I Came Back And Conquered It All
I Came Back And Conquered It All

I Came Back And Conquered It All

Regress and Eat

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200 Chapters 2.45M Views 6.55K Bookmarked Completed Status

I Came Back And Conquered It All novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Woo Sung. 200 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


“It’s finally here,” said the man with the sword in an echoing whisper.

“The Tower of Choice, the last 100 floors!” the band of five exclaimed in unison.

Angelica came down from the altar with a dull look, seemingly annoying.

Then we looked around.

“I tell you once again, but you’ve had a lot of trouble in the meantime. I couldn’t have climbed to the 100th floor alone without you.”

[Hand of Control (Rank: SSS, Active)] “All of you die.”


One by one, they fall to the floor.

Angelica’s dagger pierced my neck, and I felt a darkening in front of my eyes with a tumultuous rage. My awareness faded, from my senses, from everything else. After that, everything was eroded by profound darkness.

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  • RaheemAzmi
    Reader KP:286

    Does this get good in the later half? The beginning is a bit rough (also was this CANCELLED 200 chapters is short)

    9 days ago Reply
  • VarunKumar
    Reader KP:19

    Man, I couldn't even get past the first 5 chaps. Someone tell me if it gets good later on...

    9 days ago Reply
  • otakusimp
    Reader KP:29

    Quick question do he get b*tch*s?

    12 days ago Reply
    Reader KP:76

    I wish there would be a Second season.

    18 days ago Reply
  • driftingbout2
    Reader KP:11

    it is so numb boring for the first 10 chapters interesting plot but ehh the narrative is just ehh you know like seoul station necromancer the story isnt interesting its just the lore that keeps you in it

    Edited: 10 Sep, 11:59
    21 days ago Reply
  • VarunKumar
    Reader KP:19

    I will come back for the review.

    29 days ago Reply
  • NanaSvenVII
    Reader KP:27

    Worth the read, it made my heart thumping.

    1 months ago Reply
  • dafoxsays
    Reader KP:34

    Holy... it's hard to get through even a single chapter. I feel like my brain's melting with every word I read... what's with this translation??? Does it get better in the next chapters???

    2 months ago Reply
    • mekameka
      Reader KP:3

      yeah i also tried to start reading. felt the same. the translation seriously need to be polished or re-translated

      2 months ago Reply
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  • MistyHorizon
    Reader KP:5

    does it have romance?

    2 months ago Reply
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  • DominoDante
    Reader KP:64

    By namming Angelica sur name Heard i think the author is a prophet

    Edited: 06 Jul, 07:22
    2 months ago Reply