In Different World with Naruto System (WN)
In Different World with Naruto System (WN)

In Different World with Naruto System (WN)

Bringing the Hokage System to Another World

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In Different World with Naruto System (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Slice of Life, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author 鱼丸酱醋米. 381 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


At Divine Wind Continent, there is cultivation system—douqi, illusion and magic.

Ren Tian You was a fan of Naruto, single carelessness caused him to arrive in different world.

Unexpectedly only to discover within his body possessed Naruto system.

What? You will use douqi! I, your father’s taijutsu is also not weak! Look at my shadow dance!

What? You will use illusions! I, your father however have every illusions’ ancestor, Sharingan! Look at my Tsukuyomi!

What? You are a magician! I, your father am a ninja! Look at my fire style——– grand fireball!

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  • lovexsandwich7

    can someone recomend me a good naruto like this with a op protagonist

    28 days ago 0 Likes
  • lnwUser58650

    What a stupid ending....huhu...where's the epilogue.....I want to know what happen on earth and akatsukiii

    1 months ago 0 Likes
  • lnwUser26419

    After finishing reading this, like all the other comments im going to say it needs a epilogue, the ending was too rushed and there was too many answers left unanswered, like "what happened to the MC in the end when he went to his world" or did the MC have kids or whatever, is he still a weeb, what did he do when he got back to earth, did he get a job, etc etc, I know that it may be selfish to ask for another chapter, but maybe just some questions answered.

    2 months ago 3 Likes
  • Stressed7by7a7mountain7of7books

    After finishing the story i was like ....... Thats it? (The ending is lacking i need more. What happened after he returned to earth he syil have his power? What happened to the martial art world do the people there treat him like a god? Or a monster? And spread his legend? Did he have a herem with those 5 girls? Did he have children and enherit his power or some shit? Did he also show his power on earth and make all weaboo and otakus to revered him like a god six path? Did he teach human of his world the chakra? Did demon empress spread the martial art stuff in the earth? ) I NEEED MOORE! I NEED ANSWERS!

    2 months ago 0 Likes
  • Kaneki

    Finished..., That ending feels lacking, like literally. We need an epilogue, seriously. My opinion of this novel is the same in my review, there's no change. I like the battle and the System, everything else i mostly just speed reading it. As long as you have patient in the cringinies?, You should be able to enjoy this.

    4 months ago 0 Likes
  • NaruVonEjellan

    I'm a simple person, I see the name "naruto" ,I click 😌

    5 months ago 10 Likes
  • Hyghllander

    Liked it. Only the ending that was very hurried. It was necessary to develop the ending better. And it doesn't end with a conclusive ending, it is very open.

    5 months ago 1 Likes
  • newbiedud3

    I'll keep it simple. Loved it. Even though I don't watch Naruto, this is a great novel. Please write a epilogue.

    11 months ago 8 Likes

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Although I had enjoyed the story a good amount, the ending felt very forced as there was plenty of room for it to be expanded on. Although I do know why the author would make such a choice, I cant help but feel a little offput by the ending.


La historia muy buena, no original, pero muy buena, lastima ese final, me hace acordar la escultura que hizo Bob Esponja y viene Calamardo y le pone su nariz, literalmente, es asi¡¡ Una verdadera lástima.


I would have given it a better score if the mc's personality had been different, maybe like Sasuke's or any other character, and not the Chinese personality I've seen in most other novels (this included)


Read only few chapters but my head hurts. The power levels at the start make it painfully obvious on how dumb this novel is. I mean so many tiers were introduced in chap 2 but by chap 8 MC almost completed the entire power system of that world. Even though he did not have something like Saint mode etc. But SOMEHOW it was enough to be top tier in the entire power system that has been made. This alone makes it incredibly weird on how stupidly weak the realms must be for it to match the naruto power system. Even if each realm that was shown in chap 2 had one stage alone it would still be incredibly weak power up for each realm. Also the sheer I your father etc. is just bloody annoying. This novel is grossly overrated just cuz it has naruto system in it.


I have seen arrogance, but the sheer amount arrogances in this novel is way too high. A shame that there's no 2.5 in this rating. 3 star is too good for this.
The battle of the MC and his ninja's power is the only thing that interest me in this garbage.
every other thing in this novel beside the Naruto's system is so bad in my opinion. Whether that is Conversation (so cringey, and annoying), Interaction (so cringey), Brotherhood & Friendship ('i feel warm inside by having them concerned for me this much'- that's only the extent of this category), Comedy (is there even a comedy in this one????), and finally the PLOT or just the progress of the story in my word, not the setting of the world itself.


To be honest , at first i found the story really interesting since it is a Naruto System in a cultivation world but I lost that interest really quick (Around chapter 30-40). I don't know what it lacked but it couldn't get me hooked with the story and I also found it very akward and annoying when every character refered to themselves as " I, your father " or " I, your mother ". And I don't really get what the author was thinking when he says that the MC has only Fire,Wind and Lightning chakra and then at the first and second battle he uses Earth and Water respectively.


Story was amazing. First I thought that this was some generic copy bullshit but after I read like 20 chapters I was hooked. Translation was decent some trypos here and there. Ending was absolute crap ngl author could've given us some more sneak peaks. All in all absolutely recommended


It's good but too short like satisfied yet Unsatisfied feeling, I recommend it. In first part is translation suck but its improving so stay cool.


The story was short. But it is a good one though. I enjoyed reading the novel. Bit the ending gives me a bad taste of hope that there will be a next update. Lol. It is indeed an ending which leaves us to our imagination. Thank you author.