God of Tricksters
God of Tricksters

God of Tricksters

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God of Tricksters novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, and Romance genres. Written by the Author Fixten. 1501 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


"God of Mischief is interested in you and wants you to be his emissary. Do you accept?"

With blood and wounds covered his entire body, the voice echoing inside his mind was like that of a hope shining upon him.

In the glorious future era, mankind had discovered the bottom of the sea and conquered the sky, but they also accidentally opened the Pandora box that shouldn't be opened. They found a place where lived numerous unknown creatures.

Here, humans will wrest their lives to step upon their greatest evolution and create their own myths, including Theodore.

Faced with betrayals, surrounded by beasts, and faced with imminent death, he answered with resolve and tenacity.


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  • Void_Guardian
    Reader KP:3

    Great novel till 1000 chapters. After that somehow original theo pops up with a b*llsh*t reason. Theo vs Griffith family fights, the later retreats. 1 year later Theo vs Griffith family fights, and the later retreats again. I guess even the Author is running out of new ideas and dragging the same story forever. After apocalypse Theo doesn't mention about Ava, too many plot holes and ridiculous plot armor.

    2 days ago Reply
  • Aritysiezle
    Reader KP:20

    Spoiler 1st1100 chapters are fine I really enjoyed a lot I thought of giving a 5 star but the last 200 chapters it's pretty bad. First it begins with his 15 man team they jast feel like he needed someone with that kind of power so he find/gets them. . I don't hate them actually I like them butesome of them can be not so useless 2nd Griffith family felt powerful but it never felt like MC has any difficulty dealing with them only lacked time. Yes they have a bunch of strong people but this novel focus on intelligence & Griffith family doesn't have any. Which is why author decide to give original Theo I don't knew but why the hell that character exist. 3rd when he is about to fight with Griffith his goal become to fight with higher beings & he thinks /the way loki describes that higher beings have no idea about it. Like they control this world & many others for thousands of years and they are dumb enough that you can trick them. WOW Last the way MC s family is shown is f*ck*ng rediculous

    Edited: 27 Sep, 08:16
    4 days ago Reply
  • Hash2O
    Reader KP:318

    I just started reading, does the grammar get any better? Even if it's not too exaggerated, it's still disturbing to read things such as "the human united"

    Edited: 24 Sep, 04:31
    7 days ago Reply
  • Diwashpokhrel
    Reader KP:0

    MC parents should be broken at this point Lmao they tried to keep MC away from his powers But their real child died and replaced by a clone lmao. And it was for nought coz original child resurrected and join the same family they wanted to keep him away It's not like they care about child's life Lmao they think freedom greater than life and inevitably killed both their children Looking from this perspective they are most incompetent people lmao Can't do sh*t

    11 days ago Reply
  • Armin
    Reader KP:294

    Guys How is the story ? I'm stacking up chapters for some novels and now I have nothing to read Do you recommend this novel if not please recommend some bc I don't know what to read anymore

    15 days ago Reply
  • AccursedThrone
    Reader KP:8

    Not going to lie I had to drop this half way through. The concept is good but the execution is half-*ss. “Everyone underestimate’s me so I can trick them and win” Side note: Using the word “Trick” where “Deception” just works so much better just turned me off of this for some reason

    16 days ago Reply
  • Saigi
    Reader KP:14

    One of my fav novel that gives me goosebumps when reading but after reading 900plus when his parents apologizes and do anything to keep theo from harm but theo who literally smart becomes *d**t.wtf u have crazy mind,great power,good resources and etc but you didn't find out your true story,know his backgrounds and many more.what the f*ck does he fighting for??become strong as hell thats a bad goal for me.Becomes boring after that i think its the biggest mistake of author when he did that thats why i lost interest and dropped it.This is my opinion and i regret making a 5 rating agter i read 900 plus

    Edited: 16 Sep, 11:41
    Admin Edit: 16 Sep, 11:41

    Spoiler switch enabled. Please take care to use the "Contains Spoiler" switch.

    16 days ago Reply
    • simon33
      Reader KP:12

      Well consider that all the people who knows his origin refuses to tell his origin from early to protect him from the Griffin family, is problematic that he is clueless about his story. Add it with the fact that he trusted his brothers word not to go find him and all the horible things going on with his life, what do u expect from a child?? Second of all, his ultimate goal is not " being the strongest", but defeating the higher beings that is controlling this world. Getting stronger is just a means to get there, and a way to protect those who are close to him. If you don't want to read this novel anymore, fine by me. But don't make people who might be interested in this story get scared away just because ur little brain can't comprehend what's going on in the novel.

      Edited: 15 Sep, 10:25
      16 days ago Reply
    • Saigi
      Reader KP:14

      Just a i said this becomes boring in the late chapter i remember when this novel is ranking 5,4 but now 20.I said too that this is my own opinion it just feel so bad to his parents when he severs their relationship without knowing his true story.🙂🙂 so what if people around him didnt tell the true story he have a lot resources,money power im sure he can find the true story.loki said too that dont trust anyone,find out if its true or not,reality or fake.yet he didnt fit out his true story.he have a lot of backers his grandfather,wind emperor,the usa girl yet he didn't try to find out his true story.Theo becomes annoying after that.its becomes boring if he only fight without no reason at all.

      16 days ago Reply
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  • SindhuSindhu
    Reader KP:0

    Does this novel have fandom if it has can u give me a link

    18 days ago Reply
  • lan93
    Reader KP:22

    Some one told me that Agata and Alea become lesbians. Is that true?

    22 days ago Reply
  • ISHARA_2001
    Reader KP:14

    Can someone tell me which chapter original Theo dies and fake Theo is born?

    24 days ago Reply
    • SirShanty
      Reader KP:3

      Bro the moment he gets his blessing he was about to die but due to the skill a clone of his is created and the original dies and the surviving one is the clone wtf have you been reading till now

      14 days ago Reply
    • napcansen
      Reader KP:169

      Probably chapter 1 and 1372 gives some insight. Basically when Loki cloned Theo, it created two souls and two bodies. Loki kept the broken body (original) sent it to Helheim probably with Hel. The original soul went to Dimensional Rift or basically between real world (Heaven) and monster world (Hell). Because the soul died. When the Death Reaper dies, she finds original Theo's soul builds him a body and sends it to the real world. Bunch of bs if you ask me. Our MC had the clone body and clone soul, went to Helheim to recover his broken dead original body. Hence he has two bodies and one soul. Original Theo has an artificial body made by Death Authority and his original soul.

      22 days ago Reply
    • SirShanty
      Reader KP:3

      Only the soul of people who possessed order or authority prior to death goes to the spatial rift after going to hell first. The soul of original theo ended up in helhiem (theo dies in thersland which is supposed to be somewhere in asia) due to someone interfering probably the upper realm god/creator, as only the people who die in the US region get their soul sent there kind of like a designated hell and thats why the deathreapers soul got sent there and found original theo (who's soul wasn't reincarnated somehow and was surviving while fighting death/creatures of hell again probably due to someone's interference )and helped him revive by sacrificing her soul (due to which she doesn't get to go to the spatial rift) to be able to create a body for him as she had death related blessing and authority and had more knowledge and was able to do stuff even in hell.

      14 days ago Reply
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