I’ll Add Points To All Things

I’ll Add Points To All Things

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I’ll Add Points To All Things novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Comedy, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Eternal Era. 493 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Su Yang was an average university student in Shanghai when he received a system that allowed him to add points to things. The point system provided him with missions and by clearing them, he would gain points.

Add a point into an object, the object will receive a special ability; add a point into a plant, the plant will come alive; add points on himself, he will get talents or superpowers.

With the mysterious point system in hand, Su Yang aimed to become rich and alter his fate. On his path towards success, he encountered many interesting matters and people, including famous actresses and business tycoons. Fueled by determination, Su Yang set his sight on adding points into all things to help him achieve his goal.

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  • Jasper_Festiva
    Mar 02, 2021

    Can someone add the tag 'Idiotic Protagonist'? It would be extremely helpful. He was worrying about failing subjects in university does nothing. He doesn't seem to actually study/learn the subjects at all. He just leaves him passing to 'fateful encounters' rather than actual work.

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Just a warning that this is a harem, and there is a lot of females in it that start liking the protagonist. But the pro of that is that the male lead does not like them because they like him and has this idea, of wanting to find a lover that is meant for him so he doesnt really show anything romantic to any of the females until later in the chapters. Other than that, this novel is basically similar to "Valiant Life", and if u havent read that, then its basically about the protagonist having different abilities and jobs and just being able to do all sorts of stuff instead of focusing on one thing such as being a doctor or a cook. He also has a system, and overall the protagonist says alot of funny things while there are also alot of misunderstandings in here.

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