His Genius Wife is a Superstar (Web Novel)
His Genius Wife is a Superstar (Web Novel)

His Genius Wife is a Superstar (Web Novel)



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His Genius Wife is a Superstar (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Contemporary Romance, Romance, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author ArriaCross. 1224 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


A world-famous hacker and daughter of the most powerful criminal family who ruled the international Underworld for many generations is killed when their organization is annihilated in a single night.

She is reborn into the body of Iris Long, a teenage pop singer, wild party girl, and spoiled brat. For the former princess of the Underworld who lived an overprotected and shackled life, this new life is a chance to finally live the life of freedom and independence that she always wanted.

Jin Liwei is the most powerful man in the country's business world. Cold and ruthless, he is someone only a few dare offend. When the infamous Iris Long, who used to chase his younger brother, wakes up from a year-long coma, his unfeeling heart moves for the first time and he falls hard for this unexpected genius girl.

She wants to fly freely and soar high beyond the sky. He wants her everything, to tie her to himself and to never let her go.

This is her journey to super stardom. This is his journey in accompanying her. Together, they will rock the world while facing many challenges.

But what will happen when she discovers that she can never escape from the shadows of her previous life? Will she still be able to live her dream life of freedom and independence? Will he be able to protect her from the dangers?

Instagram: Arria Cross (@arriacross)

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This novel is rated 18+ (no one 17 and under allowed). It contains mature adult themes, coarse language, explicit sexual content, and occasional graphic violence. Reader discretion is strongly advised. Please do NOT read if you are under 18 or if you feel uncomfortable with any of these elements.

And despite of what some of the negative reviews are claiming, there is NO rape in this novel. Many scenes are deliberately made uncomfortable (clear 18+ warning), but there is NO rape.

Also please remember that this is a work of "fiction". Thank you!

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  • Sorrynotsorry

    Currently waiting for the update. I so love this novel so much and also Nikolai's part with Jinjing is giving me butterflies but not the part when Nikolai is acting like a scumbag (just like what Bason said)

    11 days ago 0 Likes
  • Nicky1996

    Am in love with the novel

    20 days ago 1 Likes
  • nessiesmith2012

    @ chapter 32.... Dom is the worst assistant ever. Ml forces kisses on fl and dom just watches while panting. Fl refuses to giver her number out and with a single glance dom spills it to the ml. Fire dom. He would probably watch you get kidnapped while telling them all your personal info.

    1 months ago 0 Likes
  • lnwUser64888

    Que delícia ler!! Estou apaixonada 😍😍.. E esse capítulo 31, quase morri de tanto rir da franqueza da Íris... Genial muito obrigado por traduzir essa grande obra 👏👏💖💖

    1 months ago 1 Likes
  • Helios

    Yes, I wasn't sure before reading this but after reading I quite like it. I came here for erotic novels and adult content and everything is here: vanilla to kinks. The very first chapter struck the chords of emotion in my heart. I have only read upto chapter 100 but I'd absolutely recommend it. I will also continue reading it maybe it will take a month or so to catch up as I'm reading other novels too. Lets see how this journey goes...

    3 months ago 3 Likes
  • Roveluv

    Okay here we go!! Its time toooooo gain experience about relationship ;) !!! Poor my 22 years of life....

    4 months ago 5 Likes
  • Macy_Bear8

    I just realized that nobody commented on this WN and I don’t get why. This WN is one of my absolute favorites. It has everything, at least everything I was looking for.. It’s probably about my 4th time re-reading this and I won’t ever get tired of it! It’s so good. The smut is magnificent as well. The sad thing is the smut scenes are so short.. 😭 The ML and FL suit each other so well that even I start questioning my past relationships. It actually makes me wonder if there is true live out there. (Cringe I know) I also love how the author made everyone’s personality different. It really bring the prospective of the story. Oh! Another thing, our MC is mega popular (as she should be lmfao) which I love. I love how Lewei (if that’s how you type his name) doesn’t restrict her freedom even though he’s a very possessive man. Which in retrospect they both are. Okay, sorry I’m done with my little rant. I just love this novel, I had to cut my rant short since it would’ve went on forever. 😩

    4 months ago 8 Likes
    • DropZz315

      Don't you think that he ist top hot headed?

      3 months ago 0 Likes
    • Macy_Bear8

      In all honesty, he can be very possessive and doting. In the beginning of the their relationship, he did get close to Iris cause he was interested in her and he wanted to posses her. (Mostly since all he heard about he was wrong) but y’all already know that . When it comes to the relationship he truly becomes a puppy with Iris and you can see that throughout the story. If your in the beginning, you can see him being a little stubborn not letting Iris go but then spoiler they both realize they’re feelings for each other. (Although he realized his feelings near chapter 30 and Iris fell in love maybe around 200(?) don’t hold me to that though. ) I don’t know if this will help with your opinion of the novel, but I hope you give it a chance. 😅

      3 months ago 1 Likes
    • Lina_R0sa

      You're right, i just begin reading and i love it

      4 months ago 0 Likes
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