I Quit Being The Male Lead’s Rival
I Quit Being The Male Lead’s Rival

I Quit Being The Male Lead’s Rival

최강자 남주의 라이벌을 그만두었더니

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I Quit Being The Male Lead’s Rival novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy, Drama, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Yunajin. 162 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


One day, as usual, Annabelle remembered the memories of her previous life.

It was revealed that she has been reincarnated as the second most popular character in a novel.

She also did all kinds of bad things to the male lead, and in the end, she is the person who will end up in prison!

‘In the end, I’ll get caught. It’s crazy!’

Anabelle begins to save Ian from danger by intercepting the conspiracies that were laid out one by one to prevent her impending doom.

But in the process, she caught the attention of some unexpected people…

“Oh my, that’s the spirit of chivalry our family pursues! I like that a lot!”

Ian’s mother’s eyes began to sparkle at her.

“Would you like to be my partner to the opera?”

After saving Ian, the prince keeps flirting…

“Ian, I’ve decided to quit being your rival and live a new life.”

“A new life?”

“To stop paying attention to a man like you who’s always up and down, marry a man with no character, and live a normal life.”

“Who’s the opponent? And why am I up and down?”

The male lead, Ian, keeps obsessing over me for some reason.

“Why do you not talk harshly to me these days…? Do it again.”

Everyone just seems to be a little weird!

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  • Ennma 1

    If you are looking for ~strong FL~ you are in the right place. The main character is someone who knows how to fight both physically and mentally (so what more do we want). In terms of romance, it has a structure that goes slow at first and then explodes, but it was fun and sincere. If you like this kind of thing, I say go for it.

  • Th3Reader 6

    Is it weird that, "I" as a male enjoy female lead books where she is either the villainous but is misunderstood and becomes stronger and kicks everyone's butts, or just very independent and doesn't really need anyone. But it has to be in a fantasy world, since I love the action still.

    • Ricky37 1

      No it's not and even if it is don't worry you're not alone

    • Zephyrillis 1

      That's a question I ask myself every time I start new novel

      Edited: 2mo
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  • AnthonyRichardson 1

    It is good, but missing a few chapters. Hope they are updated soon.

  • Yushra 1


  • BatCrow 2

    Suddenly get mass updates, we get to the best part yet, there are no more chapters, we probably have to wait a few more months D: If you aren’t sure whether to read or not, if you have liked any villainess novel at all you will probably like this.

  • YourLuna 2

    Why's there still no update 🥲 it's been a month. . . what's going on? Was there an announcement I didn't know? 😭

  • Rein_Lockhart 1

    the name is from omniscient reader's viewpoint u can try reading it it's pretty good

  • KeishanMirra 3

    Ugh… women. And I say this as one… She basically says she wants someone EXACTLY LIKE HIM except NOT HIM, because if he would be interested in her, he would be weird and no longer the type of guy she is looking for. I feel for him, so hard right now.

    • Expression 6

      from her pov as someone whose read the novel her actions made him hate her and too an extent before this series started it wasn't really hate but disinterest. Her attempts to foil her brother's plans were to make him hate her less and put them at an amicable relationship not have him fall in love with her. He like all ML's are the FL's type but because the FL is the villainess they always want the ML to end up with the heroine and simply not kill them and the ML always falls in love with the FL for the reasons they would normally fall for the heroine. She believes he would be happiest with the heroine and she has no chance with him because he hated the original annabelle so he'd hate her as well cuz up until the start of the story she acted the same.

  • ASimpLivingTheLife 1

    So far so good. I really didn't expect the twist about her family though, it makes the story more interesting. Try it it's good.

  • Han_Sooyoung_is_Queen 3

    When does the ML realize his geeling for the FL???

    • lnwUser14820 1

      Who is Han sooyoung? If this is from a novel. Please do share the name of the novel?

      • Han_Sooyoung_is_Queen 3

        You haven't read Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint yet???

      • lnwUser14820 1

        I had it stopped at 120th chapter. Since there were lot of historical stuff, so I wanted to read it later as it required a lot of attention. BTW is there romance on the story, until now Mc is focused on surviving or is it just that the character is really awesome u had it changed to your username just curious ?

        Edited: 2y
      • Noot_ 2

        You seriously need to finish ORV then, no romance tho.

        Edited: 6mo
      • nahidwin 2

        nah no romance. still good. push through the korean peninsula arc, as it gets pretty good after that.

      • Han_Sooyoung_is_Queen 3

        Han Sooyoung is so awesome that everyone that reads the novel will literally fall for her.

      • lISPl 2

        No Doubt

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