History at the Library
Chapter 85

It’s best to ask the teacher! Vivian sprang up from her seat thinking she had done something useless. In addition, there was no way to solve questions with this data.

It was for this reason that she constantly asked Aiden what his first experience was like.

How do you know what pain, pleasure, and emotions follow when you first start a relationship?

So now Vivian’s search for Aiden was purely for academic zeal.

“I’m sorry, His Highness is out.”

“What? Again?”

She pouted her lips at the butler’s words. It seemed like he was in the mansion before she saw the crystal ball, but it had not disappeared.

Where the hell does he go every night? He said he didn’t like going out, but he seemed fine during the night. If she knew this would happen, she would have asked him right away instead of wasting time watching videos.

“Well, where did he go?”

When you have a question, you have to solve it immediately to feel better. If the place he went was close by, Vivian would be willing to go there.

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Of course, assuming he didn’t go out for something very important.

But the answer back was the same as last night.

“I don’t know about that.”


Suspicious. Very suspicious.

The Grand Duke of Black who disappears every night without telling the butler.

Isn’t it suspicious to anyone? From the day she stepped into the Grand Duke’s mansion, Vivian wanted her doubts to disappear completely, but it only amplified day by day. It’s just that she wanted to look away.

For some reason, she felt that it was hard to turn a blind eye to today.

Vivian’s eyes narrowed, and the butler looked down. At first glance, he seemed to bow politely, but it was an act of avoiding attention.

Vivian, who could no longer bite, clicked her tongue so small that he could not hear it. He won’t tell her if she asks him anyway. Still, he asked skeptically.

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“What is he going out to do?”

“I think he’s gone to train himself.”

“At night?”

She was surprised to get the answer more readily than she thought, but the content was even more surprising.

“If he’s training, you can use the training ground in the mansion. Why would he go out…”

Vivian muttered with a quaint expression and recalled the scene where the Grand Duke smiled like a demon and slaughtered people. And quickly brushed it off and shook her head at what just came to mind. The writer’s tribe was so imaginative that it was a problem.

No, that’s not it! Forget it! Forget it!

However, it was almost impossible to erase what had already occurred to me.

It didn’t make sense that Aiden was a blood-soaked killer. Before calling for virtue and character, he was a man who would not move because he was too lazy to deal with it. He’d rather read a book at that time.

But in that sense, why would such a person have to go out every night?

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It’s also to train his body. It wouldn’t be so suspicious if he’d rather go out to find a book that’s out of print and hard to get. Aiden would have given up on useless thoughts and gone back to his room to sleep.

By the way, his body was full of scars.

Vivian recalled his body, which she had seen at first glance in the bathroom. It’s not just a scar of glory, it’s a very ‘disgusting’ scar.

Do you think it has anything to do with it? Vivian regained consciousness when she felt the butler looking at her complexion.

She quickly noticed that she had no authority to delve deeply into this and smiled at the butler.

“Thank you for letting me know.”

And walked past him quickly into a darkened corridor. Perhaps because it was in the middle of the night, there was only moonlight to light up the road except for a faint torch hanging all over the wall.

Vivian stares at the moon and steps forward after nearly falling. She didn’t look around as interestingly as she did when she first came to the Grand Duke’s mansion.

She knew that most of the rooms were filled with books because she had been to everywhere.

It’s dangerous Vivian thought.

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Her instincts were sending out a red flag that it wasn’t the only secret surrounding the air. Get your hands off this dangerous thing and go back to the way it was.

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