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Chapter 997: Bloodline Display 2

But this was naturally only just the beginning!

Right after Uno was his partner in crime, Boyd, who manifested the Pangu Divine Axes in either hand. He grinned brutishly and rushed downwards with his axes swinging, smashing into the petrified body of the Kraken and tearing a large chunk off that fell into the sea.

Slim Fatty was right behind Boyd in this regard, manifesting her Pangu Divine word.s In either hand was a long sword that could slice up even the most tricky foe into pieces and Slim Fatty wasted no time roaring as she slashed down on the body of the Kraken, tearing off a chunk on the other side of its body.

Happy Saint manifested his Pangu bloodline which was similar to Cold Summer in the sense that it was based on the Elemental Golem Lord, but he was a Metal Golem Lord specifically.

What was even more amazing was that when he summoned mental golems, rather than being automatons with metal element abilities, they were actually futuristic robots!

This was due to Happy Saint's own skill as a crafter coming into play as he carefully sculpted the base version of his golems from scratch every day before this fight. Even Shuangtian couldn't do this, not because she lacked talent, but because she simply did not have the skill and life experience that Happy Saint did.

Obviously, Happy Saint's actions shocked the other core members and inspired them. Many felt shame that they had taken these powers at face value and not tried to develop them into something unique, but then again, they had done nothing wrong.

Happy Saint just experimented with things as a crafter fully adopting the motto that 'if it ain't broke, it has more room for improvement'.

The Golems he summoned also didn't waste time, aiming their arm cannons and firing hundreds of metal slugs produced through their bodies and some laser beams generated through electromagnetism.

Noble Soul, who was panting slightly after using so many skills twice and then resetting everyone's cooldowns, was the most furious. After all, that skill was costly to use and prevented him from using another other for a long while, so his fury manifested into his power.

He manifested the Pangu Divine Greatsword which was about the size of the Buster Sword but was colored brownish-gold. He then roared and slashed downwards, cutting through the top of the Kraken's head and digging deep into its body.

He continued to rag downwards, cutting further and further with each second.

His brutal strike was also followed by Keira whose red hair which was usually tied into a ponytail began to swing left and right as her aura exploded. She manifested her raw power, which was of the Barbarian God's Inheritance, and punched forward.

A huge fist image formed in the air that was composed of light brown energy and rushed downwards, striking the Riane and denting its body with a knuckle imprint.

Keira didn't stop there and slowly sent out such giant fists downwards, striking the Kraken all over and causing its flesh to become mangled greatly.

Shani was also fighting with a ranged format, as she manifested the Pangu Divine Bow. The bow glowed with a brownish-white color and arrows made of raw energy formed that was shot out by Shani like nukes.

When they exploded on the body of the Kraken, it lead to a small-scale explosion that caused the sea beneath to tremble and shake, forming waves that crashed against the island below them.

However, all those who had attacked until this point were only those who had been recently bestowed with bloodlines. The God Serpents, the Pangu Trio, and The Merlin Duo had yet to show their piece of the pie.

First in this category was Yui, who was often absent or spectating these kinds of battles. She was Eva's cousin from the Amaterasu Lineage and was sent over to watch Eva by her parents.

Rather than that, Yui had been pampered all this time by Eva,. Sublime, Draco, and the Three Pinnacles who knew her, so she had not really suffered or struggled with the reason, mostly playing around all the time.

This time she contributed to the fight by reconnecting everyone's mind to her own neural network since Draco, Eva, and Shuangtian were completely focused on their task of building up the ultimate qualitative attack.

She was of the former Celestial Maiden Inheritance, which was obviously now the Light Angel Inheritance/branch. She was a psychic user that mostly focused on telepathy and channeling, which was why she often did not partake in fights.

After Yui was Sublime, who was still in the 4th Order for her Mage Inheritance. After all, she hardly had any time to train with managing Vita and all, so it was understandable that her power growth would stagnate for now.

She cast her strongest offensive attack, which was a 4th Order Spell called Giant Firestorm!


The air before Sublime shook as a wave of flame condensed and began to spin, causing a small spiral. This spiral rushed downwards and struck the Kraken cruelly, ripping and tearing its body while burning what it couldn't chew off.

Right after Sublime was the copyright sinner Kiran, who was still in his Super Warrior 2 form. Despite the circumstances, he still didn't active Super Warrior 3 because he had zero control over that transformation and it would lead him to a berserk state that even frightened him with its power.

Besides, while his Super Warrior form was a merger between his game abilities and his bloodline, it was his strongest state so there was no point switching off to use purely bloodline abilities. That would actually be quite foolish of him.

Kiran directly emptied his ki reserves and used a new move he had comprehended when he first entered Super Warrior 3 and barely brought himself off it. It was one he had not used yet because it would empty his tank completely and force him out of the transformation, but it was prudent now.

Kiran's body exploded with a red light as he roared and then charged forward.

"IF I DON'T WHO WILL?! DRAGON FIST!!" He bellowed as he jumped forward and punched, exploding in a golden light. A golden Asian Dragon emerged from his body and cried out before rushing towards the Kraken and piercing through its body.

After Kiran was given free rein to express his edginess, the Pangu Elite Trio struck. Well, at this time they were a duo because AP Berzerker was causing trouble in hell with the other Golden Savages.

As such, it was up to Armonia and Tunder.

Tunder breathed out lightly and manifested the Houyi Divine Bow, which was fundamentally different from the Pangu Divine Bow that Shani had. His was specialized and unique, one of a kind.

It glowed with an ethereal purple light and had some black highlights running through it that illuminated the darkness around Tunder, making him look sinister.

Tunder's body exploded with power as he directly placed his hand on the bowstring and slow, pulled back. An arrow coalesced from his bloodline energy that was glowing red, like it had been bathed in fire and blood.

"Golden Crow Divine Arrow!" Tunder roared as his eyes flashed.

He then fired the glowing fiery arrow that continued to burn blood above it, which illuminated the entire horizon and tore off the entire top side of the Kraken that Noble Soul had split in two, removing around 3% of its total body mass.

Tunder panted weakly, as he used his strongest attack, the Golden Crow Divine Arrow, this was the arrow that Houyi had retrieved after killing Amaterasu's 9 Golden Crows, and the arrow had bathed in their blood and condensed their life force, so its power was amazing.

Armonia directly transformed into his Wukong form, his somersault cloud appearing beneath his feet and the golden Ruyi Jingu Bang appearing in his right hand.

His body glowed with power as he manifested the entirety of Wukong's cultivation at the Celestial Realm and condensed it into a trike from the staff which he allowed to expand by a great amount.

With a low shout, Armonia jumped into the sky and swung the giant staff down, smashing the entire right side of the Kraken into the water and causing a giant upheaval of the water below.

This left the stage for the God Serpents, Pedro, and Loving Aunt.

Loving Aunt took the lead in summoning her Blue Sea Serpent. She then used the Advanced Transformation Technique of the Lucifer Lineage and transformed into another Blue Sea Serpent!

Both serpents which were identical coiled together and began to spin crazily, rushing towards the Kraken like an arrow from a bow.

(Author's Note: Similar to Kiba's Fang over Fang.)

They struck through the Kraken and plunged into the sea, then formed a whirlpool due to their rapid movement, turning round for another pass!

Pedro laughed loudly and transformed into a Nephilim, something he had only comprehended recently with help from Draco. This was a perfect transformation which merged his Horned Demon and Dark Angel forms.

This made him a red-skinned Angel that retained his handsome male form without becoming feminine, but his hair stayed black while his horns remained inside his head and did not form outward.

His wings were dark black angel wings with feathers that were lit with hellfire, and his attire was a mixture of the Dark Angel's futuristic-like armor and the ancient-roman-like attire of the demons.

More than his look though, his power was astonishing. If we were to compare him in his Horned Demon state to being Goku and his Dark Angel form to being Vegeta, then his Nephilim form was like being Vegito.

It was a fusing of both forms and powers that was not a simple 1 +1 =2, but rather 1 +1 x 10! BODMAS not included of course.

As such, with the endless physical strength of the Horned Demon and the unparalleled psychic power of the Dark Angel, Pedro unleashed his strongest ability.

A portal opened in the sky and a hellfire meteor began to fall. Pedro directly enveloped it with the blue outline of his psychic power and added all his telekinetic force to the falling meteor that caused its speed to accelerate to the level of a fired bullet.

You can just imagine the kind of force such a huge mass moving at that impossible speed would cause. Those who were fighting in close range below were almost obliterated along with the Kraken, and they glared at Pedro.

Pedro simply folded his hands behind his back and looked away.

The filthy casuals always complain when the pros make a move… sigh." He lamented with pain in his voice.

Cobra glared at him. "Hmph, we still have unfinished business for you fucking my boyfriend. Don't think I won't deal with you!"

Pedro's face changed greatly as he caused out a wad of blood, and his HP dropped by 95%! Cobra was shocked, but how could he know that this was Pedro's life trauma?

He genuinely thought Cobra was a trap fucker and chased after Vano, which was partly true. However, if the truth of 'suffering builds character' was eternal, then Pedro was living the dream (nightmare) every second.

After this stunt, the floor was open for the God Serpents to display their power! At this juncture, the still petrified and triple-stunned/controlled Kraken was down by 23% of its HP, and it was looking like a few more volleys could finally end its dog life.

The God Serpents present, Essence Stalker, Ghostprotokill, Austin Wu, Warm Spring, Hades, The Showman, and Krona Lord stepped forward, their bodies bursting with a power that caused all the faces of the core members to change.

After all, none of the God Serpents had displayed their bloodline power since Draco dragged them off to fight interstellar prisoners kept by Lucifer back then!

Chapter 997: Bloodline Display 2
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