I Just Inherited The Arcane Emperor's Legacy
I Just Inherited The Arcane Emperor's Legacy

I Just Inherited The Arcane Emperor's Legacy

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I Just Inherited The Arcane Emperor's Legacy novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Fantasy, and Romance genres. Written by the Author WhiteNightingale. 250 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


In the Solarian Empire, people were divided by their blood. The nobles enjoyed their life in wealth, with fine wine and amazing food. They reigned supreme over the commoners. The only reason they were able to do this was that they had knowledge of the most powerful force in the world - magic. The nobles controlled their knowledge from easily going to commoners, making it harder for them to learn magic.

Leo, a young orphan in Solaria, had an incredibly powerful affinity for magic. He didn't even know about it because he could never learn magic- he was too poor to try and learn from any magic academies. He was just trying to survive the streets of Solhaven until he found the lost tome of the Arcane Emperor.

"I can beat a 7th Circle Mage."

"Wow! You must have trained for many decades. How old are you?"



The world was going to be turned upside down.

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Comments on the novel chapters for the last week.

: 1 comment on Chapter 20: Magical Beast
  • zeraxen 8

    does he get back with Dahne after she goed to the capital during these 250 chapters?

    Edited: 1mo
  • Xelli 1

    Honestly this novel feels pretty great. The system is not overly complicated so it's a nice break from all the cultivation novel. Sadly no updates 😕

  • Sheaa 15

    so this has updated huh, man i've already forgotten the characters name

  • BatzyBatzy 3

    Anyone know why this has stopped?

  • Arpitk2 2

    Is the novel completed as there have been no updates?

  • seutelar 3

    I've read up until chapter 40. Tell me guys, does it get better? I'm thinking to stop because the way the story narrated feels kinda bland. I mean I get that it's telling from 3rd all-knowing perspective but shouldn't at least we get some inner monologue?

    • Leo16 4

      I honestly love it, definitely would advise it.

    • Waly_Ahmadi 5

      Well if you haven't enjoyed it until 40 then you won't enjoy it as the novel is pretty dull

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  • Zen_Sekai_Lorde 21

    This comment section is full of Harem haters and I'm all for it. W

  • Mix_Master 23

    Is this novel Harem??🙃 The comments section is full of guys who are cheering for eachother Saying " Harem Lost it thing" " Harem is not that good anymore" So is this novel like that MC goes around women falling for him

    • abzul 10

      There's no romance so far at all. MC has one female friend who he grew up with (during their age 6 > 12 iirc) who he has shown clear interest and affection for and is most likely going to be his only love interest from the characters shown so far.

      Edited: 5mo
  • MimOAkatSubaKi 3

    This Novel is really overrated. There's no indepth storyline. Everything is just random. The character's doesn't have much personalities. Bunch of repetitive stuff.

  • Nachaotic 1

    the amount of cliched sh*t that happens here is like massive, he beats a dude , dude turns out to happen to have some great treasure map blah blah blah and the mc just gets the dub ez no problem

    • Black13king 1

      Its good. What makes it bad? Some people like those that you just called out. They get instant satisfaction in these type of stories. Go to stories like shadow slave or others for indepth story.

      • DarkShadow55811 2

        I personally like both but my favorite is shadow slave