I Can Make Everything Level UP
Chapter 723: Again (1)

The next two weeks passed in the blink of an eye, and Billy wondered why Uvish didn't send anyone else to attack them. They got two massive allies that were the armies of the tribesmen and the samurai, so that would make things a lot easier for them in the future. Still, Billy could only feel a bit uneasy… his armor was almost complete, but that much free time that he had to invest in it made him think too much.

"Thank you for your help. We will make sure to help you all when the time comes," Sei said while offering a handshake. "Make sure to alert us if something happens. I know that your merchants gathered intel around and sent it back to you, so you probably have some method to send messages fast."

"Oh? Not bad," Billy said while accepting the handshake. "Let's see if you will identify the next agent that I will send."

"Please, let's not treat this like a game…" Sei said and then sighed.

"I am also thankful for your help. I can only think of some sort of miracle to see our troops getting stronger this fast," Haruna said.

"No need for thanks. We are helping each other here," Billy said and then looked at the generals behind Haruna. "Let's fight together to protect our history."

It didn't look like Hecto wanted to leave yet, but he was too embarrassed to say or act like that was the case. Besides, it wasn't like that would be the last time they would see each other. As for Christina and Helen, they were kind of sick of snow and the cold. Back home, things were a lot more comfortable and warm.

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In any case, the group began to head home after entering the tunnels that Billy's golems created. During that time, they managed to connect all the cities on the southern side of the continent up to the capital of Hiloh state. So, the trip back home only lasted six hours.

"Are we going to stay home for a while?" Sarah asked. "We aren't that tired yet, so we can continue working."

"We need to relax once in a while. We can't stay on guard and work nonstop," Billy said. "Besides, we need to decide our next steps. Before we decide that, we need to tell the states to prepare in advance for our arrival. Also… I need to move the telescopes to some more towns and cities."

"I guess this isn't much like a break, but more like planning ahead to save time," Sarah said while forcing a smile.

"We are going to the poison dragon's dungeon. See you later," Samuel said.

"Don't work too hard…" Billy said when he saw his siblings leaving before they could even enter the house. "Ah, youth… always so full of energy."

"Hey, if you began to talk like you are an old man, what that makes us?" Alexander asked.

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"Mummies?" Billy asked.

"What are mummies?" Alexander asked.

"Nothing important," Billy said. "I will inform you guys when it is time to move again. It doesn't look like Larah doesn't dislike traveling around, but it is important to stay at home whenever possible. See you later."

"Roger that," Alexander said.

Billy's wives and kids entered home to take a break, and then it didn't take long before they got sleepy and went to bed even though it was mid-afternoon. As expected, they all were putting on a strong front while working, and they truly needed a break. Billy as well, but he was too cautious about relaxing for even a second.

While Billy was making copies of his telescope, he also made his spies move to some strategic points. Only they would have the permission to use them. All in order to prevent people from being brainwashed and doing something suspicious and causing trouble.

When night came, Billy managed to install four of those in the other corners of the state. He also taught the spies how to operate them, so that was why he only managed to install four. Although he was a bit tired, Billy continued to work on his armor, and when he began to fall asleep while working, he decided to make a clone and then force him to sleep for him. After one hour, he made the clone disappear, and then his mind got a bit clearer; thus, he restarted the whole process.

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Billy was almost finishing the core of his new armor, so he couldn't stop. He found some problems along the way because the armor was different than the previous one, and because of the number of effects that he wanted were impossible to implement and made them disappear when the armor wasn't active.

To solve that problem, Billy created smaller cores within the core, and they would emit mana at the same time and in layers to put the effects into action. Fortunately, he liked the result quite a bit because the core could also decide when it had to be used, thus, saving mana.

Billy would finish the armor in a couple of hours, so he wondered if he should rush ahead and finish the whole thing and then make some copies for everyone. However, before he could decide that, he received a message from Icarus. Instead of reading, Billy used Telepathy on him.

"What is wrong?" Billy asked.

"Multiple portals appeared here!" Icarus said. "They are attacking several camps, mainly those who decided to ignore Meryl as the new leader!"

Billy cursed his own stupidity… of course, Uvish could create portals, Zenis used one to send Billy away, and now Uvish was sending enemies to attack the demi-humans who were the easier to deal with. That means that Uvish could attack all cities in the whole world like that… that would cost a lot of mana to transport so many people, but since he was in a support role, it would be fine.

"How long can you endure this?" Billy asked. "I am afraid that Uvish can attack the whole world this way, and I need to prevent that from happening…"

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I Can Make Everything Level UP Chapter 723: Again (1)
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