Sheng Man felt her heart bleeding. Although she could buy the necklace, it was equivalent to running out of money for living expenses.

However, there was no turning back since she had already said that she would buy it.

Sheng Man took out another card and handed it over to the saleswoman. After a while, the saleswoman looked up at her again. This time her face wore an even more strange expression.

The saleswoman said coldly: “There is not enough money on this card.”

Sheng Man was dumbfounded: “What?”

The saleswoman: “There are only a few hundred thousand on this card. Even the total money on both cards is not enough to buy this necklace.”

Sheng Man frowned. Nie Jiqing had always given her millions of RMB as living expenses. That’s why Sheng Man was so stunned just now.


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Unless Nie Jiqing reduced her living expenses this time.

Sheng Man’s face turned pale suddenly. What should she do now? She just said that she would buy the necklace, but now she had no money to pay.

When the saleswoman saw Sheng Man turn silent, her face darkened. Was she playing with her?

Even Ye Zhi was surprised when she saw Sheng Man unable to pay but she turned expressionless the next moment.

The saleswoman tried to keep her manners, but her tone was still a little cold: “Miss, do you want to buy this necklace?”

Sheng Man knew that she had lost face. She didn’t dare to meet her eyes with Ye Zhi who was standing next to her. She shook her head in embarrassment.

The saleswoman was clearly upset. She turned her head to look at Ye Zhi and said mildly: “Miss Ye if you want to buy this necklace, I will help…”

At this moment, Sheng Man suddenly said, “Ye Zhi, do you know how much this necklace cost?”

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She said sarcastically: “Can you afford a necklace worth millions?”

Although Sheng Man was embarrassed, she didn’t think Ye Zhi could buy it either. She was very much looking forward to Ye Zhi making a fool of herself.

Even if it was her, she wouldn’t dare to buy jewellery worth millions directly. She would think about it for a long time before doing it. How could Ye Zhi have so much money?

Ye Zhi did not even glance at Sheng Man when she heard her comment. She knew what Sheng Man was thinking, but Sheng Man was doomed to be disappointed.

The corners of Ye Zh’s mouth curled upward as she casually said, “Of course I want to buy this necklace.”

Sheng Man was startled.

Ye Zhi added in a cold tone: “Even if some people can’t afford it, it doesn’t mean that others can’t.”

Ye Zhi didn’t plan to take out the black card. She took out another card and handed it over to the saleswoman: “Please swipe this card, thank you.”

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Sheng Man watched the saleswoman swipe the card and then say to Ye Zhi with a smile: “Miss Ye, give me a moment to pack this necklace for you.”

Sheng Man was full of disbelief. When did Ye Zhi have so much money?

Sheng Man couldn’t figure out why Ye Zhi had so much money. Was it because of the endorsements Ye Zhi received? Or did she misunderstand Ye Zhi all the time?

Ye Zhi looked at Sheng Man and said slowly: “Miss Sheng, you wanted to buy this necklace. If you don’t mind, I will buy it.”

Ye Zhi said so deliberately, stabbing where it hurt most. As expected, Sheng Man’s face became even more ugly.

Ye Zhi is ready to leave with a necklace. When she passes by Sheng man, she stops. Ye Zhi didn’t even look at Sheng man. She looked straight ahead and faintly spit out a sentence.

Ye Zhi took the necklace and was about to leave. When she passed by Sheng Man, she stopped and said without even turning her head to look at Sheng Man.

“In the future, before you try to snatch someone else’s things, first open your eyes and see if you are qualified to do so.”

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