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Chapter 1851 26 days ago

The main character has a very likable and funny personality. Moreover, the descriptions of foods in the novel have left me seeching in envy with the numerous types of delicacies that those people can eat. I also tried one of the foods there called 阳春面, it is a very simple but delicious dish.

Chapter 1851 1 months ago

this novel is gem for me. why? first of all i got curios about the title and read the novel this novel is like my desire to be eat, to judge, to taste and to experience different type of foods yeah im obviously fan of gourment novel. this novel is like a roller coaster feelings of emotion you expirence being happy be sad and etc. the system in this story is like a challenge that you need to expirence to succead in life. like what you experince in real life every choice have a coincequence and every challenge have a chance for failure and success you cannot know the outcome. some people think why no romance well idk about romance i care about the story outcome and what will the author will do so that the readers can understand what he/she pointing. i reccomend this novel when your fan of gourment or if you have time to read its worth of time. !!

Chapter 844 1 months ago

why is MC emotionless? why is there no love life for mc? it doesnt have to be a harem but there should be at least 1 girl he should look with love and emotion. MC is totally living because of luck, even with so much difference in cultivation lvl he still win or most times saved by others.

Chapter 1851 2 months ago

A very interesting novel, where there are many emotions throughout the story, the ending seems very accelerated to me, in addition to the fact that we do not see a love interest in the protagonist, nor does anyone close die. However, it fulfills its promise to entertain and satisfy the reader. This novel has a rating of 7. 0 for me.

Chapter 1851 3 months ago

The best story I have ever read to date. Second time reading it and it is still amazing. Thank you Author for writing this magnificent piece of art.

Chapter 1851 3 months ago

I like the comedy in this, but the story gets repetitive after a while. Its a common problem with most chinese novels (not all though, some are really good with little repetition and fillers), so its something that shouldn't bother you if you are new to chinese novels. But if you are someone that has read a lot of those with 1000+ chapters, this might not be as interesting to you. Overall, a good novel to new readers, and a good novel to an avid reader whom is bored with nothing else to read.

Chapter 1851 4 months ago

This was the best gourmet fantasy, cultivation novel that I ever read. . . In the near end are full of twist and turns and I love how the story ends perfectly. Thank you for this wonderful novel.

Chapter 1851 5 months ago

Good read. Atleast it kept me busy for a while when I can't find other stories to read. It's a nice novel but sometimes not, I mean there are annoying parts of the plot but It's acceptable as I'm not the one who made the LN. Over all, I recommend it to others.

Chapter 1851 5 months ago

So, I just finish the story and it was really good, I know you might be thinking why is the MC so OP he doesn't even need to cultivate and his restaurant is very strong that no one can destroy it, Well there is actually a REASON for that. Though you might get bored when he was still in the Hidden Dragon Continent everything will be exciting one he left the continent. I won't spoil much but I am gonna give some clues First there is Multi verse outside Hidden Dragon Continent. Second Blacky, Nether King Er Ha, Shrimpy and Foxy is actually the Reincarnation of a Very strong Gods (I won't say there cultivation level but they are really powerful) Third about the So called system, this system was actually man made by the REAL GOD OF COOKING and he has his reason for creating the system Fourth Bu Fang will become a mortal again and the system was gone like really gone and Fifth Nethery will become a Queen

Chapter 1851 7 months ago

I'll give it a 3/5, worth picking up if you have free time, however the story does start to fall off, but you get your fill before it happens. Not too bad. This was a different and exciting novel to read. While it had a slow start, the pace quickly picked up around chapter 100. I was excited to follow Bu Fang has he explored the world and grew as a chef, eventually ascending. However has he got higher and higher, the author, like so many other fail to continue their story successfully. Eventually the power scaling just falls out and everything is a silk road laid out for Bu Fang to walk forward and take everything without needing to lift a finger. I also disliked the many time skips, while I did appreciate it in the beginning, eventually 100 years later just doesn't hit right.