far greater than his own.

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Mason crashed to the ground. He wasn't that injured due to his Magic Power that softened the impact, but he certainly didn't feel good. After all, this unknown woman actually managed to overwhelm him to this degree.

The shock was spread to the entire Griffith Family. Mason Griffith was their strongest person, so if he could be overpowered like this, they would be in trouble the moment Mason died.

Of course, Theo didn't let this opportunity go. This time, they managed to turn the situation around again. So, he hurriedly jumped to the original Theo and waved his sword.

The original Theo clicked his tongue and released the black substance, catching Theo's sword.

Theo smirked and forged a Reality Realm around his sword. In the Reality Realm, he applied his own Attribute Removal. It meant everything that passed through the Reality Realm would lose its affinity.

That was why when Theo swung his sword, his sword cut through the black substance, alarming the original Theo.

If not for his fast reaction, his hand would have been cut by the sword.

The original Theo leaped back and released another wave of black substance, trying to devour Theo by surrounding him entirely with it.

However, Theo changed his weapon into a spear and wrapped it with Reality Realm and Attribute Removal.

All the black substance was turned back into Magic Power as soon as they reached the shield, allowing Theo to push through and approach the original Theo.

"I'm not afraid of you anymore." Theo smirked.

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God of Tricksters Chapter 1480: Powerful
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