How to Get My Husband on My Side
How to Get My Husband on My Side

How to Get My Husband on My Side

남편을 내 편으로 만드는 방법



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How to Get My Husband on My Side novel is a popular light novel covering Drama, Fantasy, and Josei genres. Written by the Author Cat and Spice. 114 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


In the original lines of the novel, I was a villainess—used as a political tool by my father and older brother—who ended up dying at the hands of my future husband.

To save his kingdom, my father desperately begged my fifth groom to take my hand in marriage. The problem is that the man I’m supposed to marry, the legendary knight of the North, is the same man who will end up murdering me and my entire family.

I have to find a way to survive.

Within the novel itself, there are many daunting challenges ahead of me: I have to find a way to save my husband’s little sister, win over my cold-hearted husband, and gain the support of the people of the North, all of whom currently despise me.

“I’m in love with you!”

So please, don’t kill me!

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  • illeatursoul

    Does sb know if there are translated chapters to buy or there’s no other translations?

    6 hours ago 0 Likes
  • Nehakatsuki

    Plzzz plz 🙏🙏 Update Just how long should we wait 💔

    4 days ago 5 Likes
    • insomnian

      The original translator had to drop this novel due to receiving a DMCA take down notice from the publisher. Send them some love cause it really sucks when stuff like this happens.

      yesterday 1 Likes
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  • IzekRuby

    Thank you for the translations. I am in love with this novel. I've been listening to wildest dreams on loop. I wanna read more. Thanks again.

    Edited: 21 Jan, 06:15
    6 days ago 2 Likes
  • shin_katsumi

    oh my lord— finally. Spoiler Alert now the operation: get rid of the brother will commence right?? not to mention the small gang finding out Ruby is in a tight spot— I hope Freya isn’t going to be a bi- *cough* mean about it… (edit) I came back only read to chapter 99 and I can say very nicely I am not very happy with Freya rn—

    Edited: 20 Jan, 07:48
    7 days ago 0 Likes
  • Jayean

    I literally binge read this for I was very curious and wanted to see how they resolve all the misunderstanding that has happen cause it's very frustrating. Thank you for the translation!

    8 days ago 0 Likes
  • Yann99

    I wonder if there's a scheduled updates for this novel?

    8 days ago 3 Likes
  • Yann99

    I so love this novel. More updates please!!!!

    8 days ago 2 Likes
  • Hollowfrost

    I. Need. Updateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    9 days ago 3 Likes
  • zhonglitos


    9 days ago 1 Likes
  • Yann99

    Binged read. Started yesterday morning and reached the latest chapter today. Whew. I'm so in love with the characters and the plot. Can't get enough. 😍 Thank you for translating!!!!

    13 days ago 1 Likes