Guild Wars
Chapter 881: Ancestral Dragon City

These notifications said a lot about just how tumultuous Draco's actions of reviving the dragons were, and how much it might affect the main plane. But these things were an aside to the two things that occurred next.

First was a quest completion that he had long forgotten about due to how much time it would take and how tedious it would have been.

ï½¢Restore The Dragon Race – Divine Quest

Description: As one of the two remaining Dragonkin in the world, the task falls on your shoulders to rebuild the pure-blooded Dragon race by any means necessary.


1. There is no penalty for failure

2. This quest has no time limit

Rewards: Max reputation with the Dragon race, Access to the Divine Draconic Treasury and the Ancestral Dragon City.ï½£

ï½¢Congratulations on completing: Restore The Dragon Race Divine Quest

Time elapsed: 28908:24:13

Objectives complete: All

Assessment: EX+


100,000,000,000,000 Reputation with the Dragon race

Ownership of the Ancestral Dragon City

3 Keys to the Divine Draconic Treasure.ï½£

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ï½¢System to Player Announcement

Congratulations! You have reached the maximum amount of reputation with the Dragon race! Now, no matter what you do, your reputation and favor among the race can never be lowered from this value! You have been granted the 'God' rank socially among Dragons and you will be revered wherever you go.ï½£

Draco was stunned by this and suddenly remembered this quest. The reason he had forgotten about it was because he had pegged it as a long term sort of thing, something that couldn't be completed within a short period of time.

So rather than actively lust over it endlessly, he put it at the back of his mind knowing that through his general operations, he would eventually complete it one day and reap the rewards.

Today, 3 years and 4 months after Boundless first opened, he had finally achieved it. The rewards were great, especially the ownership of the Ancestral dragon city.

One should know that the current Vita Kingdom was likely the greatest piece of land in the main plane, but Aether-forged cities and kingdoms were not so rare in the old era where Dragons were abundant and actively producing crystals.

A suitably powerful nouveau riche could buy hundreds of them and toss them into their settlement when upgrading to gain an Aether city. Vita had only gained that status because it had an aether mine under it when upgrading, formed from the Aether Crystals made by Hikari after her years of confinement.

However, whether it was the old era or now, whether it was the Divine Realm or the Mortal World (as it was called back then), there was only one ancestral Dragon City and it was the pinnacle of territory in the entire universe.

In the old era, there was nothing like side realms or unmapped zones. That only came about as the after effects of the Great War, where whole chunks of land were torn off and cast into space to become their own realms, and the remnants of the largest continent regressed in technology, power and wealth to the point where only 5% of the area was 'mapped'.

In the old era, everywhere was visible and existed as one large continent, and the Ancestral Dragon City was the center of the entire world.

If this didn't tell you how great that city was, then it was left for one to behold it properly.

Naturally, Draco was not a patient person. He grabbed everyone around into the inner universe and chose to head to the Ancestral Dragon City immediately. He took a step forward and entered a strange portal, disappearing from Vita Kingdom.

When he appeared, he was standing outside the gates of a giant city. The walls were high enough that even the empire state building would likely feel ashamed to even raise its head.

The gate was a large double entrance type with a dragon head carved into the center. The dragon was easily identifiable as black dragon type with is sharp ridges and menacing face, along with tis blood red eyes that shone like rubies.

Even though it was inanimate, Draco's hackle raised as he almost transformed into a Dragon. It felt like an enemy Black Dragon was roaring at him and wanted to challenge him to a fight.

However, the moment he bean circulating his bloodline, that feeling disappeared and replaced but familial warmth so thick Draco almost wept. The blood red eyes of the carving dimmed and the gate opened on its own, revealing the city to Draco.

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Draco marveled at the beauty of the city. It was a clearly unique city with many magitech devices as well as humongous towers arranged in a neat and linear fashion.

The streets were clean, but bare. There were no signs of desolation that Draco expected after the Dragon race got slaughtered, but he realized that many Golems walked about the streets, either patrolling or cleaning the place up.

They all had Aether Crystals in their core, of the top grade too. He was confused as to where they could even acquire such things, but ,maybe the Dragons left a huge stash behind?

However, they would have to have left a LOT behind because its been more than 30 millennia at the least since the end of the old era.

Then, Draco checked out the huge towers which were actually numerous Dragonperches. He remembered these from his Dragon King class up attempt because he even styled Clarent's Dragonperch after them.

When he had come here, he came to a version of the Ancestral Dragon City that was still operating in the past, so he had seen life and love in the city, even interacted with a few dragons.

Now, the place was deathly silent except for the mobile automatons. It was simultaneously aesthetic and very emotionally chilling.

Draco walked through the streets and noted the structure and arrangement of the city. It could be said that unlike Vita Kingdom that segregated everyone, the Ancestral Dragon City was more integrated.

But that was only because each and every living space was a dragonperch, or was otherwise a commercial building. There were no lodging or plots dedicated to other races.

However, the Dragonperches had installments at the bottom for any form of humanoid or non humanoid species to live. In other words, those who lived here and were not dragons were likely either servants, workers or slaves to the Dragons living in that perch.

Draco soon passed by the stadium where he fought and made his attempt for the Dragon King quest. He walked inside and saw it was deserted as expected, but was being rigorously cleaned by the automatons as if they expected the city's tenants to use the place any time soon.

He left quietly and headed to the Dragon Palace in the center of the city. It was a majestic building building in the draconic style of architecture, which features elevated platforms, large windows and doorways for all manner of dragons to fit through, and an aerodynamic structure so that certain species could fly within if necessary.

Before it, was a giant archway with another black dragon head carving at the peak of the arch. This one was even fiercer than the one on the gate, even slightly barring Dragons themselves from casually coming close.

Even if one was the clan head, he would be smothered to death if everyone and everything could just pay him a visit with ease.

Draco silently stood before the arch and felt the pressure of the carving, This time, he didn't react instinctively, but resisted it using it his own might as he began to walk under it to enter the pathway to the palace.

The red eyes of the carving flashed and every step Draco took was accompanied with immense amounts of Draconic pressure. In order to best feel it, Draco suppressed his bloodline, his Ultima Sunt nature as well as his class and went in with what was essentially only his human nature.

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As human was so far down the scale from a Dragon that it was impossible for any human to react easily to pure draconic pressure. However, Draco steadily took steps forward, his feet leaving deep marks on the ground to the weight he was under.

By the time he crossed over the pathway, he had left such deep footprints that the next person who came by would wonder whether he had stomped his way to the palace out of anger.

Draco had not paused nor bent his back under the increasing weight for even a second. Heck, even as he stood at the mouth of the double doors to the Dragon Palace, the pressure was at its highest.

However, he was casual even as he feet dug deeper into the ground and raised his hand to push open the door lightly. Despite the grand size, opening the door with Draco's strength was a piece of cake.

Even if he tried to suppress his special nature to dig out his potential, talent was talent. His body was already rebuilt and reinforced by the 100% bloodline, so his physical makeup was not something even the him at 99% could match up to.

When the doors parted, Draco saw a grand foyer that was about three times the size of what he expected to see, and the amount of halls and passages alone were daunting. However, the main passageway was obvious and Draco followed with exquisitely decorated hall slowly.

The pressure was not gone, but had changed. Before, he was suffering spiritual and mental pressure that acted on the physical body, but as he walked through the hall, that had disappeared.

Rather, what came was a form of financial pressure from the sheer wealth displayed casually by the Dragon race. The carpet of their hallways were made of tiles crushed from top grade Aether Crystals and merged together.

On the walls were expensive Divine-tier paintings, decorations and lightings, all made by Tradeskill Gods of that era just for this mere hallway alone. The carpet used to cover the tiles was made of Divine fabric produced by an Origin tier tree.

Draco sighed and felt weak. He was usually arrogant and confident in the potency of his financial donger, believing he could easily use it to slap anyone in the face.

However, today, for the first time since ever, Draco actually felt inadequate. He almost wanted to run out of the hallway and pretend not to have seen any of this.

Unfortunately for him, it only got worse when he reached the end of the passageway and walked into what was likely a throne room of sorts. The large chamber was even more extravagantly decorated, and the throne itself which was a round platform with various life-like carvings was actually a Semi-Origin Rank!

Unable to take it anymore, Draco walked straight up to the throne, which caused the dark room to light up as the magitech switches came on after detecting a presence in the room.

As Draco walked, his body began to shift and elongate. His nose became a snout, his eyes became evil and his hair became horns and spikes. His fingers turned into claws and his upright walking posture turning into a march on all fours.

By the time he reached the throne, Draco had gone from a humanoid to a full Black Dragon, and then roared out majestically. His roar seemed to bring the entire city of life as the heard whirrings and buzzings all over.

Ignoring this, Draco calmly walked up to the throne which he felt calling out to him. With a lift of a foot, he climbed upon it and stood on top, observing the platform.

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Then, he sat with his belly on the ground, curling his legs together in a majestic pose that screamed reality and superiority.

As his eyes turned down, he could almost see the entirety of the Ancestral Dragon City from his throne thanks to his great eyesight as a Dragon as well as the wide open doors and windows due to the size difference.

The Ancestral Dragon City that now belonged to him.

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