I Became a God in a Horror Game (Unlimited)

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Sibo_Lili 0
Chapter 71.1 9 months ago

As an unlimited flow novel this, this one have one of the best plot line, but if you are here for love line, than I am sorry, this is not a really good book for you. The actual difference between this novel and other danmei unlimited flow story, is that almost every character in this story has a full backstory, this is good, besides of a character in a novel, you will feel that they are like real people exist in reality There will be a lot of spoilers below so please think twice before you read it The reason why Mu SiChen run the fastest in this novel, is because the girl he fall in love when he was young die in a car accident, he always think that if can run faster, can he protect that girl and his best friend who also die in a car accident. Just like Mu SiChen, other character have their backstory. The reason why BaiLiu want a lot of money is because a promise he make with XieTa in the orphanage they stayed when they were young. And for those guys who think that BaiLiu(6) looks cool and treat BaiLiu good, I can tell you, he is the biggest piece of trash in this novel. This novel is a nice novel, I highly recommend you to read it <3

Sam_Here 1
Chapter 71.1 one year ago

I shall follow the others and pretend the first review is not there. That aside, I enjoyed this novel more than I thought I would. The MC is the smart type which makes the way he manages to escape life-threatening situations interesting to read. This is a horror novel after all and since I read mostly at night, sometimes I felt paranoid enough to keep checking behind me. I noticed the yaoi tag later on but I'm pretty curious to see how the MC's relationship develops. Overall, great novel. I can't wait for more chapters.

Nilphy 0
Chapter 71.1 one year ago

I will also ignore the first review.
This story is great it would be better if it updates more.
I've already read the MTL but reading it as MTL is always a bit confusing.
This is better. Thank you so much for your hard work.

Lolislayerz 0
Chapter 71.1 one year ago

Ignore the other review. It seems like he wants a power fantasy, but this isn't that. Putting that aside, the story was fun to read. Basically, the MC completes missions and receives points from them. He can also receive points from people who watch him, like Constellations in Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint. The idea isn't new, but it's still very good. What's even better is that there's a proofreader.

lnwUser28192 0
Chapter 71.1 2 years ago

Bro starting is boring but your story was good I thing you should have add something like God ability for MC like MC can control over players and thing so anyway I will give you 3 stares

  • Questioner 5

    that is 2 stars

    • Anotherdusk 1

      Leave him. Hes down bad,