Guild Wars
Chapter 25: Unprecedented Achievement

When Draco finally awoke, he was met with the sight of 13 sets of equipment glowing while hovering in midair. 12 of them were glowing with a duller brightness while orbiting around a central set that was blue in color.

The central set glowed with incomparable brightness and faint sounds of growling could be heard from it the moment any of the weaker sets even tried to get too close to it. It was like watching a bunch of fawning fellows trying to hug the thigh of a stronger person.

This surreal sight had Draco speechless. He was the one who made that, right? Why the strange theatrics?

Draco could guess that the resonance between the Dragon Soul and the Dragorugio set had prompted the divine soul to bestow it with a blessing.

Any ingrate could put that together based on past events. The only question why was there such a strange reaction? What exactly did that Tiny Dragon do to these pieces of equipment?

The 'Tiny Dragon' in question snorted unhappily from Draco's inept description of its natural splendor. However, it seemed a bit exhausted, so it refrained from punishing Draco at the moment.

Draco approached the set equipment and checked one of the descriptions to see exactly what the deal was with them. When he did see the changes, his previous oath to never be shocked by anything was immediately broken as his eyes widened and his throat caught.

「Dragorugio – One handed sword

Rank: Semi-Epic

Atk spd: 25

Dmg: 235-400

Effect: Fire mastery +150, Damage boost +190%」

「Dragorugio – Chest Plate

Rank: Semi-Epic

Def: 3000

Effect: Fire resistance +1500, Defense boost +250%」

「Dragorugio – Pauldrons (2)

Rank: Semi-Epic

Def: 1000

Effect: Fire resistance +750, Defense boost +125%」

「Dragorugio – Arm Guards (2)

Rank: Semi-Epic

Def: 1000

Effect: Fire resistance +750, Defense boost +125%」

「Dragorugio – Knee Guards (2)

Rank: Semi-Epic

Def: 1000

Effect: Fire resistance +750, Defense boost +125%」

「Dragorugio – Cloak

Rank: Semi-Epic

Def: 100

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Effect: Fire resistance +150, Defense boost +25%」

「Dragorugio – Set Equipment (5 piece)

Rank: Semi-Epic


- With 2 pieces equipped: Grant the passive skill 'Flame Master'

- With 3 pieces equipped: +15000 Fire Resistance

- With 4 pieces equipped: +1000 Fire Mastery

- With 5 pieces equipped: Grant the active skill 'Fire Domain'」

「Flame Master – Passive skill

Fire damage +10%

Fire resistance +10%」

「Fire Domain – Active skill

Effect: Create a fiery domain in an area of 50*10 yards around user which boosts damage and movement speed by 5% and reduces enemy defense and attack speed by 15%.

Duration: 30 seconds

Cooldown: 5 minutes」

Draco was shook to the point that he almost fainted again. The stats and benefits of the set were above-average for Semi-Epic items and the passive as well as the active skill were a little bit better than most.

However, what blew his mind was the fact that he, as an amateur rank blacksmith, had created a Semi-Epic set. Creating a set and crafting a set, as stipulated before, were two different acts with differing difficulties and rewards.

To craft a Semi-Epic set, one would need to be an Expert ranked Blacksmith with a minimum level of 55 within the rank to achieve a stable success rate of 15%.

To create one however, one must be a Master at the very least, with a minimum level of 70 to do so with a 10% chance of success.

And now, a level 13 blacksmith had created a Semi-Epic set…

This was an unprecedented act in the history of Boundless over Draco's two lives. This would astound and flabbergast just about every hidden power in existence.

A screen popped up before him.

「Congratulations on creating new Semi-Epic set: Dragorugio (Medium, Melee)


5000% Exp

Pioneer titled upgraded to Inventor

50,000 gold

6,000 reputation with the Tradeskill Association」

[Inventor – Special Rank

15% additional success rate when crafting regardless of item rank or type]

(Author's note: I noticed I forgot to state what the Pioneer title does. It's essentially the same as this one above, but with only a 5% bonus)

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「Sturgehaven Kingdom Regional Announcement

Player Draco has created the unique Semi-Epic set design, 'Dragorugio'. Players can now purchase the design from player Draco and achieve a 10% extra success rate when forging the equipment.」

「Cario Continent International Announcement

Player Draco has created the unique Semi-Epic set design, 'Dragorugio'. Players can now purchase the design from player Draco and achieve a 10% extra success rate when forging the equipment.」

「Boundless System-wide Announcement

Player Draco has created the unique Semi-Epic set design, 'Dragorugio'. Players can now purchase the design from player Draco and achieve a 10% extra success rate when forging the equipment.」


In another location on Cario Continent:

An old man with a long beard and thin eyebrows was seated on a bench while tinkering with some items. His eyes were a dull silver and his head was almost bald, with only a topknot keeping his scalp from being completely bare.

He wore a loose yellow robe with no other adornments than an insignia of a hammer, cauldron, needle, bench, flame and pen embroidered into the material in the shape of a badge.

Currently, the fellow was frowning heavily while heaps of half-finished designs were arrayed around him. He held a paint brush in his hand which had frozen mid design.

With an audible sigh of frustration, he scrapped this one too and put it aside before taking a fresh sheet of paper.

Standing behind him was a level 80, Rank 2 female attendant with above average looks and a pretty slim build. She stood ramrod still, not even daring to breathe loudly in the presence of this man.

After all, he was a level 350, Rank 6 entity called Inventor Doug. He was one of the three Grand Elders of the Tradeskill Association and the most powerful of the three in terms of combat ability. However, his crafting ability was slightly below his peers, hence his desperate attempt to create a legendary item and reach Grandmaster rank in his Tradeskill of choice.

He was however, stuck in this endeavor. After all, legendary items were thing even an existence like Draco who had almost reached Rank 7 in his past life hadn't seen yet.

Wanting to create one without being Rank 7? What dog thing was that? Did you think you were a protagonist?

Hence, he could at most do 50% of the design before freezing and being unable to continue not due to lack of ideas only, but suppression from the material world.

'Sigh… if only I could acquire some form of outside help to complete this design. Even if it wouldn't be my own strength, the inspiration provided would be of immense help.'

Suddenly, a notification popped up in front of this strong existence.

「An Immortal Adventurer named Draco has created the unique Semi-Epic set design, 'Dragorugio'.」

Even his attendant saw the same screen and the same expression of astonishment flashed over both their faces. However, Inventor Doug suddenly burst into raucous laughter.

"Hahaha! I knew the heavens hadn't given up on me! Where there's a will, there's always a way!"

While laughing uproariously, his form suddenly blurred and disappeared.


Draco was astounded by the rewards given for creating a Semi-Epic set. He didn't get half as much when he did same in his past life. However, thinking about it, it made sense. After all, it was still within the first week of Boundless' release.

Any person in the know would be aware that there was no way for some Immortal Adventurer who just appeared in the world to possess the ability to create such a weapon without outside help, most likely with some rare crafting treasure.

Rare crafting treasure…


Draco's face paled when that realization hit him on the noggin. His surprise was doused like a weak flame and replaced by limitless fear. Without wasting a single second more, he gathered everything he had into his inventory and blinked away.

The moment he did, a wave of intense pressure landed on the cave he had made his humble abode for crafting purposes. When that unseen pressure swept through the cave, it realized that there were some slight spatial ripples that occurred a while ago.

However, it was impossible to track the destination of the one who caused them.

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What a joke!

Richmond was an apex hidden power who was Rank 7. How could a measly Rank 6 fellow think to track his herald? Then what would be the point of taking Draco in at all?

"Sigh… this lad. He didn't even wait for this old man to discuss the Dao with him."

A voice filled with regret sounded in the area. The form of Inventor Doug appeared and perused the area with his eyes.

"Yet, who would have thought he used the cave I used to craft in before I reached Expert rank? This fellow and I really have some fate. Ah, the nostalgia…"

Doug stood there with a wistful smile on his face, as he seemed to reminiscing on good times. Suddenly, a spatial tear was ripped open beside him as Richmond came through with Nakiu hot on his heels.

Doug calmly turned to face the newcomers with an amiable smile on his face, "Lord Richmond, it is good to – ack!!"

He bowed and gave a respectful greeting to Richmond due to the difference in tiers between them, but his words caught in his throat when he saw who stood behind Richmond.

"D-Demon!" His voice became shrill as he pointed at Nakiu with almost infinite fear suppressing his very rationality.

'Not good! I must run!'

Doug couldn't care less about slighting Richmond with his lack of manners. The only thing that existed in his mind was to escape. In fact, all his brain's cognitive abilities were whirring at insane speeds, calculating how he could run away even faster.

Doug's reaction wouldn't even make Richmond angry because he understood and even sympathized. Any hidden power that was below Rank 7, level 390 should forget about even interacting with Nakiu.

Mephisto was a bona fide Rank 7, level 385 existence, yet he was played with by Nakiu in so many ways that he regretted being almost undying. He was thoroughly traumatized to the point where he would rather forgo his plans to invade the human world due to one man.

Nakiu, who had been looking around for traces of Draco, saw the fellow trying to run from him and chuckled with an amiable smile. While reaching out with a grab, he said;

"This fellow here, since you dared to show yourself, you should be bullied by me for a few rounds before leaving, don't you think?"

Doug, who was about to teleport away, was suddenly stopped in his tracks and slowly pulled back towards Nakiu's waiting arms. A look of incomparable regret and fear was colored over his face.

"And all you good fellows observing on the side, did you think this Ancestor didn't notice you? Since you also decided not to leave, I'll play you to death for a bit."

His other palm grasped towards the void in a sweeping motion. Those hidden powers who had been watching on the side immediately teleported away with looks of total terror on their faces.

Since they were still in a semi-corporeal state, they were easily able to resist Nakiu's pull enough to escape. There was also the fact that Nakiu made a grab towards multiple targets instead of just one.

"F.u.c.k! All those fish escaped! Oh well, at least I can vent on this fellow here," Nakiu's voice sounded as if he had been cheated out of something he rightfully deserved and Richmond gave him a look of disdain for it.

"L-Lord Nakiu… if you don't let me go, our Tradeskill Association will duke it out with you!!" Doug shouted out while trying his hardest to escape.

"Eh? What dog thing is that? Am I supposed to be scared? F.u.c.k, for threatening Your father, I, you will feel my wrath!" Nakiu's voice became incensed as he put in more power to his pull.

Doug's slow attraction to him became a strong one and the fellow regretted his rash words. In his fear, he forgot that even the War Maniac Pavilion treaded around this fellow carefully.

"Lord Richmond, I will personally refine and craft any item you want if you save me!" Doug's voice was shrill as he clutched onto the last lifeline around him.

Richmond just looked at the fellow in the eyes and then resolutely looked away!

Doug's heart sank to his asshole when he saw that. Richmond had made his stance clear. Offending this madman for you, who cannot even make legendary items, was not worth it!

"No! Nooo! NOOO!!! SAVE ME!! SAVE MEEE!!!"

A high-pitched cry and evil laughter resounded in the area around the cavern, sending anyone and everyone around into an uncomfortable mood.


Draco blinked into the Guild Outpost and sighed with relief. He was safe now.

While lamenting his fate, he opened a city portal scroll and returned to Cario City.

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After all, he still had potions and poisons to make.

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