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Chapter 326 19 days ago

Great plot, well-written novel. Author has good naming sense. Love all the character developments and different point of views. I teared up at Walter's story. Definitely one of the best kingdom building novels I enjoyed reading. The story is fast-paced and constantly at war but has its own depth like Hail the King. TOCF is similar to this but more elaborate. I'm impressed with the schemes and tactics used in the story. The mc Roan is very committed to his goals and people around him can't help but be amazed and follow him. If you like a wholesome monarch that cares and fights for his people, this is for you! Though there may be redundant lines and a few word mistakes, it's tolerable.

Chapter n/a 3 months ago

*This is my first time reviewing for a story that I've read. * So far, this is one of my favorite story. The story has a great plot. I also like the MC on how he accomplishes the challenges and how he cope with it. 5 stars for me. Must read!

Chapter 222 11 months ago

Didnt read the whole story yet, I think this is a wholesome novel to read. Go for it ! There may be some flaws due to the grammar but it is easily bearable. At least for me.

Chapter 222 one year ago

The plot seems really good, I like the characters and the ideas. But even as a non english-native I just can‘t stand the horrible writing. It‘s feels like a primary school book. With lots of world repetitions. I would love to read this in a better quality

Chapter 222 one year ago

I don't really read war and strategy centred stories like this but this one really changed that. Everything was explained nicely to the point where it always kept you on your toes

I stayed up past mindnight continuously...definitely a page turner to say the least.

The mc is very vert likable and I felt awestruck myself reading about him. It wasn't just him though...the author made a lot of effort to flesh out the personalities and stories of many other characters. The story is lovable and one of my absolute favourites.

I do wish the ending had been a bit different though...like talking about Roan in the future or the other characters. It would have been a lot more satisfying imo.

Overall I loved it and I'd reread anytime.

Remsmart (Banned)
Chapter 222 one year ago

Is it me or did you guys not notice the language problem... I'm pretty sure it's as terrible as it can get...I wonder if it's a first person or third person narration

Chapter 222 one year ago

This book was so great! I lobed it! I loved watchg the mc grow and i love that hes kind but not in an overbearing annoying overidealistic way. My all tume favorite. (Though o do admit the ending was a bit rushed. Like he just started getting a bunch of powerups at once. Also its kinda sad he didnt end up mastering his water powers.)

Chapter 222 one year ago

This is great, read it! What I thought was an entertaining kingdom building novel turned into a fantasy epic with elves, dark elves, dragons, demons, and gods. Main character is likable, side characters are lashed out and you care about the outcome for each. Can’t wait to see the crazy ending to this saga

Chapter 222 one year ago

This is a very well written novel. The author has made his way through the time regression genre very well. The scenarios and decisions made by the characters in the novel are also similarly very realistic and well written though the world itself is in a fantastical plane. The main character is neither a saint nor is he a cynical and evil mc but has a normal personality. Though he does a lot of good deeds it doesn't ooze a save all and do all feeling which is very frustrating to read in other novels and is nota typical evil mc which is also getting old. It is a really interesting novel.

Chapter 222 one year ago

This is good. I like every parts about troops, regiments, and whatnots. The MC is a good person who values the kingdom's citizen. I really wish for the next update already. I'll wait.