Godly Empress Doctor
Chapter 2975: Fight

Chapter 2975: Fight

Many Junwu Empire cultivators were astonished.

The next second, they realized what had happened, and they shouted at the top of their lungs.


“That’s great!”

“Feng Wu is awesome!”

If Feng Wu moved her Fallen Star Sword one inch further, she would cut the girl’s throat open.

The girl trembled nervously.

She could easily lose her life now.

“Get lost.” Feng Wu put down her sword.

“Are you not going to kill me?” The girl was surprised.

Feng Wu had no personal issues with the girl, and she knew the girl was very popular in the Dongsang Kingdom. Killing her would only cause more problems.

Feng Wu only wanted to win this battle and send the pill to Jun Linyuan.

“Do you want to die?” Feng Wu stared at the girl.

She didn’t know this, but when her face darkened, she reminded other people of the crown prince.

The girl immediately jumped off the stage.

All eyes were on Feng Wu.

The girl was called Sakurin and she was quite popular among the Dongsang teenagers.

She quickly disappeared into the crowd.

She was looking for someone.

One of her senior brothers was Fuhara, a man of little words but an outstanding swordsman.

Fuhara was trying to become a Level 4 Spiritual King.

He would be 20 years old in a day.

After that, he wouldn’t be qualified to fight in the junior arena anymore.

Sakurin ran as fast as she could.

“Fuhara, don’t make the breakthrough just yet!”

Feng Wu remained on the stage and said impatiently, “Where are the Dongsang cultivators? Hurry up!”

The Dongsang cultivators were so shocked that they hadn’t decided who to send next.

Feng Wu frowned. “I’m in a rush! Hurry up!”

In a rush?

Everybody looked up at the sky.

The battle between Night Owl and Jun Linyuan had reached a critical moment.

The Spiritual Overlord beside Night Owl was ready to ambush Jun Linyuan at any moment.

Stalling would only help the Dongsang Kingdom.

Hence, the Junwu Empire cultivators tried to provoke their enemy.

“Weren’t you so confident before? Where’s your next contestant?”

“Are you scared of Feng Wu?”

“You’re all cowards!”

The Dongsang cultivators were furious.

“I’ll do it!”

A strong teenager stepped out of the crowd.

He was so strong that each of his steps shook the ground.

His weapon was a rod that had some patterns on it.

The Dongsang Kingdom was very generous with inscriptions, and this Spiritual King also had his own inscribed weapon.

“I’m Solai, a junior Level 3 Spiritual King.”

Solai pointed his rod at Feng Wu.

A Level 3 Spiritual King…

Although he was also a junior Spiritual King, he was a whole level higher than Feng Wu.

The Junwu Empire cultivators fell silent.

They grew anxious.

“He’s a level higher, and the inscription can amplify his power by 20%…”

“Will Feng Wu be alright?”

Feng Wu wasn’t worried about herself at all.

When she saw the blood on Jun Linyuan’s face, her sight seemed to turn red.

“Bring it on!”

Feng Wu started the battle without giving her enemy any time to react.

Chapter 2975: Fight
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